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Hello everyone!

My name is Haneși Flavius. Im a romanian boy who wants to find the roots of his surname(Haneși). I was told that my surname was changed into Haneși from Haneș before I was born. My father told me that my ancestor were Bavarian Shepards. PLEASE HELP MY FIND THE ANSWER!
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+1 vote has information on the Hanes surname. It's a free site, if you want to look into what they say, starting with

"This is a variant of the interesting name Haines which has two possible origins. The first being a locational name from a place in Bedfordshire called Haynes, recorded as Hagenes in the Domesday Book of 1086 and as Hawenes in the 1202 Assize Court Rolls of that county. The name has been explained..."
by Frank Gill G2G Astronaut (2.3m points)

I don't think "Hanes" is the same as "Haneș", as the second one is not English.

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The "ș" in the Romanian alphabet is pronounced like "sh" in English or "sch" in German.

The closest German family name to "Haneș" in German would be "Hanisch", though a more common name would be "Harnisch", which means "armor" (you can get a sense of the meaning by looking at the pictures in this German Wikipedia article).

Today both "Hanisch" and "Harnisch" are most common as family names in Thuringia and Saxony rather than in Bavaria (go to and click on the "Relative Map" tab).

by Living Geschwind G2G6 Mach 8 (83.9k points)

Hans Bahlow, German Names (trans. Edda Gentry), under Hänisch, Hanisch: (Silesian, Lausitz): short form of Johannes [John], with Slavic suffix -isch (compare Jänisch). See Bahlow Schlesisches Namenbuch p. 59.

I don't know Romanian, so I can't tell whether there's a word or placename in that language that could be an alternate origin for Haneș. Names -- especially short ones -- are often a coincidence of multiple evolutions, so the existence of the German patronymic-origin surname doesn't rule out other possibilities.

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Welcome to Wikitree, Flavius!

Do you live in Banat or Transylvania? Then it is possible that your German/Bavarian ancestors had the name Hanisch/Harnisch, as C-H already wrote.

In any case, your name is wrong here. If your surname is Haneși and your first name is Flavius, then you have entered it upside down when you registered. You should edit your LNAB (Last Name at Birth) and Proper First Name with the correct names.

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Then you create a tag with Haneși and maybe find relatives.

There are at WikiTree:
About 26 Hanischs. Related surnames: HANS (351) HANNAHS (143) HANSCH (106) HENNIS (95) HANUSCH (88) HANNIS (75) HANSE (58) HANUS (63) HEINISCH (48) HINSCH (45) HANNS (32) HANSS (29) HENESS (26) HANNUS (21) HANUSA (19).

About 30 Harnesses. Related surnames: HARNESS (697) HARNISH (407) HARNES (101) HORNISH (32) HARNS (20) HARNIESS (20) HERNESS (16) HERMESCH (2).

As you work your way around this site, make sure you ask lots of questions. There are many helpful folks who are more than happy to help you get started.
by Lothar Wolf G2G6 Pilot (103k points)
edited by Lothar Wolf
As he is his own manager it is a simple case of editing LNAB to Hanesi and changing first name to Flavius. No need to create another profile and then merging.
Marion, you are right. I was certainly absent with my thoughts. I've changed it. Thank you.

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