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I have looked at help on this site but does not really explain very clearly.

I had two marriages with one child from each marriage.  How can I show my son by my first marriage on my profile.  When you look at it it only shows one child
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Thanks for all of the answers but I have already done all of these.  On my sons profile it shows me as his mother and my first husband as his fagther which is correct.  But i am not married to his father anymore.

so on my profile with my current husband it only shows one child for me and that is the child i have with my second husband.

How can i get my first son to show on my profile that iswith my currect husband?

I am really getting very frusgtrated with this site.  sure wish it was more user friendly UGH
Do you have only one profile for yourself?
You are now showing as the mother of two sons (both of them private).
On the marriage page, there is a small checkbox which will prevent your first husband showing up as your husband.  Maybe this will help.
Yes I am
No my profile still only shows 1 child

Last time I looked there were two  [private son ]] notes.  Now it's  back to one.

I wonder if this is in any way related to the recent update.

Have you put in the marriage end date for your first marriage?

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Who is the other son connected to for mother? Is it different from your own profile?
by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (540k points)
No it is not
I see Julie Ricketts helped you solve your issue... I now see two sons listed (whereas before, I could only see one)

Turns out your other son was indeed connected to a different mother (even though that "different mother" was also you).

Since you had two profiles for yourself, then "you" were not really "you". Now that your own "twin" profiles have been merged into one, you are you again. Whew, I bet you feel better now, not having a split personality anymore.

Every profile has a unique ID number, so you have to pay particular attention to those numbers.
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On the child not showing click on his edit tab and add yourself in as his mother.
by Ron Thompson G2G6 Mach 1 (12.4k points)
Profile of poster shows as female.
Thanks changed it to mother.
I already show as his mother

Is it Living Yaughn it shows you added his father in your activity feed but not yourself.

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You just need to go to your profile and add a child - right side:

    1. [add/remove child]
    by SJ Baty G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
    Cant add it says he already has a profile
    Do you know the Wikitree ID# for him?

    If he has a profile, do as SJ says.  On the next page there is an empty fill-in box near the top right of the page, which reads something like "if the person has a Wiki-ID add it here.'' The Wiki ID is at the top of his profile page . . . the end of the URL (address).  For example, Pauline Taylor's is Darley-283.

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