How many more WikiTree suggestions created by the use of Kindred Britain via wikidata ?

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Kindred Britain FAQs state:

In common with many scholars of works about culture or history, the compiler of Kindred Britain made a conscious decision not to include references for the sake of retaining broad accessibility and legibility. This is a good faith effort made by an individual trained as a scholar. Mistakes have undoubtedly been made: in an exploratory effort of this kind, there can be no illusion of perfection. On the other hand, without exploration, there can be no possibility of extended knowledge or understanding.

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An unusual site, to say the least. I explored the site, and find it a bit hard to use, perhaps with more experience it may become easier.

I find the “ conscious decision” odd.
The conscious decision is very strange. I  don't know of any historians who don't reference their work (often the opposite, sometimes there  seem to be more references than text )

The problem for us  is that it is now another one of the 'sources' for wikidata so a cause of more 'suggestions'.

Patience rapidly exhausted at attempting to navigate such an idiosyncratic site. Can't see what authority it carries if totally unreferenced. Many if not most of the individuals are notable or related to notables and are readily findable in UK works of reference, so what does Kindred Britain add to the sum of human knowledge?

Ugh. What will it take to remove this and other bad sources from Wikidata?
example - wikidata is conflated from Kindred Britain and result is db_error_553 Nicholas Fitzgerald-7369

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Any researcher with integrity is not afraid to admit their sources, nor to have others question their work. Good quality research can stand up to scrutiny.
by Living Ford G2G6 Pilot (148k points)
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The problem is less about Kindred Britain (a "bit of fun" sort of site which we could otherwise ignore) but that the data has been scraped into Wikidata and thus it will propagate into WikiTrees's Suggestions/DBEs system. There is no quality control in WikiData, hence the rubbish scraped in from The Peerage.
by Jo Fitz-Henry G2G6 Pilot (131k points)
I simply mark as false because unsourced any Wikidata suggestions from Kindred Britain.

Unfortunately the trend is for Wikidata to scrape more and more information from dubious sites.

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