trying to correct mistake but cannot

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i am having trouble removing Elizabeth Holmes Petrie 1897 from Elizabeth Holmes 1833 as her sister Elizabeth Holmes is the mother of James Petrie it is confusing with the names
in Genealogy Help by Elizabeth Alderdice G2G6 Mach 2 (23.0k points)
Part of the confusion is likely due to there being multiple sets of duplicates in the family. I went through and marked all the ones that looked like duplicates as Unmerged Matches.

Another confusion point is Petie-6 is shown with father William Petrie-1570 and with mother Elizabeth (Holmes) Petie (Holmes-15841), while her "sister", Elizabeth Holmes Petrie-1568 is shown with father James Petrie-1582. It appears that James should be the son of William.

I would suggest laying out the generations on paper to see father, mother, child, spouse, etc., so you can see which is the correct lineage. Then, I'd recommend merging the ones that are clear matches, merging to the correct name (Petrie vs Petie..?)
that is what I wass trying to do Elizabeth Holmes Petrie is Jame's daughter mother being Annie Anderson. The other Elizabeth Holms being William's wfe
There needs to be caution when looking at what may seem to be duplicates in this family, as there are frequently siblings who name their children exactly the same thing.

I've never done a  multiple-layer merge before (only two profiles), so am not sure how it should proceed.

The END profile needs to be Petrie-1568, so does Petie-6 go first to Petrie-1677, then to Petrie-1568 - or 1677 to 1568, then Petie (as the most incorrect) to 1568?

Merges should go directly to the final target, lowest ID-numbered profile for the correct last name at birth
I think we got them all.
Thanks for your help, Melanie.

No worries.  smiley

I've been working with Elizabeth on and off for months, trying to find her elusive ancestors, and sort through all the name-alikes (same-named children in the one family, also with name-alike cousins).   It has been a challenge, at times - but so very satisfying when things fall "just right", like the day I connected Elizabeth to the Tree.  (I was so chuffed, I don't think my feet have hit the ground yet.)

thank you you are my angel

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At first glance, it looks like Elizabeth (Petie-6) Syme and Elizabeth Holmes Petrie-1568 are different profiles of the same person, the daughter of Elizabeth (Holmes-15841) Petie

So Petie-6 and Petrie-1568 should be merged together. Otherwise, the different profiles will appear incorrectly as sisters.

I'm not following what you're saying about James Petrie-1582. It looks like he's the husband of Holmes-15841 and father of Petie-6/Petrie-1568

by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (539k points)
James is the Husband of Annie Anderson
James is the husband of Anderson-54271, the son of Holmes-15842 and William -- and the father of Petrie-1568.

Holmes-15841 (disregarding the data fields which belong to another family member) still needs to be merged with 15842 - which I  am about to propose.  (LNAB being Holmes, she is clearly not the wife of James, as Holmes married William.)
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Hi, I'm just seeing your question. I think you can merge into as they have the same dates.
by B. W. J. Molier G2G6 Mach 7 (74.2k points)
yes but she has no sister called elizabeth Holms Petrie I was trying to remove heer as a sister but couldn't

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