Which names fields are searchable?

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US Black Heritage is working on some good stuff, but it would help if I better understood how our search algorithms work. Can someone tell me which name fields (including prefix, suffix, nickname, and other last name) are used when a person does a search by name for a person?

Are any other fields searchable?

in The Tree House by Emma MacBeath G2G6 Pilot (936k points)
I know it is using the Nickname and Other Last Names fields.
When you do an initial search, it shows the 'other fields' below the results, so those fields must also be used for filtering and searching.

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I would just take a guess by referring you to the following link...


... and take a look at the various possible answers to your question like the "searchperson" category.

I hope this was helpful for you and I had explained this okay via text... :-)

~Brian Kerr
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I am reasonably sure (from testing) that when we use WikiTree name search:

  • The first name entry is matched against the Proper First Name, Preferred Name, Middle Name, and Other Nicknames data fields. Only exact spellings are returned as matches.
  • The last name entry is matched against the LNAB, Current Last Name, and Other Last Names data fields. The returned matches will include exact spellings plus variant spellings that have been entered into the WikiTree database of recognized variant surname spellings (that database does not recognize nearly all known variant spellings, but as most of us are aware, it often returns spellings that we think are irrelevant to our search). For multi-part surnames (like Van Allen), the search utility ignores the space in the search box and the LNAB and Current Last Names fields (for example, a search for either VanAllen or van Allen will return results for both VanAllen or Van Allen). However, multi-part entries that appear in the the Other Last Names field are not handled that way (an entry of Van Allen in the Other Last Names field will be treated as two separate names, Van and Allen, and will not show up in a search for either VanAllen or Van Allen).
by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Thanks, Ellen!

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