Bergan-45 Need help sourcing him.

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I need help to determine what kind of source the one quoted is...  I can't find it anywhere.   

I adoped the profile because I have a 7th cousin with the last name of Bergan that came from French / German glass makers named Burgun.   But I think this may be a different line all together.   Before I un-adopt it, I would like to fix it as much as possible.  Can someone help?
WikiTree profile: Lars Bergan
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I have linked it to

Berg, Lorens: "Nøtterø,  En bygdebok", Kristiana 1922, p. 428 (photographic reproduction 1989)
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Thank you.  What does it say?
Nils Larssøn 1683-1725 [period as farmer Roppestad]. It is said in a census that he received the farm 1683, and he died 1725 about 75 years old. Shall have served as soldier for 19 years. Supposedly either son or son-in-law of Lars Bergan who died "with Nils" [i.e. at Roppestad] 1705 [buried 13 July from church record] Probably Mari, below, only surviving child.

Mats Anderssøn 1725-36, son-in-law of former, from Jutland [Denmark]. Married 1710 Mari Nilsdatter, After his first wife's death, he in 1727 [19 July] married Marte Larsdatter, according to the church record daughter of aforementioned Lars Bergan [except for the fact that there is no mention of him in that church record] and born 1788 [read 1688], she died 1744 [buried 22 Dec, 56 years old]
Thank you.   Much appreciated
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The text in the biography is copied from a Google result from MyHeritage (without being logged in, which is why many of the exact birth dates and birth places are not specified) - see

The item listed under "Sources" cannot be found now, but it indicates that it is based upon research in Norwegian parish books and "bygdeboks" (village genealogical compilations) by Herdis Thorén Amundsen, a retired professor of Social Economics who died at age 82 in 2016. I cannot determine how much what she collected has to do with the data in the MyHeritage tree.

In any case, this is clearly a Norwegian profile, and so you might want to retag your question with "Norway" (in the hopes that someone in the Norway project will adopt it). This has nothing obvious to do with German or Dutch roots.

by Living Geschwind G2G6 Mach 8 (83.9k points)
Thank you I retagged it!
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It is Norwegian. I was able to find his daughters burial record in Norway using the given years of birth and death. Her husband was born and died in Norway too.
by Laura DeSpain G2G6 Pilot (405k points)
Thank you so much!   Can you tell if the info on his profile fits him or is actually someone else?  It was on the profile when I adopted it.
I can't tell. Most are coming up Berg or Bergman. I did add the source and translation to the daughters' profile. It does not have any of her relatives listed.
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He is actually the same profile that I've got here:

Lars Torbjørnsen (abt. 1678 - 1744)

I've already proposed a merge. His patronym Torbjørnsen should be the LNAB, cf. the Norway Project Naming Conventions.

I have no idea where the death year of 1705 may come from, but there can't be any doubt about the identity.

The connection to his unsourced "daughter" Marte born 1688, when Lars was 10 years old,  must be fictional.

by Leif Biberg Kristensen G2G6 Pilot (162k points)
Actually, I think we should keep Lars Bergan (not Torbjørnsen) as a separate person.

All of the information that clearly refers to your Lars Torbjørnsen was added later; the original profile was for a Lars Bergan, died 1705, father of Marte Larsdatter, born 1688 and died 1744 in Notterøy, Vestfold, as researched originally by Herdis Thorèn Amundsen.

So I think the stuff that is now in the biography section should be deleted (as referring to a different person), and an effort made to use this profile to trace out the parentage of Marte Larsdatter
Yes, the thought also struck me. I've sent a PM to the original creator of Lars Bergan, who is still active on WikiTree, and asked for his opinion.

This is of course what happens all the time with poorly sourced or unsourced profiles.
Thanks I adopted it but do not think it has anything to do with my line of Bergan folks. Should I keep it until this is settled or should I orphan it again?   I am happy to turn it over to someone who can make sense out of what it is.  I can deal with French and German but Norway is way out of my wheelhouse.

I added a note to the profile to see this thread.
I listed the merge request as unmatched as the above indicates this is two different people but the bio is confusing it.  So I added a note to the bio to see this thread.
I rejected the match - they are clearly two different people.

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