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In June 2020, I wrote my first of a series of G2G posts checking in on Australian maintenance categories, using Wikitree+ statistics. In June (or maybe a month or two earlier), I had started improving a bunch of Australian profiles by adding scant biographies to profiles without one (see an example previously referred). The idea was these profiles are now ready for sourcing (for an example, sourcing as simple as this), and for extra information of a more familiar/interesting nature to be added (these sorts of morsels).

Australian maintenance categories, I thought, were a great way for a Wikitreer interested in contributing to improving Australian profiles to organise his/her/their work. Maintenance categories mean a Wikitreer can target the type of work fancied in the moment, to improve our shared tree. I'm a firm believer that we don't need to do everything at once, but if we use categories we can flag to come back (I 'flag' all the time - especially if I'm looking at Wikitree profiles on my phone! I'd much rather do research/serious writing on my PC!).

I'm also a believer that maintenance is no-one's 'responsibility'. As Wikitreers, our only 'responsibility' is to adhere to the Honor Code. For this reason, and because I think location-based improvements are valuable, I'm now firmly against the idea that personal categories should be the only location-based maintenance categories for Australian profiles. So I'm sad that this post will be one of my last to mention a few categories that I use/d a lot to organise and drive my improvement activity:

  • Category: Australia, Needs Biography was decommissioned in mid September, and will  make way for Australian 'profile improvement' categories. I am aware that many Australian profiles still exist that do not have a biography, but now, if a Wikitreer wishes to add Aus biographies, this process must start with sorting through a higher-level category: Needs Biography (currently contains 7760 profiles). Location-specific categories remain for France, Canada, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand and more. 
  • Australian maintenance categories of the type '[state/territory], Needs [birth/death/marriage] Record' are being deleted (see related G2G post from 23 September by Margaret Haining). By now, all have been depleted of profiles and deleted except the Victorian versions of these, which currently hold the following counts:
  • New categories in place of '[state/territory], Needs [birth/death/marriage] Record' are '[state/territory], Needs [birth/death/marriage] Source Researched', but we're not to use these unless we have searched for the source and failed to find it. Which means if a Wikitreer is browsing Wikitree (say on their smartphone) and spots profiles that need maintenance, but does not have time/browser capacity to research and add the source, they must use generic higher-level categories. Similarly, if that Wikitreer wished to do a blitz adding Victorian marriage records, they would have to gingerly search through the higher-level 'Needs Marriage Record' category (not an easy task, so I can't imagine this will get done at all anymore?). The higher-level categories I refer are: Needs Birth Record (currently 2930 profiles), Needs Marriage Record (currently 1538 profiles) and Needs Death Notice (currently 1180 profiles). 
  • There are some Aus maintenance categories that have not been updated and are soldiering along:
  • A new category that I noted for the first time last month is getting big and is already generating some very interesting category improvements: Category: Australia, Immigrant Needs Voyage Category Added (1208 profiles)

Lastly, a shout-out to the Source-a-thon for profile improvement. According to a 7 October G2G post by Gillian Thomas, Australian team members sourced 2349 profiles, wow! 

Previous related G2G posts:

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"if a Wikitreer wishes to add Aus biographies"

If they go to this Australia Project page, they'll find:

Where to Find Australian Profiles Needing Improvement

  • Biography: 802, 803, 811, 853
  • Profile Completeness: All numbers, particularly 467 (Short Biography)
  • Wikidata: All numbers.
  • Other specific profile improvement categories 

With over 14,000 profiles in the Unsourced categories, related to Australia, there's plenty of scope there for anyone wanting to add sources and biographies to Australian profiles.

"Australian maintenance categories of the type '[state/territory], Needs [birth/death/marriage] Record' are being deleted (see related G2G post from 23 September by Margaret Haining). By now, all have been depleted of profiles and deleted"

Those categories were renamed to the new categories, and the profiles were transferred across to the new research categories. Currently 397 profiles for Australia and 6 states for the 3 b/d/m research varieties.

by Margaret Haining G2G6 Mach 9 (90.3k points)
edited by Margaret Haining
Well, both of you have thrown me on that. I have no idea. As is, I'm going to have to try the auto bio generator, now that I've just found out about it this week.

Well, I have no "cheat sheet" for when I do things such as this one :, but I still bold the (what I see as) important source notes (birth, marriage, death, census year), so they are easier to see in the wall of text that are sources at the bottom of a profile.

Annie, on the other hand, only got census and death highlighted, because I haven't done too much using Papers Past (New Zealand's version of Trove) and have yet to figure out the best way to have the news items stand out. 

We have spent a lot of time trying to do research on , I have done the bold on all the sources, which I have been doing with all my profiles. But I also bold the important people in their lives, even though without the bold it would at least be green & underlined. I have just changed the children to dot points for the first time. I haven't worked out how to space them in yet, but may need to. I'm in two minds about bolding family members, because without it, it looks like it needs to be broken up somehow, but with it, it looks like it might be too much. Eventually, it would be nice to go through all the profiles, and break them up with pictures and maps, etc. But I don't know how yet, and it'd be a lot of work. This is how I've put the Trove articles into a lot of profiles. The only ones I haven't done like that, are when the number of Trove articles is rediculous, like , and have summorized what the articles are about, and linked the typed out articles in the sources below. There are so many, I haven't finished them yet.
For the news item, how about creating an image with it? Then you can play with fonts and coloured backgrounds to complement the rest of the profile.

This was directed at Mel, btw. Nice profile too. :-)
I could certainly screen shot news articles. I like the idea of that. I've just started playing with putting pictures in, but don't understand what I am doing yet. And I'm not sure about fonts and coloured backgrounds yet either, but it sounds great. I was quite taken, earlier in the year, when I looked at the profile of another wikitreer, and saw all the boxes they had in their profile, with different information or photos in each box. But, because they were living and active, there was no way of working out how they did it, because you can't click edit on someone you aren't on the trusted list for.
Ben, what do you mean by "space them in"? Are you referring to indents? If so, put : at the start of a line to indent, or :: to indent further.
It's easy to read as it is. I like it.

Ben, instead of those humongously long Trove links, try using the MLA citation as provided by Trove. 

For your #14 :

"Family Notices" The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954) 31 July 1952: 8. Web. 13 Oct 2020 <>.

For the news item, how about creating an image with it? Then you can play with fonts and coloured backgrounds to complement the rest of the profile.

This was directed at Mel, btw. Nice profile too. :-)



I have created copies of newspaper items, and gravestones (especially when I don't have a photo of them), but was pretty tired after hunting down that family.  Then finding Annie's tragic story -- I didn't go to bed because I was doing up her profile.   (Yeah, yeah, I know I'm certifiably hooked on "getting it right".)

Took me a little bit Melanie, to work out what you meant, but I've worked it out now. You're right, that's much better.
When Leandra and Margaret share a story it's gotta be worth looking at. Who can resist the Cat's Whiskers?

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