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I think Major Otto F. von Monjou is notable but thought I should check.  He does not have his own wikipedia page but he is mentioned in the Monjou, Kansas wikipedia page. He is not just the founder of the villages in Russia.  The German Volga Immigrants named a lot of Kansas after him.  His name on wikipedia as  "de Monjou" but the German Volga/ Register der deutschen Siedlungen Russlands  uses "von" so I went with the European spelling. May I add him to notables?
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There is a German Wikipedia page for Johann Wilhelm von Monjou. This page claims he was also known as Friedrich Otto von Monjou and that several villages along the Wolga were named after him; however, I suspect that two different Monjous are being conflated here. Johann Wilhelm was a Major (major) in the Prussian army, from which he retired in 1759, while Friedrich Otto apparently was an Oberst (colonel) when he acted as a recruiter for German settlement in Russia in 1767.

The German Wikipedia page does note that Johann Wilhelm von Monjou came from an old French noble family and often used "de" rather than "von"; if Johann and Otto were originally French before entering into Prussian services, the "de" may actually be appropriate for their birth names.

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The Wikipedia article for Munjor, Kansas (linked in the profile) seems to indicate that the individual who founded these cities in Kansas was a descendant of the Johann Wilhelm von Monjou you mention above. So I don't think we can attribute the founding of cities in the 1800's to him.

However, the profile does seem to lean towards being the right time period for Johann Wilhelm, and not Otto Friedrich. I would have to agree that there appears to be some conflation going on between likely a Johann Wilhelm born probably 1727 and a Otto Friedrich born probably mid-1800's.

wikipedia,  states his name exactly as I have typed in the profile.  I do not understand?  "Two German speaking Frenchmen with the last name of Monjou became the leaders of two of the groups.

The older, Major Otto Friedrich de Monjou, became the leader of a Catholic group which settled along the Volga, north of Saratov. The younger Monjou established a colony of Lutherans further south. Both villages were named Monjou, which caused confusion and resulted in the Russian civil authorities to name the northern colony Obermonjou and the southern colony Neidermonjou."

The wikipedia page uses "aka: Otto Fredrich" what sources  here is another source that does not mention the John William Monjou,  and wikitree does not have that person either.  so we can make note that he is AKA
History: Ober-Monjou was founded as a Roman Catholic colony on 5 March 1767 by colonists who had been recruited by Baron Caneau de Beauregard. The original 83 colonists families came from the German regions of Mecklenburg and Würzburg as well as from France.

The colony was named after Otto Friedrich von Monjou, the second director of the Kontora (Office of Immigrant Oversight). On 26 February 1768, a federal decree recognized Ober-Monjou as the official name of the colony. In 1915, the colony was renamed Krivoka.

I just reread the Monjou, Kansas article you say "seems to indicate that the individual who founded these cities in Kansas was a descendant of the Johann Wilhelm von Monjou you mention above"  I do not see it  and I did a CTRL F and it does not POP either???
Sorry about that. What I read was the first two lines in History, which stated that Volga German immigrants founded the community, who were descendants of those who founded the Volga Region of Russia. It appeared they were trying to imply descendant of the named Monjou in the bottom paragraph, but I realize that I may have been trying to connect dots that weren't there to connect. Sometimes I try to read between the lines something that wasn't meant to be there - this could easily have been one of those situations.

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