Quest for Great-Grandparents: Medical Edition

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For this great-grandparent challenge, in honour of all the front-line workers who have been risking their lives to save ours, I have chosen medical figures. Most of these people are not connected to the main tree, and none of them have a full set of great-grandparents listed on WikiTree. In order for us to add a list to the Relationship Finder Quick Links page, each person on it needs to have at least one line going back as far as their great-grandparents (and preferably all eight lines).

The task is to seek out, source, and add profiles for as many missing great-grandparents as you can find. As you take on a person, and add a new great-grandparent, please post a message here, so we can keep track of how we're doing.

Name Connected? Great-grandparents
June Almeida (Scotland) Yes 7
Bessie Blount Griffin (USA) No 0
Sarah Iredell Fleetwood (USA) Yes 2
Yvette Francis-McBarnette (Jamaica) No 0
Virginia Henderson (USA) Yes! 4
Kitasato Shibasaburō (Japan) Yes! 0
Robert Koch (Germany) No 0
Willem Johan Kolff (Netherlands) Yes 8!
Janet Lane-Claypon (England) Yes! 5
Li Wenliang (China) No 0
James Lind (Scotland) Yes! 0
Ronald Ross (UK) Yes! 2
Annie Moriah Sage (Australia) Yes 1
Almroth Edward Wright (England) Yes 0
in The Tree House by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (512k points)
edited by Greg Slade

If you manage to connect one of the medical figures who are not already connected to the main tree, you can count that connection towards the Connectors Challenge, if you're taking part in that. (And, if you happen to find an additional connection path for a medical figure whose family you're working on, that makes them all the better as a relationship finder!)

If you run across an unsourced profile which is already on WikiTree and add one or more sources to it, you can count that source towards the Sourcerers Challenge, if you're taking part in that. If you can add sources, photos, or biographies, add siblings, children, aunts, uncles, etc., or improve the profiles of these people or their family members in other ways, so much the better!

P.S. I'm not a WikiTree Leader, and have no authority to assign points, credit, or anything like that. My intent with these challenges is for them to be a fun little break from whatever you're doing regularly. (Well, that, and preparing lists of different kinds of notables for the Relationship Finder Quick Links page.) There's no time limit, there are no prizes, and if you have fun finding and adding relatives, then you win. (And WikiTree wins in any case, because the more connected profiles we have, the better the tree is for everybody.)

P.P.S. If this challenge intrigues you, and you think you might like to try finding great-grandparents for other notable people so they can be added to the Relationship Finder Quick Links page, you can find other threads in this series on the How to increase a country's presence on WikiTree page.

This is awesome Greg! :)

Grrrr! As soon as I added a couple of names in the "working on" column, I ran into the size limit on G2G messages. (Apparently, tables use up a lot of characters!) So we'll just have to keep track of who's working on whom in the answers and comments. 

Currently, this challenge is in last place in terms of percent complete, at 11.7%. In terms of great-grandparents still to find, it's in third-last place with 106.

The next challenge to catch in terms of percent complete is Quest for Great-Grandparents: Hymn Writer Edition at 18.4%, and the next challenge to catch in terms of great-grandparents still to find is Quest for Great-Grandparents: Rocket Scientist Edition with 96.

I realised that I had left Willem Johan Kolff out of that portion of my spreadsheet that I'm using to track this challenge, so my number up to now were incorrect. Adding in Kolff meant that there were 15 people in this challenge, rather than 14. So, since I already had some more medical figures whom I wanted to add, and since there hadn't been any progress made on Ingaz Semmelweis so far, I pulled him out of this challenge, and will add him in with the others.

With those changes, this challenge is now in 21st place, both in terms of percent complete, at 25.9%, and in terms of great-grandparents still to find, at 83.

6 Answers

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Will join for this month

Added great grandparent #4  Virginia Avenel Henderson

by Jennifer Robins G2G6 Pilot (154k points)
edited by Jennifer Robins

Thank you, Jennifer!

Virginia now shows as connected.

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I am working on Virginia Avenel Henderson too. I added a source and biography to her grandfather's profile.
by Nancy Wilson G2G6 Mach 8 (82.9k points)
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I'm working on Janet (Lane-Claypon) Forbes.
by Shirlea Smith G2G6 Pilot (223k points)
I think i have connected her to the tree.  Her 1st cousin 2x removed was already here

She is also the grand-niece of someone who is in the Dictionary of National Biography, although he didn't have a profile prior to this evening.  His claim to fame is as the founder of the Glasgow Normal School and related writings on educational development.

Janet also had a first cousin once removed running around loose in the tree.  That cousin's wife has a very extensive tree, so that should help with connections.

I have Janet's 4 great grandparents on her maternal side.  I'm calling it a night for now.  More tomorrow!

Good job, Shirlea! I love it when I manage to connect somebody, I love it when I find notables who don't have profiles yet in the process, and I love it even more when I manage to connect somebody else in the process, and you managed to do all three in one evening!

yes, it's really fun!  i did stay up way too late for that one, though! wink

Here's the candidate for a Notables sticker, if anyone wants to give him one:
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Can I ask for assistance with Maurice Hilleman? I've been trying to connect him via his wife, but it's slow going. He developed 8 of the 14 routine vaccines used today; it's been estimated his research has saved more lives than Hitler and Stalin put together killed.

by Jessica Key G2G6 Pilot (244k points)
Wow, that is a worthy accomplishment!  If you still want some help tomorrow, i will take a look.
I'm working on it in my Ancestry sandbox, checking WikiTree as i go in case anyone already has a profile and is connected.  Not so far....

Here's my sandbox;

I think i have a connection!  Looks like Daniel Harrison Stratton might be one of Maurice's wife's ancestors.  Now i will build the one profile in between

Okay, Maurice's wife is now linked to a line of ancestors that goes back to Virginia in the early 1700s, so hopefully that will give lots of connections.
Nice work Shirlea!
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Hi Greg! Our Dutch entry will be connected with his mother's family: De Jonge from Zierikzee. I hope to find more great-grandparents tonight.

by B. W. J. Molier G2G6 Mach 7 (74.2k points)
Most g-grandparents added for Willem Johan Kolff, 1 to go.

En de Nederlanders racen naar de kop van het peloton! Ben ik verrast? Niet een beetje.


We puzzelen graag. Vandaag nummer 8 toegevoegd. Ben nu Burgemeesters van Amsterdam aan het connecten, in de periode 1824 - 1967 zijn dat er 21 geweest waarvan er 2 nog geen profiel hebben.

Goed gedaan BWJ!

Goed gedaan!

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I can connect Ronald Ross I have something on my blog as he is related to my 3rd cousin
by Hilary Gadsby G2G6 Pilot (244k points)
edited by Hilary Gadsby

That's pretty cool!

Ronald now shows as connected, and he has two great-grandparents listed.

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