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On 5 Oct 2020 Cindy (Bourque) Cooper wrote on DBE 465:

The error says Acadie was not a country for but it was part of a country, we can't attach Nova Scotia or some other area to it because we don't know WHICH part of Acadie it was. Acadie should be allowed as a country until the end of 1763. Can you change your table to allow this? Thank you, Cindy Cooper, Acadian project

First I have a question. Is L'Acadie the same as Acadie? Example profiles:

And another is which today's regions did it cover? |Am I correct in assuming Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

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L'Acadie was a different town in Quebec, not part of Acadie.

Acadie covered parts of New Brunswick, parts of Maine, all of Nova Scotia, Isle Saint Jean (which is now Prince Edward Island), Isle Royal (which is now Cape Breton), Isle Madame, Newfoundland.  No more official Acadie after 1763.
by Cindy Cooper G2G6 Pilot (229k points)
I added Acadie to the table.

This are the codes in geoNames database representing the area. I couldn't find those isles.


I will add the codes to the table, so you can check them.
Thank you so much Ales.  I could see Acadie in there with end 1763 - does that mean all of 1763 is acceptable or do we need to put 1764 so anything in 1763 is allowed?  Also not sure about the codes, what to check.

1763 is acceptable, 1764 will eventually create the suggestion.

I will explain them in the near future elsewhere connected to WT+ Maps.

Perfect. Thank you.

just throwing something in here for those that may not know.  I have a gr.grandmother who was born in St.Marguerite de Blairfindie, L'Acadie (maternal lines), But I also have Grandparents different lines, (paternal) who were mostly born in Acadia.. which was the NS regions included Gaspie as well.. this is the differentiation that do find in Archive records. if born in L'Acadie, is usually of regions usually now part of Quebec areas for the most part (i'm pretty sure- but Danielle Liard may know more since she lives up in Canada.  In records if it says Acadia... then it usually always means  I will find their records in archives among the Nova Scotia regions & New Brunswick.  I see this is trying to correct an error, but I caught the part about the difference.. In the records one is L'Acadie/Acadie (Quebec regions) the other is & was Acadia  different spellings even in archives back to 1600s that I've found,

Cindy, when you state- "Acadie covered parts of New Brunswick, parts of Maine, all of Nova Scotia, Isle Saint Jean (which is now Prince Edward Island), Isle Royal (which is now Cape Breton), Isle Madame, Newfoundland.  No more official Acadie after 1763", sorry, but I don't see this as accurate- These regions and the archives documents will usually always state "Acadia" if they don't give the exact locations, just as in Quebec regions they will state either L'Acadie or Acadie for areas of Quebec
hope this helps

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For regional/location questions, check first with the region project; Acadians Project has some FAQs that may answer this.

Please ask questions about issues on a profile on the profile page, not the suggestion's page.  As said, location questions should first be addressed to the region project that covers that location.

by Sheryl Moore G2G6 Pilot (156k points)
Sheryl I a the co-leader for that project as noted above in the original post.   There should not be an error using Acadie through 1763.  I am asking to have that allowed in the table.  Our listing of place names on the project page allows Acadie through 1763 but your error-465 does not.  I am trying to get the system correct, not an individual profile.

I gave an example not to fix that profile but as an example.  Ales also gave examples for the same purpose.
I gotta laugh Sheryl that you would tell the co-leader of the project to ask the project leaders. Cindy, ask yourself this question. LOL

Cindy, in the revised list we did, Acadie is a viable name until 1713 remember? Sheryl probably based it off the OLD spreadsheet before it got updated.
Sheryl, It is ok to ask such little requests also on the page. I moved them into G2G since I anticipated a longer discussion, that would clog the page. Both are very complex regions spreading over large areas and they changed over time.

Sorry, I didn't notice - nothing obvious on the example profile and went to the category [Louisiana profile].  Answered based on generic, not this specific.  My bad and I apologize.sad

Got it, thank you
Yeah, my bad.  Crawling back in my mono hole now....
Stephen, that is true for Colony of Nova Scotia, after 1713, but it still goes with Nouvelle-France in the other locations until 1763.  The problem comes in when we don't know where exactly someone was born, died, married, but we know it was in the Acadie area somewhere - could be Nova Scotia, or could be Nouvelle-France, we still need it to be an acceptable name.  Otherwise we lose important information if it gets deleted (the way USA gets deleted without a correction to the actual place name).  If someone puts in Nouvelle-France that gives a different location than if it was in Nova Scotia and we just might not know which. . .  I told myself that just this morning!

(edited for missing words)
I don't see how asking a question about a location on a profile will solve anything.  The question was directly related about location based suggestion. The location on profile is correct. They could just mark suggestions as false, but I think Cindy is trying to stop the False suggestions on all profiles by having the suggestion and related location table updated. As head of that project, she is probably afraid that someone will go in and change the locations incorrectly because of the Suggestion.

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