born same month, are they twins? [closed]

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i have 2 girls with same father and mother and same middle name.  i found a source indicating one was born 18 Dec 1828.  the best i can find for the other is just Dec 1828.  how likely are they twins?

the fun part is that they separately married Howard-9027 and Howard-22149.
closed with the note: they could be born either side of midnight by just a few minutes
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if they are twins, i have seen no clue if they might be identical.  another branch of my ancestry did have twins, boy and girl, so not identical.

a friend of mine's wife has a twin.  when they were young and in school, they looked enough alike to fool their teachers (they told me many stories).  when i met them at around 24, they looked very different.
my primary curiosity is if the mother is carrying two, is it possible for them to be born on different days in those years.
just thought: they could be born either side of midnight by just a few minutes.  the midwife hears the clock chime midnight between births and knows the date has moved forward.

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It depends on what kind of source "the best I can find for the other" is. Sometimes people guesstimate from christening dates that the person was born the same month, which is not always the case and can even be off by years.

Telling us the kind of source you have will help get you a better answer.
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the source for one was found on Ancestry.  i need to find which source i got that from.  the other already has a profile here (Stricklin-162).

i have heard of a strange medical case where one of twins is born the next day.  i wonder how possible this is around 1828.

or maybe the source got names mixed up.  but the marriage info and different county of residence suggest to me there really are two people.  i just need to find sources that are unlikely to be in error.

their father was either a very busy man or lots of info is fake as he appears to have 19 children (from 1819 to 1863) with 2 wives.
It IS possible to have that many children in that time. My cousins have an ancestor who fathered 20 children over 40 years, with 3 wives.

From 1832 to 1856 - 16 children.
In 1865 1 child.
From 1872 to 1876 - 3 children.
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ignore this - not irish twins - sorry
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