profile manager, how do you put up a new person withOUT becoming a profile manager?

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I see so many profiles without managers?  <br>!. There are many of my DNA cousins from Australia that have the BRACKEN DNA from the late 1700s but I only know how we're related through ancestry trees....  <br>2.  My highschool coach seems to have been put up from an newspaper obit.  (No manager)<br> 3. There seem to be entries from FIND A GRAVE <br> <BR>

I would also like to put up entries from my home town WITHOUT becoming manager...  <BR>

For example there are GEHRING s from Germany and GEHRINGs from Switzerland from my small hometown of ELGIN IA... Since I have lots of historical records I COULD put up the non-related German Gehrings that I know but don't want to confuse MY Swiss relatives.  Help
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Janet, when you add a profile you will automatically be the manager.  You can click the Privacy tab on any profile and scroll down to see the trusted list.  When you find your name there, you will have a button to remove yourself.  If you are manager (not just a member of the trusted list) then you will have the option of removing yourself as manager but remaining on the trusted list or removing yourself completely.
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Thanks, there seems to be so much to learn here.  Are there lessons in how to DO things better on WIKItree>   I remember being overwhelmed when I started & didn't do any sourcing correctly.   

Is this the general way WIKItree runs?   It's much more complicated for a beginner so one just wades in..... & then if you've still standing & want to get a little smarter you just ask a question here?   that seems to be inefficient, but I HAVE just had my questions answered very quickly...  Thank you again.... now I just have to store away anwers!
There are lessons, in the form of several videos, but I'm not sure if there is a list of them somewhere or how to find them (they were made after I had been a member for several years and had already learned everything I needed to know the hard way, so I never bothered to look them up).  If you contact a greeter (at least one will have left a comment on your profile when you first joined), they should be able to point you to the videos.

I'm not going to say "yes, this is the way WikiTree runs" because I am afraid of being censored under the new G2G rules for saying something negative - CENSORS, PLEASE NOTE THAT I WAS VERY CAREFUL TO *NOT* SAY IT.  By all means, feel free to just ask here about anything - there are loads of people just dying to help and, between all of them, everything about WikiTree is known.

Suggestion - an easy way for you to store away answers is to click the large grayed out plus sign at the top right of your question - that will add it to your "favorites" list.  You can select G2G Profile in the dropdown menu at top right of the page and there will be a tab to display your favorites.

Look at the playlists for Welcome to Wikitree Series and  Tutorials

On WikiTree the Help Index in the drop down under the Help column top right is useful for many specific issues.
Thanks for the +, Guess slowly, slowly
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Not possible but you can orphan them straight-away (sourced, naturally).
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and I guess they are "orphaned" by the method Gaile suggested a few minutes after you wrote this?  But if my SOURCEs are just my own knowledge and his photo in a personal school yearbook I guess I don't have any real source so need to stay manager?   Thanks for helping
A yearbook is a source; as is first hand experience. "Grandma told me..." is where it starts to get problematic. But in the end this is an editable database with mostly full transparency so don't worry too much about making mistakes. It all comes out in the wash.

The main issue with management is living profiles because of the privacy settings. There should really be another descriptor  than orphaned. If anything, they are pampered profiles because anyone can come in and spruce them up without the drama.

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