Matrilineal Dynasties

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This isn't a question exactly, but I'd come across this and though it would be interesting to share. I know we focus on dynasties through the father instead of the mother but...

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I think matrilinial DNA may be changing this - I know I am frustrated by getting 'so far but no further' with my matrilinial line than I am with virtually any other point in my family tree!
I found that video really interesting as I have a fascination with matrilineal descents. Thanks for sharing it, Richard. Do we have a category and a sticker for the House of Garsenda? It needs to be featured on Wikitree to help make it more widely known about.
I'm not sure there is currently a category for that house from what I can recall
Darn, just read John's comment below. Not a confirmed line.
Most of it is, it's just the last few generations back to Garsenda that are doubtful.

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Sorry Richard but last I investigated this the mother of Teresa Diaz de Haro is not known for sure.  Her father was married twice and either wife could have been her mother.  There might not be any House of Garsenda?

This website supposes that it has been decided but that is not sourced to my knowledge.

I had thought that the line at been cut at Teresa, but perhaps it has been added back in again since.  None of those early profiles are particularly well sourced unfortunately.

by John Atkinson G2G6 Pilot (535k points)
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laugh WT focuses on any person for whom a profile can be created, even if it's nothing more than their name, male or female, from 1 AD forward, from any place on the globe, married or not, with children or not.  laugh Persons are hunted down by PM with a keyboard in hand and dedication in their heart, and grabbed and profiled.  

The archives at (free) is global and getting be more so Not a question; not an endorsement, just FYI - WikiTree G2G and ought be be a great source for tracking those matriarchs 

yes However, you are correct--  most of the cultures from the start of time have been patrilineal -- relating to or based on relationship to the father or descent through the male line.

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (587k points)

Responding to the last statement first, that is definitely clear (not just with the example demonstrated regarding Queen Elizabeth) but with everything I've seen/read across the internet. It was a different 'sort' of discussion to that I would been listening to on his channel (typically a throne descendency of a particular house (because why not?))

Yes, I am most definitely aware of the foci of WikiTree especially being with the Connectors Project! However (this is my opinion), I can't quite trust Familysearch. I have the oddity of Danish/Italian cousins (the first generation of the mixed bloodline would be my 1st cousins 5x removed), having huge difficulty finding Italian records, Familysearch does but has duplicates with varying timeframes for each of the siblings with mismatched spouses, erranous date ranges between subsequent generations and sudden changes in surname spelling which don't make sense.

Makes one appreciate the effort of WikiTree, especially as I'm looking into my 12th great grandfather (John), a lot of people are trying to tie him and his son Richard in the aristocratic Shelley line but the generational date gaps and the recorded pedigree doesn't line up

laugh Oh, yes, Richard, "everyone" wrinkles their nose at, as if it stank a bit ...  but those are usually -- not always -- folk who can afford to pay for information and / or those who can get to libraries et al 

I stick to using the records in their archives that were issued by civil authority -- BDM, census, tax rolls etc 

laugh I like that matriarchal descent or "house of" ... we hope no one gets up a patriarchal vigilante posse to hang high the author of matriarchal "powers"  

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enlightened WOW, this is FASCINATING, Richard !!  I'll be listening and watching it more than once certainly  

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (587k points)
My thoughts exactly!
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I’ve watched this guys channel and enjoy it, especially when he gets into some speculative genealogy, like who had he better claim to a throne, even if that throne is now defunct.

Thanks, Richard!
by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)
I remember watching that and thinking "oh wow, really?". There have been a few which I've really been fascinated by given the title of some of his content
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Just happened to watch that this morning as well. smiley

by Frances Piercy-Reins G2G6 Mach 6 (60.2k points)
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I appreciate being exposed to different viewpoints because it makes us think.

That being said, I have had great discoveries on both the paternal and maternal lines.  I treat them equally.  Wikitree has helped me push through some brickwalls.

I truly love the efforts of wikitree.  I encourage people and my own extended families to add what they know about their lines.

Thank you for all that you do wikitree!!!
by Laurie Angel G2G6 (8.9k points)
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Alexandra Hesse-Darmstadt belongs to this direct maternal line and her mitochondrial DNA (which follows the direct maternal line) has been tested.  

If you register at (its free) and login to mitoYDNA then you can view her HVR1&2 mtDNA rCRS differences (her direct maternal line DNA signature) by clicking on her mitoYDNA ID Z10396 under DNA Connections at

Her coding region differences from the rCRS are private and are not publicly displayed.  mitoYDNA plans to eventually display the coding region of research kits (which this is).  Those coding region differences are:

750G, 1438G, 3010A, 4137T, 4769G, 8860G, 15326G

Anyone matching Alexandra's mtDNA belongs to the same direct maternal line.

by Peter Roberts G2G6 Pilot (605k points)

According to her Wikipedia article, it was dna analysis of a blood sample of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who is of the same matrilineal line, that confirmed the remains were of Alix of Hesse-Darmstadt/Alexandra Feodorovna.

His mother's profile is here 

Thanks John.  If GDPR had not happened then WikiTree would have allowed adding DNA of living people.  When Prince Philip does pass away then we can confirm back to the most recent direct maternal line ancestor between Alexandra and Prince Philip.
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If the parentage of Teresa Diaz de Haro is suspect, you can just go down to where the line is more established, e.g. with Juana Nunez de Lara. Call it the house of Juana. And any pretenders would be the Juana-bees....Yuk Yuk
by Mark Burch G2G6 Pilot (170k points)
Five star answer!!!


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