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I know there is a process for dealing with this issue but my question is - How do you know what stage your request for Wikitree to investigate it is up to?

I lodged a form some time ago (after months of personal attempts to make contact with a profile manager).

I have not received any advice the matter is being looked into at all - let alone a result.

I would appreciate any information from anyone who understands the process better.
in The Tree House by Rosalie Neve G2G6 Pilot (174k points)

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Before you sent the Unresponsive Form, did you do all 3 things requested - Private message to the PM, message on their profile, and request trusted list?

Has the person been active on wikitree?  if not and you submitted the form more than a week or so ago, I would send a note to info @wikitree.com to see if there is something that you need to do. Make sure you include the Wikitree ID and when you sent the form.  Paul will probably respond with a reason for delay, maybe he has been busy or away himself.
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (772k points)
selected by Rosalie Neve
I did do a check list to made sure I had done all the things required ( some more than once) first.

I have wondered if my "sent form" suffered from the same operator error that meant I could not post a picture to the Week 41 of 52 today. Sometimes it is the simple things that you miss :(

You can always fill it out again.  Go to the profile that you want to get opened.  click the Unresponsive Profile Manager Request Form link in the Contact section of the Tree & Tools page of the profile and fill it out

Unresponsive Profile Manager Help

Don't worry about Operator Error.  We have ALL had those.

Thank you for the suggestion Linda, I have submitted the form (just in case I made a mistake last time) 

This time I took note of the form submitted screen (and a photo of it for my own peace of mind) so I know it is done. smiley

Hopefully it works this time.  I keep a spreadsheet of profiles so I know what date I sent the 3 messages, what the PM ID is, profile ID, and then the date submitted to admin.

Thank you for the suggestion. You are very organised smiley

Hi Rosalie, 

Linda and the others gave you some great information here, I hope it helped! I would like to add that any time you need help understanding a process, or want to ask why something hasn't been completed; you can contact a Mentor. We have some friendly, experienced users that just love to help.

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The Unresponsive Manager's process does not state that they will contact you or keep you informed. It says that they will contact the manager. Once you submit the request they handle it.

It also may depend on what it was you were wanting from the manager of the profile. There is no way to answer your question because there are too many variables that depend on the situation.
by Laura DeSpain G2G6 Pilot (430k points)
I get that - I keep checking the profiles to see if I can add the information and photos I have to my grandfathers siblings. Still can not. Still cannot connect poor dead cousin Lyell to his parents. Can't imagine I will still be around in 2079 to add him when his mum is finally open cause she died 100 years ago.

I could only add my mother and her siblings because I was new to Wikiree and started a profile for each before I knew what i was doing.

I could merge those into the tree after the required waiting time.

I have resisted starting new profiles for my grandfathers siblings because it is against the intent of the Wikitree code.  

Would just like to know how the UPM process works - that is all. *sigh*
I understand that waiting can be frustrating. I created two of me when I joined, not knowing that a profile had been created for me by a family member. The family member has not been very active so it took awhile to get them merged. The process can take up to about 6 weeks though. I do not know how long it has been since you filed your request.

WikiTree will try to make every attempt to contact a manager before acting. That is really a good thing because if you are sick or away then you may not get the message right away. It may be the reason the manager has not responded to you.
Thanks for your reply Laura.

It has prompted me to look at what others can and can't do with profiles I have created if they cannot contact me. (mind you in the 4 months I have been on wikiree I have only had I request to be added to a trusted list - so not much interest out there)
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The procedure is described here:  Help:Unresponsive Profile Managers.  Generally, if you follow all the steps, and the PM hasn't made a contribution in more than 60 days, AND the PM doesn't respond to Wikitree Admin, then it usually takes a week for the Open or Public profile to be orphaned and to be notified as such.  If that didn't happen, then some part of the process didn't "pass". Have you checked the PM's contributions to see if there are any since you started the UPM process?  That would indicate they are active.  The above applies only to Open and Public profiles.  Private profiles don't work the same:   https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Unresponsive_Profile_Managers#Private_Profiles

by Kerry Larson G2G6 Pilot (234k points)
Thank you.
I have been keeping an eye on the activity. No contributions since May.

I hope all is well with them and they are just too busy for Wikitree. I appreciate all the work they have already done and I would love to work on it in their absence.

I am sure it will work out as it should. I was never overly patient but I will try to be.

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