October Newsletter - Magna Carta Project

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October 2020 Newsletter ~ Magna Carta Project
Welcome New Members
Meet Our Members
Tip of the Month: Ancestor Listmaker App

Welcome New Members

New Affiliates in September: Frances (Piercy) Piercy-Reins, Jan Cees Lelieveldt, Anne Young, T Miller, Catherine (Coffman) Wilkes, Kelly Kersey, and Bob Pickering

Welcome y'all!

Meet Our Members

It was a toss up whether this should be a "Meet Our Members" piece or a "Did you know...?" piece - guess which won :D

In last month's newsletter, "Did you know...?" mentioned that Michael was also a leader for two other projects. But all of the Magna Carta Project's leadership team are involved in other projects. Just like some of the Magna Carta Project-managed profiles are also of interest to other projects, Magna Carta Project members - badged and Affiliates - also have an interest in other projects.

Are you involved in other projects? I thought it would be fun to do a sort of "roll call" on that - let us know in a comment or answer to this newsletter. Following are the projects your leadership team are actively involved with (many of us are members of many projects, but the ones listed are the ones we're most active in, including the Magna Carta Project of course):

For more information about Magna Carta Project Teams, see July's newsletter & the Collaboration section of the main Project page.

Tip of the Month: Ancestor Listmaker App

Courtesy of Chase Ashley, WikiTree gained a fabulous new toy earlier this year: the Ancestor Listmaker App. And Chase keeps improving it, so if you've used it before, you may need to refresh the page (check the version/date in the lower right corner - as of 1 October, it was "ver 12p.22.Jul.2020").

From his G2G post on 4 July:

"I also added a list option to see what Magna Carta Surety Barons the entered Descendant is descended from. Since, for most living people, the Barons were 23+ generations back and the app only goes 20 generations back, you need to enter an ancestor 3+ generations back (eg a possible gateway ancestor) to use it. I hope the Magna Carta Project will find it useful to able to see ALL of the lines back to the Barons, to either confirm or debunk."

We most certainly do Chase!! THANK YOU!!

Whether looking for a Magna Carta connection or exploring other options the app has, you can get lost for hours with the lists the app returns. For example, I'll pick a Gateway Ancestor - Mary (Bourchier) Whitaker (mentioned in the August Newsletter as being newly badged). Selecting 15 generations and the option to "Show number of lines to same ancestor (if multiple lines of descent)", the following lists were generated...

  • ancestors who were Surety Barons for Magna Carta (1215): Mary Bourchier has 12 unique ancestors and 66 duplicate ancestors (additional lines of descent from a unique ancestor) within 15 generations who meet the Magna Carta Surety Barons list criteria
  • ancestors who are included in the Magna Carta or Magna Carta Profiles category (managed or monitored by the Magna Carta Project): Mary Bourchier has 180 unique ancestors and 246 duplicate ancestors (additional lines of descent from a unique ancestor) within 15 generations who meet the Category Text list criteria.

Remember, just like with trails returned by Special:Relationship, the trail is only as good as the profiles in it. Even the information returned using "Magna Carta" in the search by category text may return a broken trail, if a project-managed profile with "No Magna Carta Trail" is in the mix, but the chances are high that the trail is good, even if not yet badged.

For the app, the information returned is also only as good as your tree and the categorization of profiles in it. For example, when I check my WikiTree-ID for Gateway Ancestors, I get none - because none of my immigrant ancestors are within the scope of the Magna Carta Project and, therefore, are not in the Project's Gateway Ancestors category (which is what the app searches). When I go up a few generations and check for Surety Baron connections, I get a handful, but mostly through two immigrant ancestors: one who has a lot of circumstantial proof that he is the son mentioned in a will that ties him to a known descendant of many of the surety barons and one who is a "new-to-me" ancestor that has several "Uncertain" relationships along the trail from me to him.

Now the profiles listed as American Immigrants and Canadian Immigrants, on the other hand - I recognize most of them as being in trails I'm fairly confident are correct.

{blink blink} Ooops! Hours later and I still haven't finished the Newsletter! Quite a rabbit hole that app is :D ~ Liz

WikiTree profile: Magna Carta Project WikiTree
in The Tree House by Magna Carta Project WikiTree G2G6 (9.7k points)

1 Answer

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Thanks for the reminder Chase's app. I just cleaned up by some marginal location fields for some of my ancestors. Love the feature where you can see the number of paths to an ancestors and click to show each path.
by Marty Acks G2G6 Pilot (125k points)

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