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  • There was a bug in unconnected profiles showing more and more profiles, that were connected as unconnected. This is now resolved.
  • Pre1500 profiles for suggestion 921 were all unprotected as requested by pre1500 group.
  • Added new suggestion regarding inline references. It is 872 Named Inline citation error. This performs additional checks similar to 871 and 872 but for named references. and just for the additional close tag (/ref). There are some other instances of typos listed here.
  • A new version of WikiTree+ Chrome Extension is published. Changes in version 0.3.6 are:
    • Resolved a URL change of Edit page on WikiTree
    • Resolved a problem with not saving if no manual changes were made.
    • Turning off the Enhanced editor on Extension use.
  • Spatial modul of WikiTree+ got a new addition. Maps. There are 2 usages of the spatial modul.

Previous News

  • I added Difficulty rating to suggestions (Easy, Intermediate and Advanced). That identifies the required expirience to resolve a suggestion.
  • Made some data updates in the country table. I also added a column showing the item difference since the last week.
  • Added a new magic word construct Creator_ + WikiTreeID to the search engine. It finds all profiles that were created by that user. Here is an example for all profiles created by me. You can extend the search to find all profiles created by me and no longer managed by me by searching for Creator_Trtnik-2 NOT Trtnik-2
  • Added new suggestion 421 Hidden marriage on public or open profiles. A marriage can be hidden from displaying on the profiles. This is used for additional privacy. But using it on open and public profiels is not its intent. It is causing problems with suggestions, where you don't see the marriage on the profile and have no idea of what is wrong until you enter the edit mode, where you can see the marriage.
  • Wikidata template got sameas parameter. It will function same as with FindAGrave template.
  • I added additional checking of template parameters. That was in suggestion 848. I created 4 new ones 894-897 that will cover all parameter problems. In suggestion 897 Error in template parameters I added checking of parameters that link to WikiTree pages. It is done for Categories, Projects, Space pages and Project Needs categories.
  • Added new magic word SourceJunkUnmergedMatchPendingMerge and templatetext=Andersson to WikiTree+ search engine.

Source-A-Thon: Get ready for Source-a-Thon 2020, that will be this weekend. You can register now.

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in The Tree House by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (645k points)
closed by Aleš Trtnik
For the new 872 suggestion, the info column is a bit cryptic. Here is an explanation: 
  • i is <ref>+</ref> pair
  • dxxxx is <ref name=xxx>+</ref> pair
  • nxxxx is  <ref name=xxx/>
  • r is <references />
And what is not coded is a surplus and an error.

Can you tell me what the problem is with 872 suggestion for the following profile, as an example.  I see a lot suggestions that have Info-box the same as this profile does. 

  •  Treadwell-179 has all </ref> in the Info column, ending with the r for references tag. This profile has the ref name on one line and the actual reference info looks like it is always on the next line, not on the same line and immediately following the ref name, ending with the ending 'ref'.  Is this what is causing the Suggestion because it seems to be working fine for sourcing?
  • Are we getting suggestions when the ending 'ref' is formatted as </ref >, where there is a space before the end of that entry? 
Correct syntax for named inline references is

<ref name="S3">

and not

<ref name=@S3@>

Also inline references shouldn't be in multiple lines.

I just noticed I am ignoring ref tags with @. I no longer remember why. I will check into it. It will take some time.
I also came across profiles (in this last week’s data doctor challenge, but wasn’t the reason for the error) where the ref tag was as follows:

<ref name = SomeName>

It had a space before and after the equal sign and the value to the parameter was not in quotes. Do you consider these acceptable or should an error message be generated?

If I remember right, the reference was displaying fine.

These 2 profiles still each have an 872 suggestion for which I'm unable to determine the cause (though the cause is likely the same for both profiles):

Grégoire Kiercereau

Marie Madeleine Robillard

If I'm interpreting the info box correctly, it appears that the suggestion is indicating that there's an unmatched closing name ref. But I believe that particular closing name ref is correctly paired with name ref "SpanRegKiercereauG" (which ref name is not listed in the info box, even though the syntax appears to be correct). Unless I'm overlooking something.

Is it possible that the character string "Span" within the name ref is causing the problem?

Thanks in advance for any help with these 2 profile suggestions!

I found the problem for Grégoire Kiercereau and for Marie.

ref name has Span in it and I remove tags with Span. It seems I will have to do more precise filtering.
Tommy, No. space is kind of neutral within the tags. Unless it causes an error, I allow it.
Aleš, what do you mean by this statement (in your 2nd comment above, to your original post):

"Also inline references shouldn't be in multiple lines."

If possible, link to an example profile.

Help page was posted

Suggestion 872

Lindy, you shouldn't have multiple paragraphs in one online citation. You also shouldn't use bullets, numbered lists,... It messes up the display of the citations. I don't have an example at hand, but you can try it.
Thanks again for the quick reply and thorough explanation, Aleš.

2 Answers

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There seems to be a problem with Suggestion 872. The errant text presented in the Info column does not appear on the Edit page (at least, not from my viewpoint/browser - Firefox). See Eiman-2:

872 Named Inline citation error Help (Difficulty: Intermediate) Eiman-2
image H
d us-1910;</ref>;d marriage

by Lindy Jones G2G6 Pilot (227k points)
(not sure if the problem in my answer is what you meant by typos)
I just noticed this is actually a false suggestion. I made some correction to the algorithm and I will update the suggestion later.
Thanks for the quick response, Aleš!


This might be another case, at least I don't see it at a quick glance.

It also doesn't like a span tag inside a named ref, but this probably should not be done anyway.

Thank you, thank you! Hope all my suggestions disappear when you run the update.
I have found a few of these. If you look at the Info box to find the 'ref name=' you can search for that name to find the usages

* It looks like the '2nd' ref name usage should have the ending slash, but it is missing, so it looks like it is a new 'definition' of the ref name, using biography.  Using the Enhanced Text Editor will probably help to see these.

* Format of the '2nd' ref name is incorrect at the end, ie '>/>', instead of '/>'

Kay, I sent you a message because I figured out yours, which was the 2nd one above.
Thanks Linda! That's what I get for just the end of the day
Oh no, it took me a few times before I 'saw' the problem.  Only doing a search for that ref name did I see it and because I had fixed 2 of my own, which were the '1st' correction, so I thought it probably had something like that.
The false suggestions I mentioned are related to long names in inline citation. I had it limited to 40 characters and there are quite a few longer. Now I extended the length and analyses are redone.

Help page was posted

Suggestion 872

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Hi Aleš,

You can also add “Cymru” as an alias for Wales (WAL) in your list of country aliases; there are a few hundred entries.

It shouldn’t be a suggestion to correct however; this is the Welsh language form of the country name and thus valid.
by Anonymous Jones G2G6 Mach 1 (10.6k points)

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