When I edit my explanation for changes, my cursor jumps to the end of the line after each keystroke. Why?

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I have finally become sufficiently annoyed at this post-improvement "feature" to ask this question.  Is there some rationale for it?  Is there a way to turn it off?
in WikiTree Tech by Susan Anderson G2G6 Mach 8 (81.0k points)
It’s been happening since I first started here, so I just give up, delete and start typing again.
I even had that happen when trying to edit profiles ! Recently, after a download of the Wiki plus extension update.  Curser would not stay where I put it! It would just jump to the end of a whole paragraph section and then to get to where I needed to edit would have to arrow over or back.... same with trying to highlight a section to copy and paste. All so time consuming, agghh!   I uninstalled the extension and after a restart of computer next morning it quit.  I posted a message about the problem in the chat about the update , but they said they couldn't recreate the problem.  I know not your exact same issue... but are you using the Wiki plus extension?
I'm not sure what you mean by the Wiki plus extention, Loretta.  I use the enhanced editor and don't have a problem with it - although it did once disappear on me unexpectedly, which was disconcerting, even though it came back again before too long.  It only happens to me in the explanation field - I've never had it happen while I was editing the biography.

Marion, I'm (sorta) glad I'm not the only one this has annoyed - but disheartened.

Thanks for your input.
It's not set up to do that, so there is probably something about your particular combination of OS/browser/browser configuration that is causing the problem.
Thanks, Jamie.  I'm really, really glad that WT didn't set it up this way.  I did have a OS or a browser (Sierra and Safari) update around the time this started happening to me, so - PTB willing and the creek don't rise - perhaps it will go away with my next update.  I can hope.

Yes Susan I use the Enhanced Editor and it works fine 

Was speaking of

Wikitree Toolkit Browser Extension

Developer has another update to fix bugs now so maybe it would work even for me now, just not tried it 

Thanks for the clarification, Loretta.  I hadn't been aware of this toolkit and probably overlooked the announcement, since I don't use Chrome to access WT.  It does look intresting, if the bugs can be exterminated - good luck!laugh

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I keep all my explanations in a separate text document, creating them as I need to. Then when I need one that I have previously created, I just find it, copy it and then paste it in the WikiTree explanation box. I just keep the text file off to the side of my browser window so it shows just enough to select the window when I need it, to get to or create an explanation. It allows me to be consistent in my explanations. It’s quicker for me than hassling with the issue you have raised.
by Tommy Buch G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Thanks for the suggestion, Tommy.  That would solve the problem, since it functions sort of like the pull-down menu which pops on that field - another, if lesser, annoyance of mine, since I type faster than it loads, so, not infrequently, I hit return and it saves some random explanation into the field instead of what I typed.  I use something similar for the bibliographic references I use frequently.

But using a work-around avoids the issue of why the field is set up this way in the first place.  I'd really like an explanation and, if at all possible, a way to turn it off.
That autofill dropdown is a function of your browser settings (usually under form: autofill).  It is created by data you input to various "forms", and when starting to type something in a similar data field, the memory of your past input pops up.
I understand about the autofill, Melanie (although I didn't realize the feature on WikiTree was dependent on my browser settings - thank you for that information). But I have to remember to wait after I finish typing so that it has time to catch up, so I can save without unintentionally selecting something on it.  It would be nice to be able to turn it off on WikiTree, at least for that comments line.  As such things go, though, it's a minor annoyance.

Yeah .. I don't think turning it off by website works.  It's all, or none.

As you say - - just type more slowly! cheeky

Susan, it wasn't set up this way. It's a bug that was introduced when wikitree added pre-fill suggestions for the explain-changes box. It's annoying as heck.
Thanks, Jillaine:  Somehow, it helps to know both that it's an actual bug and that someone else also finds it annoying.  Misery and company?

Since I haven't received any complaints that my edits don't match my explanations (some of the mis-matches are even quite funny), I've lived with it.  One solution I've found (if I remember to do it) is to fill in the explanation field partway through the edit.  That (usually) gives the suggestions time to disappear before I hit the save button.

Once upon a time, I seem to recall a little pop-up which appeared on the place-name boxes, which allowed you to turn off the autofill from their suggestions.  Do you happen to know whether this would be a possible addition to the explain-changes boxes?

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