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I just found out about categories recently, and I still don't know how to search for a category. Specifically, I was trying to find a profile for Queen Victoria, who has no  last name. I tried to find a category that would include her, but I can't figure out how to do that. ( Other people with no last names include Pontiac and Charlemagne.) In fact, I can't figure out how to put this question into the proper category so that it gets read by someone who has an answer. Thank you for reading the question!
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Victoria's last name on WT is Hannover

She has the categories  House of Hanover | House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

Thank you for replying so  quickly. However, that isn't really what I was asking. What I want to know is "what procedure do I follow to find and use a category that will help me in my research?" Queen Victoria was just an example. Even if I had thought to look for the category "House of Hanover", how  do I find it? I looked for her in the category "Royalty" but she was not there.

Well, I was responding to :

 Specifically, I was trying to find a profile for Queen Victoria, who has no  last name.

. . . by showing she does have a last name, and she is findable.  Specifically, to me, says that that was a focus of your question.

If you want to find specific categories, I do it by clicking on an existing one and climbing the (category) tree up, down, or sideways.  For example - clicking on the categories at the bottom of this profile will take you to all the profiles using those categories.  From there you can navigate to others.

There is probably an easier/faster way to do it, but that's how I find what I am looking for(or not).

I'm sorry, Melanie, I'm still confused. I hoped that you would show me the steps by which you located Victoria's profile. (and by extension, the steps I can follow to find any other information on Wikitree.)

By the way, my great-grandmother's name was Melanie. When "Gone With the Wind" came out, she wanted to see it because there was a character in it with her name! She was 80 years old and pretty frail, but she did get to see it.

Just for searching for someon who might be on wikitree, I use google, and start my search terms with the filter 'wikitree' as in <wikitree, queen victoria> 

Alexandrina Victoria (Hannover) of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (1819-1901) | WikiTree FREE Family Tree

<wikitree, daniel boone> Daniel Boone (1734-1820) | WikiTree FREE Family Tree

and an ordinary person <wikitree, david brownlee> a name randomly selected David Brownlee Morrow (1821-1890) | WikiTree FREE Family Tree;  and David James Brownlee (1877-1952) | WikiTree FREE Family Tree

Other than utilizing google, you can examine the various Categories to see if your person is there, or petition G2G for the profile page of that person 

I hoped that you would show me the steps by which you located Victoria's profile

I used the search person page using forename Victoria date of death 1901.  That was it.

Everyone, back in the day, thought I was named for GWtW's Melanie.  I was not,  but there were a slew of girls with the name who owe it to me.  (Their mother's liked it so much they named their daughters after me.)

I think if you want a better way of finding categories than my stumbling around, you should edit  your question and add the categorization tag (I think that's the correct one - - just start typing it and options should show up).

Wow, Susan Smith!  that was so easy! I knew there had to be a good way!. Since you posted this as a comment rather than an answer, I can't give you a Best Answer Star, but how about a Staples "That was Easy" button? I haven't finished my coffee yet, and I have found Victoria, Charlemagne, Pontiac, and Samoset (possibly my ancestor?). Then I looked for categories. I found Mayflower, Filles du Roi, and the 54 Massachusetts. There is no category for Casket Girls, but I found a profile page for one of them. There is no category for Pownal, Vermont, but there is one for a cemetery in Pownal. Thanks, again, Susan.

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On every page on the upper right hand side there are 4 drop down menus labeled My Wikitree, Add, Find, Help. In the Find menu there is a categories option. 

Clicking on that gives you the option of clicking through the subcategory links to find the category that may help in your research. There are two other search options called category search and Wikitree+ search on the right hand upper side of any category page. 

Personally I use the Wikitree+ search option as it offers other search options rather than just straight categories.

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