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After working on my family history for probably 10 years, I decided to have my DNA tested. I was stunned when I discovered that my dad, who I always thought was my blood father, had actually married my mom to take care of her and me. He was a great dad, however he passed away when I was 7 years old. I had no idea I actually had a huge family of brothers and sisters on my bio dads side of the family, and they were only a couple of towns away from me. I want to research on my bio dads side of the family,  but not sure how to do it here since I went to all the trouble of doing a family tree with those who are unrelated to me. I want to know who my bio family is. I want to know where I fit in and where I came from. What do I do to change this?
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Hi Bonnie!  Welcome to WikiTree!  I am sure you will find it fun and useful!  

Don't feel bad about having worked on your legal dad's tree, even if he wasn't your bio dad.  What goes around comes around, and you will probably benefit at some point in time from someone else's research.  And in the 'nature/nurture' debate, some parts of you DO come from the care of the man who raised you, and some of what he passed on to you has come from his family history.  

And now that you have another family to research, you can have all that fun all over again, working in the time frame with decent documentation!  I actually kinda envy you that.  

Were you wondering how to show these relationships on WikiTree?  Your legal dad is definitely a marriage partner to your mom, and you can also link to his profile  in your biography if you like.  Here's the profile of an ancestress of mine who was raised by someone she wasn't biologically related to.  I tried to show the adoptive relationship in the wording of the biography.  You could do something like that...

PS if you are asking how to change your relationships here on WikiTree, just go to your profile, select Edit, and then over on the right where your father's name appears, there is a little link under it "Replace/remove father".  Click on that link and follow the prompts.

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Welcome to WikiTree Bonnie

I have been for 25 years working on my biological, and adoptive families trees.

I have linked myself to my adoptive step fathers side of the WikiTree web by placing a box in the biography section of his profile.

The code for this which I found somewhere on WikiTree is;

<div style="float:right; border:2px #000 solid; background-color: yellow; width:200px; height:auto; margin: auto"> Children:

                 [[WikiTree ID|Name]]]</div>

 <div style="clear:both;"></div>

Repeat the WikiTree ID insert for each sibling you might have with him as a father.

WikiTree wants us to link our biological parents to ourselves but also allows for us to note other significant relationships in the biography sections allowing linking to our other parents, siblings, etc.
by Jennifer Turner G2G6 Mach 2 (21.4k points)
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Hello and Welcome to the WikiTree Family, Bonnie! :)
by Greta Moody G2G6 Pilot (183k points)

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