Can anyone help me research a William Holman that arrived to the Americas in 1638?

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I know that Tandy Holman was born in 1695 in the Americas however, what is not known who the father would be.  I realize that there is a line showing on the tree, but I am not sure it quite accurate.  There is a William Holman that came over from England in 1638.  He was bound for Charles River County, Virginia. He was sponsored by John Batts & John Davis.  Was he an indentured servent? Apparently there was land associated with the sponsors. I think (call it intuition) that this is the person that brought my family line to the Americas. Tandy Holman lived in Virginia, his son, John Holman, Sr. moved to the Carolinas and eventually the line migrated to Tennessee. I know of some Holmans that were in Cornwall, but I am not sure if I am related to anyone from that area.
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John Batts and John Davis claimed William Holman as a headright in 1639.  Sometimes that meant they had paid his passage to America, sometimes it means they had purchased or been given the headright by someone else.  People were given 50 acres for every person they brought to America.  If you paid your own way, you got the 50 acres, if someone else paid your way, they got the land.

Someone named Robert Jarratt claimed the headright for another William Holman in 1665.

You'd need to find land records or wills to connect either of these men to your ancestor.  The first man would be at least in his seventies, the second in his fifties, both pretty old to be having a son in the 1790's.
True. There is a book that references the Holmans of Virginia and I think Tandy Holman was where it stopped. I have not been able to find anything either. I just don't think the spelling changed so soon before them coming to the Americas. Thank you for your input.
I have a question, if I were to go look for land information, how would you go about researching if the county had changed names.  When looking at the timeline of Tandy Holman (in my tree) he was born in 1695 in York County; however, York County was not established until 1634 (according to,_Virginia).  Ironically, the count name was Charles River County (which the William Holman I see in my immigration document shows a William Holman destination as Charles River County.  I accept that this William maybe a grandfather to Tandy, but there is a disconnect between them. In my gut I know that this William Holman that came to Charles River County is related to me somehow - I just cannot prove it.

In Virginia, land records remain in the original county, so you need to look at a county formation list or map to make sure you’re looking in the right county.  Charles City is one of the eight original counties.  There are a lot of record losses, but a surprising number of records remain.  The Library of Virginia has the early land grants digitized. Ancestry also has many early records digitized at  and FamilySearch has abstracts of Charles City 17th century records digitized.   

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The two William’s connected to Tandy

And Holliman-3030 

were both born after 1638 In America. Are they the same guy or do they belong to different families?

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I am not certain. That is what is showing on my tree, but I don't think the spelling changed that soon before coming to the Americas. I will keep a lookout for any info.

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