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In advance of the Sourceathon this weekend I have a question: If a profile has no UNsourced banner, but only a source that looks like this (and the link to the source doesn't work):

Source S01761
Title: 1900 U.S. census, population schedule, Wayne County, West Virginia
Note: #NS17613
Call Number:
Media: Census

No NOTE record found with id NS17613.

For the sake of the sourceathon, Is this considered an unsourced profile??

in Policy and Style by Pam Smith G2G6 Mach 3 (30.4k points)

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Quick Answer - It is NOT considered an unsourced profile for Source a Thon because of the information in the biography.

It has to have the Unsourced Template or Category for Unsourced Profiles.  It can also have one of a few suggestions 131-134 and 802-803.

As an example, this is what the Connecticut Unsourced Profiles page has, showing all the options.
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (802k points)

It states 'Only profiles from those categories will count'.

If that's the case this time, I can see a lot of profiles going untouched.

And the mud just keeps swirling. New post that has answers to Sourse-a-thon questions   lists link to the very same page, that links to the 2017 thon post, as an answer to the which profiles count. That is the only guidance it offers and it clearly says if you find profiles with NO sources to please add them and count it, which is what makes sense to me.

I add a lot of Unsourced templates to profiles, but NEVER take the time or waste the screen shot space to add it to everyone in the family.  I place it on one gateway profile, in assuming that when it gets found the rest of the family will get sourced also.  

I also remove a lot of Unsourced templates from profiles that have very good sources on them, the template just never got removed. 

I found a G2G for 2019 Source a Thon Questions that states they have to be in that Category (and I assume the Suggestions)  It is the 8th answer where Kathleen answered (has +9 votes) and Melanie had verified that they had to be categorized as 'unsourced'.

The official email seems to imply otherwise -- emphasis mine :

3. Remove the {{Unsourced}} template or [[Category:Unsourced Profiles]]
categorization, if there are any.

#1 states You can use any profiles from the Unsourced profiles categories: as well as a couple specific Data Doctor suggestions lists.

#3 states 'if any' because it can be from those Suggestions 131-134 and 802-803 which are on the Unsourced Location pages, and in #1 states a couple specific Data Doctor suggestions lists.'

Then they need to change the instructions because at the top of the official post just added to G2G is the link to instruction page where only place on it, about which profiles count is this question

Clicking on that question, the answer clearly states that adding sources to any unsourced profile counts.  People can say contrary dozens of times, and people can like that opinion but they need to change the official rules to match that opinion for it to have merit. 

If you find a profile without sources that isn't in the Unsourced category, please do add the sources. (Thank you!) Technically, I suppose you could add the {{Unsourced}} Research Note Box, thereby putting it in the Unsourced Profiles category, and then add the source(s), and then remove the {{Unsourced}} RNB. But that would be ridiculous. Don't do that. Just count it. :-)

by Chris Whitten


So, do we get ridiculous and add the {{unsourced}} first, then add the source/s, then remove the template - - or do we do as Mr Whitten said and "Just count it". 

I had seen that they were only counting the 'Unsourced' as of the data dump that was being done Wed / Thurs, but time will tell on Friday, if it is allowed.  He had said that back in 2017, so, I think, things have changed since then.
Yeah.. I know it's from 2017, but the situation hasn't really changed.  Not all profiles without sources get the category, or the template added.  So they sit unsourced until someone accidentally finds them.  No reason we can't go hunting them down for this 'Thon, seeing that it is the theme for the 'Thon.
I agree, but per the 2019 Questions, you, Melanie, had tried it and it didn't count the sources added to profiles without the category or specific suggestions.

I also think it would be nice to be able to add more than one source and have it count more, but that was also stated as not possible. Adding one source is not necessarily really sourcing a profile properly when the template is removed, and the remainder of the sources available will probably not be added.

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