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on our profiles there is a place (view/edit) badges to go to see how much count you have accumulated for a badge:

this is where I read to see what I have earned that used to carry over my badge points.  Instead of "0" there should be around 190 points showing

left over after the September badge was taken from the total that was 


"Margaret Thompson has made 0 contributions in October. 

Another 100 before midnight GMT on the last day of the month 

will earn the October Club 100 badge."

To this month they would deduct a hundred points from the total for the current months badge, and leave a balance

It has been this way for me from the beginning.

So far G2G is not helping and a lot of people are sending me a lot of meaningless messages that do not correct the problem. They mean well with advice, but "no cigar"....And everybody has a conflicting take on how this count works.


in Appreciation by Margaret Thompson G2G1 (1.1k points)

Hey Margaret,

I was hoping the answers at your previous question here were clear enough. Will do my best here again, but it might be better to close this question on continue to ask at the original one.

Your total contributions number goes up.

Your monthly contributions number changes at the end of one month to 0 for the beginning of the next month.

NO contributions are lost, but the excess number from one month does not "carry over" to the following month.  Any time you see that appearing to be so, it is because the "end time" for the month is based on GMT, not local time (unless your local time is GMT).

So, if you do 234 contributions in August your time, but it appears 39 of them "carry over" to September, it was because those 39 were made after midnight cutoff time GMT.

Good point - I've had the GMT timeframe mess me up when I'm close to a breakpoint. Of course, I heard the best answer to that recently, which is to try to make sure by at least 1 day prior to the end of the month that I've already hit my target goal and not be scrambling at the last minute to get my numbers up. I like that approach, as it helps my mindset to aim for a reasonable goal and not get myself worked up if I can help it.
I think the month ending by GMT time confuses lots of people! (I was one, until I figured it out.)

It's less confusing if you know what your local time offset to GMT is.  Example : Australia's east coast (standard time, not silly summer time) is GMT+10.  US Eastern (standard, not silly time) is GMT-5, US West Coast (aka Pacific) is GMT-8,and so on.  (I think I will add something to my SaT timezone post on timezones.)

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You can see the total of all your contributions on your G2G profile.

It says now

WikiTree Profile: Thompson-59044
Account confirmed 28 July 2020
695 contributions
33 thank-yous received

So from your first day on WikiTree (July 28) you have made 695 contributions to the WIKI. This is never lowered, nor deducted.

On the badge page, you can see your contribution to the WIKI for that month. Every month at the first day, everybody starts with 0 contributions. Also, at that moment, the total for the previous month is calculated and then the computer (with the admin account) decides to give a badge.

There is no deduction going on. The counter for each month starts at 0. So it is a reset really of the counter for your monthly contribution. You can see the list of your contributions in your edit list.

That now states. 29 Sep 2020

14:15: Margaret Thompson edited the Suffix for Thomas Hughes (1727-1778). (Fixing typos.) [Thank Margaret for this] 14:07: Margaret Thompson edited the Birth Place for Thomas Hughes (1727-1778). [Thank Margaret for this]

So your last contribution was in September, meaning your counter in October for the WIKI is 0. If you will make an edit on a profile, then you will see the counter start counting again....

If in one month, so starting at day 1 and ending at 30 or 31, you have made more than 100, but less that 1000 contributions to the WIKI, you earn the Club 100 Badge.

If you have made over 999 contributions, you earn the Club 1000 badge.

All your (sourced) contributions are highly valued by everyone, and you can be very proud of all the thank-yous you have received

Your posts here at G2G do NOT count towards the points and levels. Those work differently and are not related to the WIKI contributions.

I hope this is clear(er) now. ..

by Michel Vorenhout G2G6 Pilot (262k points)
edited by Michel Vorenhout
I think you mean G2G posts do NOT count ...

Given the potential here for misunderstanding ...

blush Thanks Lois, that was what I meant.


And thanks for fixing the tiny font, Michel :-)

I can add one little piece of information:
If we look at somebody's page of badges, we can see the actual count for a month underneath the club badge, like this:

September 2020 Club 100
Made 100 or more contributions to our collaborative family tree in September 2020.
1 Oct 2020
Awarded by Admin WikiTree who wrote: Made 271 contributions in September 2020.
[Thank Admin for this]

This has been so since the badges started to be automatically awarded.

That font... you don't want to know. Copying (html) text from another part of the website is not something G2G can deal with apparently.

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