What have I done? (Henrikson-88)

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I only saw this profile - Henrikson-88 - as I was struggling sorta successfully through Data Doctors suggestion list; but I have no idea how I did this.  Fumblethumbs, I guess; totally empty, unconnected, but last name the same as my maternal grandfather, so I must have made him. Can any experienced soul take a gander and tell me how I did this, and what to do with him?

WikiTree profile: Michael Kissick
in WikiTree Help by Ted Fisher G2G Crew (950 points)
retagged by Ellen Smith

What you did was add a sibling to another profile.  The system doesn't like siblings without a connecting parent, so it automatically generates a profile for the father.

If you check your change log on that profile, you will see it tells you just that :

(Father created automatically to enable sibling.)

Don’t worry, it’s an oopsie many of us have done! Thank you for taking the time to ask and learn (there might be others reading this that have done the same, but didn’t query it).
Thank you, Marion. Spent the afternoon cleaning up oopsies - but as must happen a lot, in that clean-up, I found several more relatives, and their memorials and gravestones. Your kind words are very appreciated.

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Ted, do you know what sibling you created when you created this Unknown Henrikson profile ? You can merge the profile into the profile you created and not use the name Unknown Henrikson since no other info was entered for the profile.
by David Selman G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)

Yeah .. where names are added to stickers, mostly it is done automatically.  The . . . appears when the system has not yet updated - OR when you are looking at a profile in preview mode.

Sometimes removing the sticker, then adding it back can help if the . . . is still there a while after saving.

As you can see, Michael's name is where it should be :

Categories -- my nemesis, and bane.  I am still learning the "how to". 

I want to add correct categories, but can't always find them - and when I have a list yea long *indicates with hands* I hesitate to put in requests for them all, so usually don't.

Mostly if a category already exists - as for Michael - if you click the  and start typing, a selection of categories will show up, and you only have to choose the correct one.

If nothing shows, then there is no category for that place.

Oh, and -- the Military and War stickers can be problematical if you don't get the parameters exactly right.

You can ask a separate question about the one for your dad (if you haven't figured it out by now), tagging it military_and_war (the underscores are important in order to get the attention of the Project).
David; just noticed the re-tagging. Thank you; I can see the logic of them. Most appropriate! Much to learn; and for all that the mistakes I make are humbling, they lead to so much learning, and interesting discoveries - and a lot of fun as well! I decided as a child that there are three things one should do every day: learn something; do something for someone else; and have fun. And when you can combine all three - pure bliss. Also, in this discussion we did rather move on to poor Michael Kissick-87. I'd love to know what you think of how it's progressing; Melanie has helped considerably, but I hope to find out a lot more about him and his parents. Thank you again, muchly and in large amounts.

You are welcome, Ted! You might be interested in this about the Kissick families of Kentucky, 5 generations.

Thank you for the long read on Kissick families, David; will read it later, and I think it will lead me to Will Floren; meantime AAAAAAAH! Henrikson-88 returns! Look at Esther Marie Kissick - Henrikson-89; she is shown in the biography as - oh. Never mind. Panic not necessary. Just a bit of editing, and problem solved. Calm returning. I'm in my happy place; I'm in my happy place . . .

That was an informative panic, though; the brief biographies for Ben Henrikson-92's three children had links to their 'father' Henrikson-88. So that was where I made the original booboo: that little box at the bottom, where the children can be un-linked to the spouse of the mother in case it's some other father, got itself un-checked and I didn't notice, thereby forcing the software to make a spurious Henrikson. Does that sound logical?

 Or do you think it's the lutefisk? Year after year, my German grandmother would make lutefisk for holiday meals, and year after year, only my grampa Karl and I would touch it. Logic suggests un-ticked box as explanation; but don't discount the lutefisk. Powerful stuff.

(Say. You don't think Ben's wife Anna Fallman had a spurious second marriage created, do you? New panic! -No. No phantom husbands. Whew.)

You'll think it's the lutefisk when you encounter your first ghost.  cheeky

Attaching profiles can be kind of tricky at times.  Sorting out tangles can be quite .. interesting, and challenging.

You're doing fine.

Not to invite dead-horse-flogging, but: Have I simply made a new blunder by merging Henrikson-88 with poor Michael Kissick-87 when I should have merged it with Ben Henrikson-92? (Remember, I finally worked out that the empty profile was created by accident when adding three children to 92's wife and not noticing the box to make Ben the father was unchecked, thus forcing the creation of a spurious father.) Or, since 'Unknown Henrikson' 88 was empty and unattached, does it not matter?
Probably would have been better to merge Henrikson-92 into Henrikson-88 (lower number and all), but it is moot now, as a merge once completed cannot be undone.
Well, it's like you said about ghosts. Henrikson-88 could pop up again anywhere! It's got me a little twitchy.

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