Is this Jean Baptiste Gendron possibly the one who married Catherine Hinse and later Victoire Léger? Help needed.

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For Jean Baptiste Gendron, son of Charles Gendron and Marguerite Degrais, spouse of Catherine Hinse and Victoire Léger, Nosorigines (and other sites) gives a birth date of 12 January 1768 and a death date of 6 September 1862, burial 8 September in Beauharnois. However, the son born 12 January 1768 [[Gendron-858]] died and was buried in 1773. There is no record of a September 1862 burial for Jean Baptiste Gendron in Beauharnois. There is a baptismal record for a Jean Baptiste [[Gendron-859]] born in 1782. Could he possibly be the person who married Catherine Hinse in 1809?
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well, first off, the boy born on 12 January 1768 is baptized Joseph;  Joseph is buried in 1773.

Jean Baptiste is baptized on 23 June 1782 in Châteauguay  IGD - Drouin collection (membership)

there is another Jean Baptiste baptized 18 Feb 1786, again in Châteauguay IGD

Jean Baptiste Jeandron (sic) married Catherine Henns (sic) on 4 September 1809 in Châteauguay, listed as of age on the record. IGD

Jean Baptiste Jeandron (sic) married Catherine Jeandron on 26 Aug 1811 in Châteauguay, consanguinity noted he is of age on the record

This is not the same man, 2 brothers with same name, there are children born to both couples concurrently.  And it happens fairly often that 2 siblings have the same name, often given by the godparent of same gender.

Catherine Hins, wife of ''Charles'' Gendron, died 2 Feb 1837 buried 4th in St-Clément de Beauharnois, age 50 per the record. IGD

''Charles'' Gendron, widower of Catherine Ens (sic) remarried on 8 May 1838 in Vaudreuil with Victoire Léger, widow of Jean Marie Chales   (there are children) IGD

Victoire Léger, wife of Charles Gendron, died 17 Aug 1847, buried 19th in St-Clément de Beauharnois, aged 48

His last known child who marries is Philomène Gendron (2nd marriage), to Paul Montpetit in St-Clément de Beauharnois on 29 Jan 1861, and Charles is cited present at the wedding as father of the bride

Obviously he took his father's given name, probably to reduce the confusion with his brother, happens a fair bit..  I also cannot find a funeral for him in Beauharnois on the stated date, also checked St-Timothée, no go either.  Can't find a funeral for his brother to see if there was a way to determine which brother married who.  Presume the eldest married first.
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This is extremely helpful. I thought I was imagining all the confusion. And it makes sense that one of the Jean Baptiste's took his father's name to avoid confusion.
I also searched St Timothé without luck but finally found the burial record by working my way through the parish index on the family search site. It turns out that the entries jump to October and then back to September:
you're right, I find it in St-Clément, given the age of 80 on there, which is likely an estimate by the priest, it's not the parish of his birth so the priest couldn't check the records for age.

You can probably find him on census records for 1861.

He starts getting called Charles on an 1829 baptism, prior to that was Jean or Jean Baptiste.  Only one marriage of his children names him Jean, the rest all use Charles.
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You are right in saying the dates of 1768 and 1773 belong to someone else, ei. his brother, [[Gendron-858|Joseph Gendron]]. That is what I also have in my research and sources.

And you are definitely right in saying [[Gendron-859|Jean Baptiste]] (who was in fact born in 1782), married [[Henns-1|Catherine Henns]] <ref>Quebec, Catholic Parish Registers, 1621-1979; </ref>. I haven't found his death record yet (my research is at the year 1830 for both Châteauguay and Beauharnois).

The man who married Victoire Leger, is listed as Charles (but listed as widow of Catherine Ens [sic] <ref>Quebec, Catholic Parish Registers, 1621-1979;</ref>; So we can safely assume it is in fact the same man.

Please note that WikiTree has these people already in the tree:

  • [[Gendron-858|Joseph Gendron]]
  • [[Gendron-859|Jean Baptiste Gendron]]
  • [[Henns-1|Catherine Henns]]
  • [[Gendron-37|Charles Gendron]]
  • [[Leger-2477|Victoire Leger]]

With that, a merge will have to be done between Jean Baptiste and Charles because they are the same man. My theory on the name change is Jn Bte changed to Charles at one point because of his little brother (another [[Gendron-419|Jean Baptiste]], born in 1786 <ref>Quebec, Catholic Parish Registers, 1621-1979;</ref>, who married [[Gendron-410|Catherine Gendron]] in 1811 <ref>Quebec, Catholic Parish Registers, 1621-1979;</ref>

P.S.: For the one who will be turning to the PRDH for information (family 42336), it's a mess of a tangle. They have the following:

  • Jean Baptiste, born 1782, nothing else.
  • The unrelated Jean Baptiste, born in 1786, nothing else.
  • Jean Charles, no birth date, no death date, with the 2 marriages
  • The unrelated Jean Baptiste, again, but with the marriage to Catherine Gendron.
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I was hoping PRDH would help clarify. I am working on the profiles. Thanks so much for locating the profile of Gendron-37!
PRDH has a cut-off date on its work.

I know Danielle. But what does that have to do with anything? wink We still get good clues from there! enlightened

I was simply responding to your comment about it being a mess in there, they cut off their research around that time period.

Oh, yeah! Haha. Right! I was like "what?" LOL Glad to have those hints though, cuts down on research time on FamilySearch! cheeky

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