How often is the most active surname list updated on your personal profile? [closed]

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The box next to your badges.
closed with the note: answered. solved through Columbo level deduction.
in The Tree House by Ron Moore G2G6 Mach 2 (21.5k points)
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At the end of the month, each month, WT computer does its stats (Surname Contributions, found on the drop-down My WikiTree) and you can use the option of "the whole year to date" to look-see 

I look at the box next to most recent badge ... With 274 contributions this month, Susan Smith has already earned the October Club 100 badge, to be awarded on the first day of November

Nope, I am not seeing "most active surname list" anywhere on that page (where the badges are) 

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (589k points)
selected by Ron Moore
You hid your badges maybe that is why? Anyways, I clicked the 'more' link in that box and I see the monthly reports. I am going to presume (only half as bad as assume) that the yearly totals are updated then!

No reason to hide my badges, Ron -- don't recall having done so Badges of Susan Smith

We must be talking about two different pages. I am referring to

Ron, I have the feeling we are talking about two different pages Badges of Susan Smith  There is Surname Contributions Top Surname Contributions of Susan Smith

Have to tell you that the box on the Badges page does not contain the CLICKABLE word "more" 

Humph. Susan Sherlock Holmes is baffled; so is Watson


?? And I still don't see what you or Columbo discovered.

Oh, well, add another Mystery to my list

laughlaugh Okay, I DO see what you mean on your PROFILE PAGE and your Badges are displayed toward the right side of the page and the whatever it is to the left of that toward the left side of the page 

It is not on the Badges page, which is a page, nor on Surname Contribution page, which is a page but on the PROFILE page, --which you will in the future mention, won't you? Yes. laugh 

NOW that we have located this "thing" ... it is , when you click the clickable "more" going to take you to "Surname Contributions" ... 

That's "daily" I suppose -- The stats on the surname activity are reported "end of month" 


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