Choosing good G2G tag names

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I see now that many of the G2G tag names attached to posts have helpful balloon comments attached to them, sometimes recommending the use of other, usually shorter tags.

 That can be useful, but I think more can be done to help choose a good tag name in the first place. When you click on "Tags" in the upper tool bar of G2G, you get a VERY long list of tags that have been previously used, in order of how many times they've been used. That may be of historical interest but it isn't helpful when I'm looking for a particular subject. Often I don't find it by the time I get tired of scanning this very long list and decide to invent a tag name on my own. Since a tag affects how easily other people will be able to find my post later on, being too creative in naming it is not a good thing.

I propose that when you click on "Tags" you should see:

Most important, a list of the tag names that are used by the various projects, alphabetized by the names of the projects.

2nd, a list of say two hundred of the tags with the most followers, all on one page, and alphabetized by the tag names. These could each be accompanied (on the same line) by a list of less popular names that would benefit from being replaced by the related popular name.  The word at the beginning of each line in the listings could be in bolder font or in all capital  letters, to make it leap to the eye.

3rd a (much longer) list of all the names with fewer followers, alphabetized separately from number 2.  There could be suggestions for more popular tag names that would be better to use (on the same line). Family names would not need to be included in this list.  Maybe they could be on yet a 4th list if it's decided that having them is important. Could just omit tag names with no followers, or say with less than ten followers, to keep the list from expanding excessively. Keep track of them in the background but don't show them.

Thus I could find my way to good tag-names from the start, and those sweet and helpful people who spend a lot of time curating G2G posts would have less of a chore.
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The page G2G Tag Talk exists to document the intended and preferred uses of many tags.

by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
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 - hi  Ellen Smith  - perhaps following on from your answer - = = - they could also have a colour variation , say pink for = how_to_wikitree - Reserved for use (a bit dark!) - - - - , and say amber for Anzacs - used  by WikiTree Projects , and so on - - 'food for thought' - - cheers -ja

 - also compare the colours for the   Categories in the top RHSide of this page   All categories

by John Andrewartha G2G6 Mach 8 (84.1k points)
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A good thing to remember is that it should be something that is normally used or followed, and Ellen has provided links. I've seen many that people make up with long strings of words, and those will be seen by only the person who posted it. (example St_Mary's_Cemetery or things like what_is_going_on)
by Natalie Trott G2G6 Pilot (970k points)

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