James Bond Day: October 5

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Hello WikiTreers! Guess what today is? James Bond Day!

We have a some of the actors that portrayed him here on WikiTree:

Why is October 5 Global James Bond Day? It is because in 1962 on October 5th, James Bond first appeared on screen in Dr. No

Who is your favorite James Bond actor? Are you connected to any of them?

I am 25 degrees from David Niven and 28 degrees from Roger Moore!


in The Tree House by Sarah Callis G2G6 Pilot (116k points)
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Dr No   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Wiseman

Pussy Galore Blackman-3212 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honor_Blackman

Shaw-5584 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Shaw_(actor)

Miss Moneypenny Hooker-1948  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lois_Maxwell

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My mom named my brother after Sean Connery, she loves the books and movies (as do I).

Connery is my fav Bond!

23 degrees from David Niven

27 degrees from Roger Moore
by Azure Robinson G2G6 Pilot (345k points)
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by Mark Burch G2G6 Pilot (173k points)
Thanks for sharing! :)))
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I'm 25 degree's from Roger Moore and 24 degree's from David Niven.
by Keith Cook G2G6 Mach 4 (41.2k points)
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I like Sean Connery best.

The more recent actors portraying James Bond were Pierce Brosnan, George Lazenby,Timothy Dalton, and Daniel Braig.
by David Hughey G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
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Sandra Colleen Waites, better known professionally as Cassandra Harris, was a Bond Girl in For Your Eyes Only (as Lisl) and later married future James Bond actor, Pierce Brosnan. She and her daughter both died of ovarian cancer.


by Jessica Key G2G6 Pilot (254k points)
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Michael Lonsdale, a British-French actor, passed away two weeks ago at 89. His main claim to international fame is probably his turn as the villain in the (mediocre) James Bond movie Octopussy, but he was otherwise a wonderful, memorable supporting actor in a lot of films directed by many noted directors (and he will be missed). (not yet connected)

by Isabelle Martin G2G6 Pilot (488k points)
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Perhaps we should mention his creator Ian Fleming

And I have to slip in  John Bond, John Bond was an Elizabethan privateer, probably a pirate and  possibly a  spy, he adopted for his family motto 'The World is not Enough',  a motto filched from Philip II of Spain.  The young  Ian Fleming went to Durnford, a prep school in Dorset which just happens to be next door to the Bond estate.

(Fleming and John Bond are only 14 degrees from each other. I'm 27 degrees from Fleming,  24 from John Bond ; like many of my connections both  via a transported highway robber)

by Helen Ford G2G6 Pilot (397k points)
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I'll add Harold Sakata to the list. He was a unique character - an olympic weightlifter, professional wrestler... and yes, actor.


He also managed to land the role of the razor-sharp bowler hat wielding Oddjob. He was born in Hawaii in 1920, so it's conceivable we could find a connection for him, if anyone has an interest.

by Scott Fulkerson G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
His boss, Goldfinger, also has a WikiTree profile if anyone is interested in pursuing a German connection.

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There's also 2 actors who played "Q" who we can add to the list.


Peter Burton was the "Q" who played mostly with Roger Moore.

Probably this guy:


And Desmond Llewelyn

by Scott Fulkerson G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
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20 degrees from Ian Fleming

23 degrees from David Niven

28 degrees from Roger Moore
by Judi Stutz G2G6 Pilot (145k points)

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