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I am working on the unsourced profile for Jeremy Greene (born approx 1494) (Greene-4064), supposedly son of John "the Fugitive" Greene (Greene-490). It is an orphaned profile. The only "source" given is an Ancestry family tree (behind a paywall).

The only non-tree source I can find is "The Greene Family and its Branches from A.D. 861 to A.D. 1904" by Lora S. La Mance, Published 1904 by Mayflower Pub. Co. in Floral Park, N.Y., available online as https://archive.org/stream/greenefamilyitsb00lama



There is only ONE Jeremy Green in this document, and he is the great grandson of John "the Fugitive".  He is the son of John, son of Robert, son of John "the Fugitive", and he already has a Wikitree profile (Greene-967).

I propose to disconnect Greene-4064 from John "the Fugitive", and merge him with Greene-967.

Using the same argument, I propose to disconnect Henry Greene (Greene-4063) from John "the Fugitive", and merge him with Greene-960.

Let me know if there is another reputable source showing Jeremy Greene as a son of John "the Fugitive" Greene.  Otherwise I will go ahead and make those changes.
WikiTree profile: Jeremy Greene
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Janet have you seen the discredited sources section in the WT sources guidelines. Laura LaMance is a 'poster child'. Then again you may be suggesting a legitimate course of action with Jeremy.
Agree, but I understand that it is the part that claims to connect the Greenes to royalty that is discredited, not the Greene genealogy itself.

Adding, that is why I am asking if there is "another reputable source" for this family.

I figured this was the case but when it comes to the LaMance source I find my self breaking out in hives...
I added the tag for England, which will get your post seen by many more members.  I always suggest adding a tag for the location if there is a project...  England has a lot more members than the Medieval project.

Thanks for working on this one, Janet!

I remember this family from some years ago. Bowridge Hill was originally called Porridge hill and was the location of a copyhold farm ;  not a Hall belonging  to a knight (see profile of brother 'Sir  John'. ) I think this is the rump left behind when the 'emigrant' family was disconnected.  I 

Just checked. see  disputed origin section. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Greene-43 I remember transcribing a couple of wills and going to the archives to look up a Jerome Greene who was living in Gillingham in 1616, husband of Marie, father of another Jerome and a John. There are no earlier records  in the archives for any similar name. 

It's a bit of a rambling thread but may be of some use..https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/535756/corrections-too-be-engaged-on-the-greenes-of-new-england

 The ancestry tree linked to Jeremy  is devoid of sources. I think this profile most probably belongs in  the realms of fiction. 

edited to correct info re emigrant

Eureka, I don't think he's fictive, I think I've found him and can link him to children.

What I had forgotten was that the  Gillingham register for the period was in Latin. Hieronimus translates as Jerome (not Jeremy but  surely this is the same man)

  His birth won't be  in the register because it doesn't start until 1565.

 In 1565, Hieronimus  Grene's daughter Alitia (Alice) was baptised.  Hieronimus was the father of 7 more children, the final one being  another Hieronimus, baptised in 1579.

Hieronimus  Grene [senior]  was buried in 1585.

In 1605, Hieronimus, the youngest  son married a Maria Pyke. They had 7 children baptised between 1607 and 1622

The Dorset Archives has a series of four records relating to copyhold land, which were formerly  part of the Chantry of St Katherine  in Gillingham but post reformation belonged  to Sherborne School  who acted as Lords of the Manor (Nat Archives).  These are in English. 

The first from 1602 records that the property was formerly  held by Jerome the father (deceased) together with two other lives, John Francis and his wife Rachel.  The new lease was granted to Jerome the son, the term was the lives of John and Elizabeth Francis (children of John and Rachel.  I don't know what it is but there may well be a close relationship between the Francis family and Jerome Grene. )

In 1622, a new lease was granted to Jerome who by now had several children of his own. No mention of the Francis children.   The other two lives on this new lease were his elder sons Jerome and John. The final record from 1629 relates that Maria, Jerome's  widow stated that her late  husband  had surrendered this property  to a John Waye and Thomas Reeke  before his death

If others agree, I'll, change his name to Jerome.(with Hieronimus as alternative and also Jeremy because otherwise we might get more duplicates ) ; He  obviously used  the English Jerome in  his everyday life)

I've  extracted and translated all the baptisms so can document the children and  could  create  new profiles for them but apart from Jerome junior I don't know anything more about them .I  haven't time to  research further. There are an awful lot of Greenes in the Gillingham register. Someone may eventually link to them.

Thanks.  That would be great.
Will do, have now found his will, he  was a miller with a wife named Christian.There are also   some earlier records of the property in Gillingham which show the transmission of the property.  He had two children prior to the register a William and a Rachael. The leases suggest that    Rachael was probably married to a John Taylor.

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I have just been searching Ancestry and other than a few trees, totally unsourced found nothing. Looked under Green, Greene, de Grene and De Greene.
by Living Poole G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
I need some help y'all. I believe my name is in fact Jeremy Greene but my family tried to hide that by scamming me when I was born placing me under a different name. Help
Hi Jeremy, I doubt if this Jeremy is you. Best you ask a new question in G2G with as much info as possible.

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