parents marked as non-biological and the girl still gets a list of ancestors, need fix

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This woman is of unknown parentage, she was adopted by the people listed as her parents, who are clearly marked ''Non-biological''.  And yet she is still getting an ancestor list, which is totally misleading, they are not known to be her ancestors at all.

And relationship finder follows suit, linking relatives through her ''parents''.

Some sort of technical correction is needed so when non-biological is clicked, there are no ancestors showing.
WikiTree profile: Marie Monique Abel
in WikiTree Tech by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (480k points)
Another WikiTreer mentioned it in a different thread that we should have an icon for non-biological connections, similar to the DNA icon for DNA-confirmed relationships.

I agree with that suggestion.
there is a button you can click for ''non-biological'' already, but it is still showing all these folks being related to her, when they aren't, at least not by blood.
Yes, but if an icon was also displayed (as with DNA confirmation), we could see at a glance that the relationship is non-biological without having to go to the edit page.

Insufficient.  I know she is of unknown parentage, but not everybody does.  If someone runs the relationship finder like I just did, they may think they have oodles of cousins among her descendants which aren't in fact their cousins:

Marie Monique Abel and Danielle Liard are both descendants of Jean Poidras.

1. Marie Monique is the daughter of Marie Magdeleine Poitras (1699-) [non-biological]
2. Marie is the daughter of Jean Poidras (1635-1711) [unknown confidence]
This makes Jean the grandfather of Marie Monique.

1. Danielle is the daughter of [private father] [confident]
2. [Private] is the son of Marie Lasalle (1896-1975) [confident]
3. Marie is the daughter of Pierre Lasalle (1851-1927) [confident]
4. Pierre is the son of Marie Adée Riel (1824-1914) [confident]
5. Adélaïde is the daughter of Marie Hélène Fisette (1787-1826) [confident]
6. Marie Hélène is the daughter of Joseph Fisette (1751-bef.1841) [confident]
7. Joseph is the son of Catherine Poitras (1720-1755) [confident]
8. Catherine is the daughter of Joseph Poitras (1673-1753) [confident]
9. Joseph is the son of Jean Poidras (1635-1711) [unknown confidence]
This makes Jean the seventh great grandfather of Danielle

The above is to illustrate what happens.  there is in fact no KNOWN relationship between her and myself.  The button ''non-biological'' is not cutting off anything.  And if I remove the adoptive parents totally, then she shows up without parents, and either I get her put under PPP so nobody can add any other than PM or coordinators/leaders, or else risk having her getting parents added by someone else.

Note: I had to cut off some of the text as couldn't go past 1200 characters, the banner read:

Marie Monique and Danielle are first cousins 7 times removed

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I don't see this happening -- living adopted people (especially those that don't know their biological family) should be able to see their adopted family in the relationship finder and elsewhere if they want.

The solution if you don't want to have them attached to non-biological relatives is to link between the parents and adoptive child in the bio.
by Jamie Nelson G2G6 Pilot (475k points)
I'm not talking about someone who is living, this lady died a long time ago.  And if a person is adopted, then they are not related by blood to all these others in their adoptive family.  To show them as being related is an outright falsehood.
The reason the non-biological status exists is so they can still be connected and show up in the various tree views. If you don't think it's appropriate for this person, then detach them.

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