Challenging parentage of William Acey of Kirk Ella, Emigrant - Need Review! [closed]

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Spent the last couple hours building a table of K-E parish records which is now uploaded to Acey-4 profile of William the emigrant (married to Margaret Haiton).Kirk Ella parish records for William Acey

2 pages, first is the 4 William Acey families of K-E in the late 1500s/early 1600s.  Second includes what the parish records tell us which is, if I'm right, that William Acey the emigrant was NOT the son of William Acey "Sr." and Jane Skales.  Anyone interested please please review this, obviously I'm making a pretty big claim here and it's very possible that I've missed something or gone too far in what can be learned/assumed from these records.  Thanks in advance for any help!

WikiTree profile: William Acy
closed with the note: Multiple folks gave feedback that I can't rely on Sr/Jr indicating father/son of same family so fundamental premise flawed
in Genealogy Help by Brad Stauf G2G6 Mach 3 (30.3k points)
closed by Brad Stauf
Bravo on the very nice summary and chart! I would agree that "Jr.", "secundo", and "tertio" are used simply to designate different persons of same name in age order in the parish, without any reference to genealogical relationships (I have seen the same in German churchbooks of the same vintage).

One possible modification: I think the Margaret who married in 1627 was not the daughter born in 1614 (way too young), but the widow of the William who died 6 months earlier. This would imply that it was the non-emigrant William (your third column) who died in 1627 and Margaret Newmarche who then (re)married to a William Stevenson. No idea then what happened to the William who had married Alice Acey - but I would presume he was out of the picture (either dead or moved away) by 1619/1620, because otherwise we should be counting 4 rather than just 3 Williams in the early 1620s (that is, the William who married Margaret Haiton should be William quarto).
Thank you for the kind words and for the review.  I'll admit I was relying on 'jr' and 'sr' meaning something as opposed to 'secondo' and 'tertio', which may be a weak straw to rely upon.

I agree with your point about Margaret b.1614 being (likely) too young to be the one who married in 1627.  

There is another possibility and my table didn't show this (my fault), there was a Margaret Acey baptized with her twin sister Elizabeth on 27 May 1593 to Thomas Acey.  That would make her 34 years old at a 1627 (first) marriage to William Stevenson.  But it could equally well be Margaret Newmarche, widow as you suggested and in fact I'm going to change my table to show it that way since it does not contradict any other facts and explains best who this Margaret was.

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