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I propose we update the daily wiki feed with not just names on our gtg search list but also include new additions/updates to our direct family tree. This way let's say someone adds info to your great great great grandparent. You will probably never recognize this based upon the current feed but with this change added it let's you know when one of your relatives has been updated.. This also provides a contact who is working on a common lineageb allowing you to work together
in WikiTree Tech by Jeremiah Hoffman G2G6 (8.8k points)
recategorized by Robin Lee
I would like to add something to Jeremiah's comments above.   I wonder if it would be possible to have 2 sets of tags followed.   In trying to make sure that I see all the questions posed for the different projects I am involved in, I have had to reduce the surnames that I am following in my daily wiki feed.   It would be nice if we had tags for G2G that could be different from the surnames we follow on our daily genealogy feed.

Is that feasible?

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Just in case this change doesn't get implemented, you can ask profile managers of your direct family line to place you on the trusted list of those profiles and mutations of the profiles will appear on your activity feed.  With this feed you see who did what and you can arrange to work together as well.
by Vincent Piazza G2G6 Pilot (241k points)
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I like this idea.  Should you be able to restrict it by number of generations? I'm linked multiple ways back to notable Europeansand and therefore back to Charlemgane and the like.  I'm curious if I would get inundated with messages.
by Marty Acks G2G6 Pilot (111k points)
So, the way that the name tags work is that you get a "feed" of all the G2G questions and changes made to profiles with that last name.  You can set the notifications to get a weekly summary, or you can look on your Nav Home page and see them at any time.

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