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I am working on a profile for Jonathan Myrick Daniels.  I have always been aware of him since I grew up in the next town to where he was born.  I want to properly source everything.  

What is difficult is that every statement I make has 10s if not 100s of verifying sources.  I am trying to include only the most "reliable" and I am getting tripped up in how much / where to source every statement.  I would like every statement to have at least one corroborating source, but there's so many available I don't know how to pare it down.

Can I please get some assistance or advice?  If you feel so inclined please go ahead and edit.  Help is needed and appreciated.  

Also, can I add the notables tag or does this come from a project (and if yes what project?).

If I posted this in the wrong category please retag.  

WikiTree profile: Jonathan Daniels
in Policy and Style by Kim Williams G2G6 Mach 3 (39.0k points)
edited by Kim Williams
You had a missing </ref>, so I added it (it was messing up the way the sources showed), and fixed a couple of the other links so they don't show as long links, but as text.

Also, can I add the notables tag or does this come from a project (and if yes what project?).


The answer to this part of your question is -  yes, you can add the sticker (but don't this time, because I just did), and do not need to belong to the Notables Project to do so.   So long as the person qualifies, the sticker can be added.  If there is doubt about qualification, a post to g2g from the profile will garner feedback regards eligibility or not.

I could not find any Civil Rights related notables sticker category, so I used Alabama as the qualifier.

There are probably categories that could be added for him, but I'm not terribly up on the US categories. 

As he was designated a martyr, there may be something for that - I'll try looking for what exists.

Perhaps, too, if you edit the question and add the tag united_states (don't forget the underscore) it might get someone better able to advise you.  Maybe also episcopal.


ETA -- I added what categories I could think of, based on the biography.  There may be others, or there may be some more appropriate than the ones I added that can replace what I added.

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That is a very nice profile, Kim.  You did a fantastic job on it.
by Karen Lorenz G2G6 Mach 8 (80.9k points)
Thank you! I had help. :)

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