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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: See y’all in a week! Great to hear from all of you.
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)
closed by Pip Sheppard

Good morning, my fellow WikiChatterers, and welcome to another Weekend Chat! Greetings from Cathey’s Creek where the weather has been so perfect that I am truly having a hard time thinking up excuses for not working outside. I’m not being very successful at it as my project manager seem to notice when I disappear.

On the Home Front: I had my cardiac stress test yesterday. It was not the nuclear one I thought I was going to get. The interesting thing was watching the heart monitor while ultrasound was going on, and I could see all those lines going a little crazy every so often, the result of my Wolfe-Parkinsons-White.

Semi-sadly (for me), my older brother has arrived in Tucson and his new home but is still awaiting the arrival of his stuff, so he’s been living in a hotel for a bit. He is already sending photos of the area, including one a bobcat walking around the edge of his house. I thought, “Great! My brother is going to be eaten by bobcats.” However, I’m pretty sure that he can take care of himself as he has all his life: never married, no kids, doing what he wants like climbing Machu Pichu, diving in water tunnels in the Yucatán, skydiving, long-rifle shooting, etc. I admire his independence.

Chris Ferraiolo will be pleased to hear that my step-sister visited us this past week, the one who lived in southern Italy for about 15 years running a small restaurant. She treated us to two fine Italian meals. In return we took them to Quixote’s for supper last night.

My Stirling tartan kilt is on the way (not the clan, the universal one designed by the owner of my kilt shop). Still waiting on two others: Macrae Hunting Muted and Farquharson (modern).

On the Genealogy Front: Last weekend, I enter a gedcom labyrinth encompassing, mostly, Cabarrus County, North Carolina. This county is across from the one in which I grew up, so I don’t have a lot of connections there. One of the more pleasant discoveries was all of the surnames I was familiar with.

I worked in a small church in Concord in that county as a choir director my middle two years in college. So, in this gedcom I discovered dozens of Barringers, Barriers, Hargetts, Fishers, Mooses, Hartsells, Bosts, Faggarts (who got a place named after them), Eudys, Drys, and Blackwelders, and descendant of these families were members of that little church.

I got about 12 hours of sleep during the Source-a-thon, from Friday 8 a.m. to Monday 8 a.m. and then had a three-hour Greeter shift right after. I still haven’t fully recovered, with sleepiness catching me at odd times. I participated with the Southern Super Sweepers this time around. What a fine team with two very fine leaders, Dorothy Barry and my 6th cousin, Loretta Corbin.

I’ve got some outside work to do today before the rains come tomorrow, so if I don’t respond, it’s not because I’m asleep (though I might want to be!).

Enjoy the Chat!

"Chris Ferraiolo will be pleased to hear that my step-sister visited us this past week, the one who lived in southern Italy for about 15 years running a small restaurant. She treated us to two fine Italian meals. In return we took them to Quixote’s for supper last night."

Well? What did you have? If you're gonna say you had two fine Italian meals, you should at least specify what you had. It's just common sense, my friend. 

You were awesome on the live stream and I followed your lead on Sunday night. Though, that was when things started to get a little cah-razy. Good work in the thon. I'll be reporting my own experiences in a bit. =D

1) Chicken parmesans (mozzarella on top) with a side of spaghetti noodles and homemade tomato sauce.

2) Beef ravioli (different homemade tomato sauce) with a side of asparagus fried in olive oil, garlic, and parmsans cheese sprinkled on top.

I don't know what she put in the sauces, but they were great!
There. Now, was that hard? =)

Chicken Parmesana is good. I like them in subs. Sounds good.

Beef ravioli is pretty awesome. Does sound yummy!
Hi from southern Ontario;

Pip, I finished Ken Follett's new book, The Evening and the Morning, it was just as good as the rest, forgot to say 2 weeks ago did you know there was a sequel to Pillars of the Earth and World without End?

Called ' A Column of Fire' , published in 2017.

Gotta go grocery shopping before the stores get too busy, It is Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend.

More later!
Hello, everyone! I am only a few months into WikiTree but am having the best time finding connections in the "big tree" we are all in. Pip, I checked our connection and we are 12th cousins once removed ... how fun is that?!

I have not joined any projects yet although have my eye on a couple. I am just afraid of the time commitment and have so many other things going on. I do find that family research is my "relaxing" time, especially when a missing puzzle piece is added and everything clicks into place. Yay!

I am in north Alabama and we are hoping to get some rain from the hurricane around Sunday. It's always nice when nature waters our outside plants for us. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Macrae Hunting Muted

by Pip Sheppard


Is "muted" the same as "weathered"?  (McCrea (our spelling) is a family name of mine, but Irish, not as we had long believed Scottish -- although the Irish line may have been planted.) 

12th cousins! That's closer than a lot of people here, Debbie! Cool.

North Alabama? I have a 1st cousin who lives in Skerrit. And my wife spent many years in Tuscaloosa. Roll Tide!

Off to Amazon I go, M! surprise More books for me. laugh

I like the Cheese ones, and the Spinach ones and the Chicken ones and any I can actually capture and eat. The trick is to capture them

I like the big ones that require two forks, one to impale and pin the ravioli down and the other one to cut into it so you can eat it

Any ravioli smaller than my palm is usually chased around my plate until impaled -- if I get lucky -- or it jumps off the plate running for the door ...

Ravioli -- as a species -- is slicker than a greased pig and evades capture easily when smaller than my palm (1.5 x 1.5)

Susan, have you tried Toasted Ravioli?  It is very good.  It was supposedly started on The Hill area of St. Louis.


laugh Non, mon ami, je b'ai pas. This Toasted Ravioli 

"Classic Toasted Ravioli is made using meat filled ravioli, coating it in bread crumbs and frying until golden and crisp. Then it's served garnished with fresh grated Parmesan and marinara sauce for dipping."

I swoon, I swear I swoon, because my imagination is tasting it ... pity I don't have a bowl full in front of me 

Melanie, tartan names come from two places. The official registries and the variants made by weavers. Wit McRae, I only fin a Dress tartan registered but the weathered and muted the weavers are selling look quit different. Ancient tends to get used for weathered as well. They all still meet the sett descriptions

41 Answers

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 Today is....            

                     National Noodle Day!


National Noodle Day recognizes oodles of noodles just in time for National Pasta Month! What style do you prefer?

If you missed National Linguine Day in September, this day offers an opportunity to make up for it.

The word noodle derives from the German word nudel.

Noodles are made by rolling unleavened dough out and cutting into a variety of shapes.  While long, flat noodles may seem to be the most common, they come in several forms, names, and textures.  And each kind of noodle pairs differently with sauces and meals.  

Found in regions all over the world, noodles are made from a variety of flours.  In Asian cuisine, root vegetables, such as yams and potatoes, beans, rice, wheat, and buckwheat are all found in a wide assortment of noodles. Europeans make most of their pasta from durum or semolina flour, though potato noodles a enjoyed as well.

In 2002, archaeologists along the Yellow River in China found an earthenware bowl containing some 4000-year-old noodles which had been well preserved.

HOW TO OBSERVE National Noodle Day:

So many options present themselves on this food holiday. Pesto noodles, spaghetti with meatballs and buttered egg noodles come to mind. Every cuisine offers a noodle on their menu, too. The flavors abound! Invite friends to bring their favorite style of noodles to share. Have a tasting party and explore new flavors. 

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.6m points)
We are going to try spaghetti squash for noodles tonight. I'll be interesting to see how that turns out! A diet thingy.
I like spaghetti squash. I had thin egg noodles yesterday under a stir fried teriyaki chicken, zucchini and tomato dish yesterday.
I love spaghetti squash.  

Dorothy you make those noodles sound delish. From your excellent description I'm going to guess your biographies are very nicely written.

laugh Speaking of food, there's the Issue -- sometimes a contentious Issue -- of how to cut a sandwich ... do we cut it cater corner or square down the middle?  (Hint: Not only is the "proper" way to cut it a Regional custom it also involves Socio-Economic assessments.) 

I ask because I've been castigated and chastised a few times in my first 65 years of life And those two factors were the only obvious factors -- I also point out I was castigated and chastised for NOT cutting the sandwich at ALL since I didn't know which way to go, cater of square .... 

My own view is that since the end goal is consumption of the sandwich does it really matter which way it was cut? (Or not cut.) (Edit: I got c&c for that attitude also) 

My Mom always cut them down the middle. But we always liked them better when Dad cut them diagonally,
Cindy, I recall that in my parents' house it was diagonal (cater corner) but I've seen a lot of mothers with young children use the square (down the middle) for their young children since the kids could get a better grip on the sandwich ...

I've seen adult women get torqued because the cut was on the square and really, you know, it should have been on the diagonal ....

Oh, well, for that matter I've actually seen grown women cut off the crusts, ... oooo, watch that piece of bread fall apart when you pick it up .... the crust is what holds it all together

Solved MY dilemma by ceasing to make sandwiches for anyone else, I just set out the fixings and they can do it their own way ...
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I'm bracing for Hurricane Delta. The eastern eye wall is supposed to pass over my town.  Impact is around 7:00 p.m. CDT.

On the genealogy front: Four peeps on my Unsourced Profiles list, down from 30+ (These I cleared during the source a thon).
by Tommy Buch G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
edited by Tommy Buch

Tommy, do whatever you need to to be safe! Y'all have already been pounded once this year. 

It was just 6 weeks ago and 1 day (Aug. 27th) that we got hit with Hurricane Laura.

I had two 75 ft. white oak trees uprooted. One fell due south just missing the north side of my house. The other tree fell west smashing the front edge of a 10 ft x 20 ft shed in my brother's yard. Also, I lost the westside top fork out of a white oak in my front yard. It fell just missing my front porch.

I am running out of trees in my yard. I have a pecan tree at the north east corner of my house and a white oak tree maybe 15 feet north of it.

Anyone have any suggestions on what trees I should replant with?
Thinking of you and the hurricane. You sure have been hit this year. Stay safe.
Sending up prayers for your safety.
Tommy, thought California had it rough with the Fires (worse this year than last and steadily worsening each year the last five years) but HURRICANES!!  I was glued to the TV during Katrina arriving, landing, and the AFTERMATH --  and also the storm that washed over the island off the coast of Galveston TX ... took out all the homes but one on that island

Very scary stuff

Stay safe
Hope you are and were safe during the Hurricane. Did you evacuate?
Thoughts are with you all.
It depends on where you are, many universities and botanical gardens have wonderful websites with loads of information.

One of my favourites is the Missouri Botanical Garden site, and they do answer questions

I note Delta dropped to a Cat 1 earlier today, which probably doesn't make it any less wet
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Taking things slow this weekend. After sourcing so many with my best team, and watching the server carefully, I will probably opt for some movies that are still awaiting me in the cloud. (But compared to Pipster I am only a baby in sourcing land, man, how did you do that?)

Our current lockdown is also taking its toll (again). Predictions are no fun: it can take up to a full year before restricting rules can be fully relaxed... oh my.
by Michel Vorenhout G2G6 Pilot (255k points)
Michel, our governor has lifted some of the restaurant restrictions, but the ones we frequent are not opening up more. They're staying with the higher level of restrictions.

The rains started a day early, do I just might join you in movie watching!
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Well the Monday after the last chat I had my semi annual visit to the doctor. He was happy with my health and said see you in April or May. My weight is still higher than he wished but it actually dropped in the last year so that is good and my A1C is good also along with the usual things like temp and Blood pressure. We spent about half of my visit just talking about my father. He is fine also, I just visited with him for a bit this morning. We have been shopping around for a replacement for my car. We plan on going down to only one by the time her lease is up next fall so we want to make sure that we get a car both of us can agree on before then. I also found out that the position of Emergency coordinator for Amateur Radio is open in the next county east of us. I go into that county at least once a week because I have family that lives there so I put my name up for consideration for that position, no pay and a lot of work but I think I could handle it. Just this morning I visited with dad, dropped off his and my own absentee ballots, bought some wood to cover a waterline that some animals chewed off the insulation from as well as replacing the insulation. and dropped off mail at the post office. now the project manager can find some additional things for me to do. I might just spend some time with the online courses I decided to start, but you never know.

On the genealogy front, I have my watchlist under 3000 and still dropping. I continue to improve those I still retain on my list but it is getting harder to find new things to add to them. I will try to work on some of them this weekend but you never know
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
Glad to hear that your doctor visit went well. You certainly are staying busy.
Dale, as busy as you are, you'd have to be in pretty good health. My commendations to you for applying for the emergency coordinator position.

What courses are you thinking about taking?
Well Kay I finished and passed the final, for now, FEMA course required for the EC position. Now it is two more classes from the American Radio Relay League, free at least, and I will have all of the required coursework for that position. They give you a year from when they appoint you to get all of them complete but I hope to get them soon. I am going to wait until tomorrow at the earliest to start the next class and that one will take a few weeks to complete.
Pip, There are 11 FEMA courses, free and online, required but I do not remember what the actual course numbers offhand. In addition there are 3 courses from the ARRL, see my reply to Kay above, and Skywarn training that they want us to take. I still need 2 of the ARRL courses yet but they are free and online so I just have to get motivated and start them, maybe tomorrow. There are 3 levels of standard training and I am currently at level 2. There are participation requirements as well but those should be no problem as I take part in a lot of events anyway.

My goal if I do get appointed  EC for Ashtabula County is to start training one or more people to take over for me as soon as possible because I am not getting any younger.
I just noticed that my doctor is also the county coroner, strange!
Would only be really strange if he was also the obstetrician for most in the county.....
I decided not to wait until tomorrow so I enrolled in the EC-001 course and have until December 31 2020 to complete it. They say it should take 45 hours so I better get going.

Pip, You asked!

ARES Training Levels Explained

* Level 1 - This is our "Entry" Level. Some may not want to advance

                   beyond this level and that's OK. Level 1 persons are those

                   who have not completed the 4 basic NIMS (ICS) courses

                   (IS-100, 200, 700 & 800)

                   * Don't let this detour you from continuing on however.

                     Most of us will get to the next level if we just have some

                     patience and help each other.

                   * If you elect not to get any of this training there are activities

                     that you still be able to participate in (parades, races and

                    similar events.)

* Level 2 - This is where we hope that everyone will eventually land.

                    * This means that you have completed all of the above

                       courses, and you are competent operating within the

                       Incident Command Structure.

* Level 3 - This is our Management Level. This level will require you to

                    have completed all of the previous requirements in Level 2,

                    plus the additional NIMS (ICS) courses (IS-300 & 400).

                    This is mostly for management (E.C.'s, D.E.C.'s and higher),

                    but anyone can qualify.

                    * The extra courses IS 300/400 are the structure for

                       managing within the EMA office or at an incident scene

                       and they are not everyone's cup of tea.

                    * We do recognize that IS-300/400 requires multiple days of

                      actual classroom training that is not easily obtained.

                      So, if you just can't find the time to fit these class room

                      courses in, we do have an alternative method for getting

                      you to Level 3. Completing the following “FREE” and

                      “ONLINE” courses will act as substitute for you FEMA

                      Leadership Development Course requirements. You

                      absolutely will need to complete all 7 of these courses

                      to get your ICS 300/400 credit.  Here are the courses

                      that you need to take: 

IS-120, 230, 240, 241, 242, 244 & 288.

NOTE: If you are interested in obtaining a really nice looking

certificate for completing the entire Professional Series courses,

you will also need to complete IS-235.

Just an aside, I started the EC-001 course and did the sections they say you should do the first week then took the quiz. I scored over 90%, 80% is required to continue so this could be easy. I guess 50+ years of public service radio work taught me something.

That big screen you showed us several weeks ago, still working? I fell in love with it
You are a busy person, Dale. I get accused of doing too much but you got me beat.
Susan the big screen works fine and I use it for at least 2 computers, one Windows 10 machine and one Linux machine. The Windows 7 computer has no external video outputs so that one can not use the big screen and the same is true for my back up laptop. I have 2 other computers in that room but they are dedicated to only running programs for my radio work and because of that they only have a very small display but hooking them up to the big screen, while possible, would be of very little value.

laugh Dale, you ARE a Tech Wizard -- 

I'm convinced you are a Tech WIzard, anyway .... laugh 

Susan, I forgot to mention that every TV in our house, including the 49 inch one I use as a monitor, is what they call a Roku TV. That means that they connect to the WiFi and we can stream our shows without a cable box or subscription to cable. That means that if I want to I could even watch TV on it when I have the urge.
Dale, my Sig O uses local TV broadcast, no WiFi, or internet, or cable to it and seems relatively satisfied .. he can view the TV programs on his computer or laptop that he wants to view
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Hails and horns, Wikipeeps!

Wow, has it been two weeks since we last talked? Feels like it was a little longer than usual. Ah well. Let's rundown what's been going on in the life of your friendly neighborhood Wikitreer.

On the genealogy front: I posted two blogs. One was about the oldest photo I have ever found of my grandfather and how I cleaned it up: https://allroadhaverhill.blogspot.com/2020/09/52-ancestors-week-40-oldest.html

The second one was all about the newest discovery I made and what exactly was in the box my aunt gave me over the summer: https://allroadhaverhill.blogspot.com/2020/10/52-ancestors-week-41-newest.html

I also participated in the Source a thon as the captain of Team Italy. I didn't work on many Italian profiles. Lance Martin covered most of the Italian profiles. Greg and I feel like he was a machine. He did a lot of good work and he was definitely an asset to the team! In my case, I did source a few profiles that were unsourced French ones. One couple under my watch were the parents of a Fille du roi. Funny thing was that the source was actually ON the profile to begin with.

Once that was cleared, I moved onto this profile for a French guy I couldn't find sources for. So, I asked Greg Clarke for help. We found his profile on Familysearch and proceeded to look into things. The guy was supposedly born in the late 1500s and if you know me, you know pre 1600 genealogy gives me really bad trust issues. See my post on the Magna Carta sureties for details.

Long story short it turns out that the guy on Familysearch and the guy here both have conflated names. The sources were for a guy named Pierre Ruault.  We were looking for Phillipe Ruault. I was annoyed. But, I left a polite comment on the profile on Familysearch. =) Greg and I had been watching Family History Fanatics over on YouTube and he encouraged me to leave a friendly comment.

The sources were....awful. I dealt and moved on. It's all I can do. 

I talked about it a little on the stream on Sunday night. Is it a little OCD of me to be annoyed that I have this one guy unsourced in the 1500s? Probably.

Aside from that, I've been working on my census spreadsheet cataloging who is in the census and built it out from ancestors siblings to the present day. Here are some things I've noticed.

* As expected, people were in Haverhill or around the Merrimack valley. Some people went to New York.

* The earliest relative on my great-grandfather Vincenzo's side in America were his uncles Giovanni and Paolo. They were followed by their sister, Concetta.

* Concetta seemed to be a very popular name. Makes sense to use it as it was the trio's maternal grandmother, Concetta Nestico's name.

* Still can't figure out what happened to a few Legault kids. I have a feeling they just fell off the face of the earth or just decided not to be in the census. One of my mom's aunts may have married twice and I am trying to find proof of that.

On the non genealogy front, not much is going on. I ordered some stuff on Amazon and it's gonna be a while getting here. The date of release keeps changing. I'm staying the course as it's cheaper to buy there than it is elsewhere. 

I hope everyone is doing good. Have a great weekend!

by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (572k points)
Chris, you have an enviable photo collection, and you did a nice job of cleaning up the one of Vincenzo's family pic.

How cool you've been going through the boxes you received. Have you identified the medals and ribbons yet?
Not quite. But, I will. Good thing we took the pics. My uncle wanted to have the medals for safe keeping. That and other stuff. He wasn't surprised that there were bills from the fixit shop in the mix. My grandfather saved everything!

Cleaning up that pic was easy. I really wasn't a fan of the green color. Yeah, it would have colorized easier but I am admittedly not a fan of the colorizations. They look so fake to me. Then again I'm used to HD.

So, I just changed it to black and white using my paint program. Looks almost brand new. Imagine how it would look if I print it on glossy photo paper? It'd look like it was taken back in the 1930s! =D Of course a ton of black ink will be used.

Thanks for the compliments!
So did my grandfather, Chris. I have his pay stubs from the 1940s.
Cool. I'll have to see what else is there.
Great blog posts Chris, good advertisements for WT!
Thanks, Mike! =D
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Conwy Valley

Good afternoon from the Conwy valley in North Wales

Now that autumn is here the trees are changing colour and losing their leaves and we have lots of acorns falling from our oak trees in my village. Apples have fallen or been picked and we have started the courgette chutney I made.

Husband has plans to make Sloe Gin this weekend with Sloes from our garden.

Forgot to mention that WDYTYA new series starts this week in the UK Jodie Whittaker aka Dr Who

by Hilary Gadsby G2G6 Pilot (245k points)
edited by Hilary Gadsby
Beautiful picture! Thanks for the diversion to look up what a Sloe is...
How lovely, Hilary. Every time you post a photo from there, I get this romantic feeling to visit your country, top to bottom, just the smaller towns and countryside (rural boy that I am).
Thank you for sharing a photo from 'your place' - it is very beautiful.

If I ever work out how to do it I will occasionally share some from my local area here in drought effected south east Qld Australia.
Really nice sky and the rest of the scenery is pretty gorgeous too.
It's a bit like a blue plum
Sloes are an actual thing?  I've known sbout Slow gin but didn't realize it came from a real thing called a Slice.
Here is wikipedia page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sloe_gin

They are Blackthorn berries and they grow wild here ours self set at the bottom of the garden form a nice hedge.
Thank you for that. It’s a wonder you could understand what I asked because of the auto corrects. Apparently my phone couldn’t believe I really meant to type Sloe and first made it Slow and then Slice.

I really got unsure of where in the world you were, hesitating between the UK and Australia... as I thought North Wales might be some county somewhere far away.

But then understood you are in Europe as our sloes are also ready to pick now laugh. Here you are always supposed to wait until they are bit by frost. Is it the same in Wales?

+21 votes

ON THE HOMEFRONT -- we have a new roof, or as new as you can get when the house is 48 yrs old ... nothing like having a dozen or so adult males you are not acquainted with swarming on your property front and back yards and on the roof ... seems that there was the roof that was placed there when the house was being built ... and then someone had the bright idea during the history of the house to ADD a second roof WITHOUT removing the shingles and tar paper from the FIRST roof ... however this crew of roofing workers scrapped and scraped and cleared off the TWO roofs  ... also replaced with new ply board any damaged areas on the roof ... hammer hammer whizz whizz (saws?) clomp clomp bang bang thump thump whine whine wham wham ... it was a symphony of constructive sounds happening from 7:30 AM Monday morning to 5 PM that day and again Tuesday AM ... 

EVERYONE gone by noon Tuesday including the City inspector, the owner/manager of the roof company, the various crew members -- along with 99.9% of the debris removed -- remarkably clean site afterwards and not what I expected ... swoosh, all gone, vanished, peace descended once again ... 

The cats and I were most grateful ...  

I did amuse myself amid the chaos by trying to identify the various sounds without peeking ... got most of them correctly identified ... 
WEATHER is as usual for the last ... what? six months? dry and warm (warm up to d*mn hot at times) ... warm is not a major thing thing unless the weather witches are telling us it is UNSEASONABLE ... which they kept chanting while dancing around the TV studio in front of their "board" ... 

GENEALOGICALLY speaking I am astounded to discover I'm very nearly "done" with 2019 Revisions on my Watch List -- less than 90 remain to be inspected ... WHILE AT THIS ongoing revisions thing (in the starting days of October) I decided to ATTEMPT to convert my profiles to inline and have made some progress in spite of a pile of mechanical difficulties in doing so ...  so Nov-Dec 2019 will be the first of some ... shudder ... 2,789 (currently) profiles 

Mechanical means the frustrations -- repeated -- of installing the citation thingie (<ref> and </ref>), one click and you are good to go .. which is a lie, a barefaced lie ... one click and it is 98% of the time not going anywhere ...okay just shut up and use the cursor to highlight and then cut and paste the d*mn thing into the spot you want it and THEN go find the source you have for that data point and THEN ... and stop cussing, you're wasting air (said John Wayne or whomever) -- 
well, I have coined an Old Adage:  We Are Made Stronger -- Per Force -- By That Which Resists Our Effort ... 
GEN-TALK -- have come to an agreement I will not toss my 2 cents into the G2G Forum again .. this was so I could get my account unblocked ... boy, they play rough over there ... 
All very fine to have an opinion, but there are ways to express it that don't freak people out .... and if I ever ever discover any of those ways, I will be sure to share it with other Opinionated People ...  I think the basic rule over there is if you don't agree, don't say anything ... okay, well, "their house, their rules" situation ...  
This means I free up some amount of time not (now and future) being spent at G2G which can be applied to battling with converting profiles to inline ref style -- gah!! -- I'm no fan of inline ref, I think it is pretentious (OPINION!!!) but it is the Preferred Style (I was informed about this a number of times) ... and IF I ever get these profiles yanked up to the level of Standards Preferred .... 
Adios -- Hang tight, keep the mask on, don't share the air with others (the germs they exhale are the ones you inhale), stay distanced, be circumspect ... whole new set of Social Rules that I gather half the world's population is ignoring ... 
by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (587k points)

Two days and done? Plus the fixes and clean up? Sounds like someone was on the ball. Congrats on a new roof!

Funny that you hate inline citations. I love them. They always seem to work for me. I think it's WikiRevenge for you being so opinionated! laughlaugh 

Masking continuing!

TACTFUL vs NOT TACTFUL ---  awwww, Pippin, it is normal for a human to BE opinionated. Right or Wrong (as ref to evidence, proofs, facts, stats)  -- if you don't have facts for what you say, it's OPINION ... I don't do a Walk of Shame on it however ...   -- Granted, it's not NICE to say someone's brain child is not Star Material and is not an essential tweak to the software and is merely cosmetic and I still think I'm "right" about it but ...  -- so I ended up busted .. Besides I had NO FACTS / STATS to support my Opinion [no facts is why it was an Opinion]  -- AND I think I can say with confidence I failed to be Tactful about her brain child -- still think it was non-essential cosmetic etc but ... that's Opinion 

THE ROOFERS -- I WAS massively impressed by the professionalism demonstrated by the company and the workers that did the roof ... like they scraped and scrapped 2 roofs one atop the other down to the bare wood (portions of which came flying down past my window) and then put new wood in the areas that needed new wood (sawdust and kindling came showering down past my window) ... bodies came past my window (going up and down the ladders, NOT falling bodies, thank you God) 

By 5 pm Monday the men, who started out bright eyed and bushy tailed at 7 AM, were dragging their tails in the dust, walking slowwwwwww.  Worrisome, you know, that's a lot of fatigue Some were in their 50's 

IN-LINE REF -- Now, when you are talking about loving inline ref are you referring to the d*mned mechanics of getting them into position in the text section of that profile when your bloody keyboard or notebook won't scroll ... hence the cussing and the uber-frequent SAVE because once SAVED it will scroll -- for a time or two ... 

THEN youse gotta go into the Sources and pick out the one that you INSERT into the inline ref wazoo ... hence some more cussing when you see that you just stuck it in the wrong one ... by this time you are telling your notebook it is a ditz ... 

THIS moment usually indicates I need to take a break, eat, take a nap, get up and tinkle, something ELSE other that struggle with the d*mned inline conversion ... however, I will persist ... and cuss a lot 

SYNDROME -- I googled your syndrome, a "duplicate" (an extra) which you cannot merge as you would a profile - that must get your goat riled up ... Thing goes waffling off like an untrained St Bernard puppy, dragging the patient along, is what the description sounded like  -- frightening at times -- description made me remember the movie (Susan Sigourney) "Alien" which -- to be polite -- scared the "Winnie" out of me (I kept running out of the auditorium) (freaking out)  ... amazing how the Mind will link ideas together, Categorize Events and Concepts and Ideas ... (weird, also, not just amazing) laugh

Susan... what I do is first copy the thing I want to cite, then click the C for the < ref > < ref > then paste where it says.

kiss Kay, your approach is an idea to cherish .... so, I would first copy the citation, then slog on upward to the data the citation refers (to) -- birth, marriage, death, divorce, burial, military, and so forth -- CLICK on the Big Fat C (for citation) and paste into the highlighted section (insert reference here) of the citation ... hmm ... 

yesenlightenedYou know, that just might work out pretty well .... very efficient, very logical, no wasted motions, and a serious reduction in Frustration (Old Woman does not respond favorably to frustration) despite the idiocies and quirks and kinks of the notebook 

Pip, I will "bite" ... what is this continuing masking ? What have I missed amid the news of doctor visits and hurricanes and errant trees and ...

I haven't finished reading through but would not be surprised to find news of gators and crocs and coyote and badgers and skunks coming to visit and dust storms and earthquakes and whatever else roams

Masking continuing: I don’t believe the folks who say it’s a hoax. I wear my mask always when out in public. And will continue to do so.

Thank you Pip, --  I'm not "up" on the New Covid World Language ... "masking" ... still think of masking as putting masking tape on something you are going to be painting around and don't want paint on it ... have not left the house since Feb 

@Susan - sounds like you got it... I find that I don't do much other than browse, or make comments like this on my iPad, and use my laptop (with an external monitor and keyboard for any significant work. But then again I wrote software for 35 years and type fast. I added an auto text extender to my browser and configured it so I can type 3 characters to insert, for example, == Biography but sometimes I type the characters too fast for it to recognize.

laugh Kay, if I had a "regular PC" I could do so much more with much less struggle ... but this is a borrowed notebook and I use it as a Guest and nothing is retained once it is turned off, and it's turned off (no power) once @ 24 hr to clean the cache etc

 it's an older Chrome Notebook with no updates (obsolete) ... so I make do with what i have and pleased to have that much

I love reading all the posts here. Yours is so descriptive.I can just hear those roofers. MY house was reroofed about 2 years ago. 27 years before that we had the bright idea of putting a new roof over the old one. Didn't think ahead.  Figured we would not be her in 30 year. Well, here we still are. So we had to have 2 roofs removed too. Don't think I will still be here in another 25 years, although it is possible. I will be 89.

laughNancy, that roofing symphony was 'constructive' music [pun, pun?]  ... well, looking for a silver lining here,  ... 

Silver lining, silver lining ... ah!! 1) the roof is essentially new and 2) this means we will have house insurance - hallelujah!   
But I know what of you speak ... I'm hoping to be around to enjoy my new roof ... knock on some more wood 

Kay, it is "working out" okay, so long as I anchor my spot

First -- as you say -- I copy the citation and THEN 

1) I set the cursor on the spot where I will put the citation and "mark it" (I use 'a')
2) I move the cursor to the OUTSIDE of the text box, and roll upward (by whatever method is currently working, haha) and hit the big fat C
3) the screen SHOULD automatically bounce back to that "mark" ('a') if everything went well ... otherwise I will try it again (haha) (and keep trying it) (again) (haha) 

I will say it is working a lot more often than not so there is a serious reduction in frustration which seriously reduces the incidence of cussing 

"All new skills and refinements of skills will be useful in the future" ... o, a glorious future arising, since I'm either gaining a new skill or polishing an older one 

Hi Susan, in the old Black Forest farm house I grew up in there is also still one part that has old shingles below the cover my parents put on in the late 1970s ... but at least we're aware of it, as one sees it from inside :)
Florian, THAT must make for an interesting view ... I have been inside a few old cabins where there was no "ceiling" so to speak, just the roof overhead ... the one I recall most vividly was redwood, rough looking ... later found out that redwood possesses a natural chemical deterrent to termites ...
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Good Morning,

Like many of us, I went into Thon-recovery for a couple of days early in the week! It was fun but exhausting and I did not come close to Pip's accomplishment - Pip, still want lessons before the next one!!

On the genealogy front, I have spent some time going back to some I found during the Thon, mostly "orphans" and have more fully sourced them. I have also once again tackled the DNA confirmation and sure enough, I have "Suggestions" popping up so I have missed something in that process.

Home front - we had two accomplishments this week. My husband graduated out of his "boot" on the right foot and leg from the cracked heel bone. My chauffeur duties have ended. The other was our nurse daughter began her clinicals in cardiology for her nurse practioner degree. We are so proud of her. It will be a difficult few months but she has a very supportive husband and children and Mom promised to deliver a few dinners to help them along.

Our weather has turned back to summer for the next few days - will be 97F here on Sunday. Our thoughts are with our Louisiana folks who will be hit with yet another storm. I hope this one loses its punch quickly.

Have a great week and continue to stay safe and stay well.
by Virginia Fields G2G6 Pilot (974k points)

I'm a nurse and want to encourage and congratulate your daughter for doing her NP clinicals in cardiology! I do research and develop syllabi for our DNP students at university. We desperately need these health professionals. Some insurers are now approving NPs as primary care providers.
Thank you, Carol! She will do her second clinical in Infectious Disease and then the third will be back to Cardiology which she loves! Her emphasis for the NP is critical care and she is presently an ICU nurse. So, from paramedic to RN to BSN to NP she has had a lot of valuable experience and just loves her profession. Thank you for what you do to encourage this profession.
That is awesome background, Virginia. That move from paramedic to BSN to NP with ICU background will serve her well. I, too, was an RN to BSN and the clinical care helped a lot with the BSN. I went right on to MSN in Community Health. I have my doctorate in psychology...nursing was primarily in hospice and loved it. Later years, I did and taught global health (both chronic and infectious disease). I've been retired for 5 years (ha ha) and just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in (kinda like Pacino in the Godfather III). Now I help with developing global health syllabi, but especially love research on sleep disorders across the life span with comparisons to other developing/developed countries. I'll send positive intention to your daughter and her family to 'boost' them all along this splendid journey.
Good news form you, Ginny. I'm always up for that. Your daughter has really been through the wringer, so I elated that she's now working on her clinicals. And... I'm pretty sure you be glad to have your husband driving himself now.

The trick for me was not finding sources, but finding a batch of unsourced profiles to work on. It was a 2011 gedcom I worked on. I could have had more points, but once in a while I'd find a veteran, and would source the dickens out of his profile. And, since women seem to have fewer sources, I would occasionally find one who had tons of sources available, so I'd all all those, too. BTW: not all in that gedcom could be sourced, and I didn't get anywhere near finished with it.
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Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.

Today, I'm trying to decide what to write about. I've got the itch to write a book, but I'm not sure about what. There's my faith, general theology (for my overarching faith), or a story on mermaids out to kill humanity for destroying the ocean with one trying to convince the others they can be saved.

Decisions, decisions...
by G. Borrero G2G6 Pilot (109k points)
Killer mermaids?! That sounds so awesome! It'd be an interesting take on Namor/Aquaman being so tired of humans and just having the Atlanteans attack. =)

Go for it!
Faith or general theology. That gives you a lot of ideas, G. I have an outline of a book, fiction based on family history, where if the faith was left out, much wouldn't have an explanation.
All options you are considering sound interesting. Look forward to hearing more.
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Buenos dias a todos! It 73F (22.8C) in Tucson! It's finally cooling down!

First, I want to send positive intention to all who are experiencing threatening weather (hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, etc.). Please stay as safe as possible.

HOME: My family lives in Wisconsin and they are having a huge surge of Covid19. I'll be contacting my brother in about an hour. He's a retired sheriff and his wife a retired county supervisor. My brother was working security at one of the large buildings on the State Fair grounds that would be used as a Covid19 overflow earlier this year. I heard on the news 2 days ago that the Governor had actually stated this building would now be used for Covid19 overflow! I want to call my brother and make sure the family is OK. I've already had a nephew, niece and her friend get Covid. A colleague had a brother who died of Covid19 in Kansas. We are not out of the pandemic woods by any stretch! Masks, physical distance. This virus is an equal opportunity infector and killer.

I participated in the S-a-T last week and spent my time in Cornwall with the Mighty Oaks! I was able to source 210 and that took the entire weekend. I have no idea how the 500, 800 >1000 super sources managed so many! My hats off to them. The good news for all of us is the >57000 sources that were accomplished. I really enjoy the camaraderie on Discord! I know our Pipster garnered a high number for his team. Kudos!

There's nothing else new. I see that today is Noodle Day, so I will celebrate with pasta marinara tonight. Now back to sourcing various members of my Green family. I'm doing the weekend Sourcing Sprint because I still haven't come off last weekends S-a-T. All of you have a really great weekend.

Pip, I'll look forward to hearing from you regarding a visit to Tucson with your brother. In addition to bobcats, he might see javelinas, road runners, quail, and maybe even a mountain lion or rattler or two!
by Carol Baldwin G2G6 Pilot (707k points)
Hi Rosalie,

Thanks for the kanga photos! I love them. As to road dangers...these critters were here way before us and our automobiles! They should have the 'right of way'.

We were sighting more bobcats, mountain lions, coyotes, and other critters coming into residential areas (including in our townhome complex!) early on in the pandemic because there were few cars on the roads and few people out and about. I was walking in our complex early one morning (about 6 am) about 6 months ago and along came a mountain lion ambling toward me. I almost emptied my colon! I just stood staring and irritated that I didn't have my camera. I just waited for him/her to pass me by, which s/he did. I think we gave these animals a false sense of 'returning' security for a couple of months. We see fewer now because cars and people are out and about.

Rosalie, I've also sighted hawks and buzzards flying over my home recently. I see them from the back window of my office as I work at the computer. I also have tons of hummingbirds feeding in my little meditation garden in the back. I hope this makes you jealous like I am jealous of your kanga sightings. I'm also jealous of your koalas!

I love reading about your wildlife - it all sounds magical and different to me. Thank you for taking the time to share it. 

I have a koala story for you. Koalas were common around the conservation areas of the south east Qld dams before recent fires and other events, Have not spotted any for quite awhile in their usual haunts. However a few weeks ago we were up the coast north of Brisbane at a back yard gathering right on the salt water edge near a stand of mangroves and a boat ramp. Next minute a koala meandered across the open space from the back of the line of houses and up the mangrove about 3 trees from the boat ramp. They had not ever been spotted there in the 5 years or so our hosts had lived there. 

Of cause we all took heaps of pictures on or phones and my camera. Next minute it was back down the tree and off along the waters edge over some oyster encrusted rocks on either side and the boat ramp and along the stand of mangroves on the other side. 

One of the cheeky people present announced that it was just a local adjusting to difficult times - no koala food trees so this one was oyster hunting - had it's oyster knife in its pouch they decided. smiley

All joke aside, food trees for them are getting rarer. We have not been kind to nature. There is a single large one just inside the fence of one of the neighbouring houses in the strip. The yard is enclosed by a metal fence the koala would not be able to climb over or go through (unlikely to be on purpose just not something people would even think about in an area they do not usually see them).

The local school a block or two further north of the boat ramp would have a reasonable supply or food trees and hopefully better access,

We could lend him an air bed if he wants to sleep there. Or he could buy one - cheaper than a hotel.
Carol, while I’ve seen a variety of snakes while hiking, two nights ago was the first time I’ve needed to call Rural Metro FD to come take one away.  This guy was out on the golf cart path probably catching some residual warmth in the evening. Someone out riding a cycle almost ran over him.
Love your Koala story. I hope they recover some more after the fires last summer. Praying you don't have fires this year.
Hi Rosalie,

Thanks for the endearing koala story. I truly do hope something can be done soon to preserve the habitat (trees) for these animals. It kills me to see this wildlife on the decline because of human (or inhumane more like) behavior.
Hi Cindy!

Was it a rattlesnake? Could you tell? When I was in grad school here many years ago, I had a classmate who was a herpetologist. He adored snakes. His favorite critters. We went for a drive in the off roads of Tucson on a hot summer day to see rattlers sunning themselves on the side of the road near asphalt (extra warmth). There was a really foolish couple who had stopped ahead of us and were poised to snap a photo of a rattler. It was already coiling, but these people were too stupid to realize the danger. In those days, we used cameras with flash (pre androids).

Mark, my colleague, stopped them. They didn't know that the development of the heat seeking missile was based in part on the rattler's ability to strike at a focused source of heat. All these two would have needed was for that flash to go off!

Hope you are doing well. I'm still self-isolating and am very concerned about family in Wisconsin with their very serious Covid surge!
Cindy, he's one the way back to Charlotte now. I don't know how he's going to get the other car back there. I guess he'll drive back to Arizona and then fly back here to get it. He doesn't even have a bed to sleep in in Charlotte!
Gads, Pip! That's a lot of travel! If he has two cars, why doesn't he drive one back and have a mover add the other to 'cargo' to complete a load of furniture. Now is not the time to be driving anywhere with the ongoing pandemic.

I'll send you an email with my phone and address to that you and your bro know how to contact me.
I thought he was flying back, but was surprised to get a message from him on the road near Tuscaloosa. I don't know why he didn't sell the older car!
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Currently, it's 17˚ C and sunny in Fort Erie, with a predicted high of 19˚ C, a predicted low tonight of 16˚ C, and a predicted high tomorrow of 20˚ C. This has become my favourite time of year since I moved to Ontario: no longer muggy, but not yet cold. I must take advantage and run (well, walk, okay stroll) some errands today.

I had something of an emergency the other weekend: I got into the shower, turned on the tap, and it wouldn't go all the way on. But it wouldn't turn off, either! After some naughty words were said, I made my way down into the (dirt) basement and eventually found the valve to turn off the water to the bathroom. Then, with help, advice, tools, and elbow grease from Canadian Tire, YouTube, our pastor, and a friend from church, we finally got the cartridge replaced. (It's amazing how much more gruntled one can feel after finally getting a shower after a few days without.)

I rented a car last week, and when I went to return it, there was a ding in the passenger side door. I had used the insurance on my credit card, but the insurance company isn't returning my calls. 

And, today, a spiffy new monitor that I had ordered to go with my spiffy new computer arrived on my porch. I opened up the box, and it's broken. I mean physically broken. The bezel is busted and that side of the monitor actually bends under its own weight. The box wasn't all thrashed, so I'm kind of wondering if it was already broken when they shipped it. (That would explain the price, which, come to think of it, was suspiciously cheap.)

Maybe I should just go back to bed and stay there until it's all over. 

On the genealogical front, I have launched a couple of new challenges: Quest for Great-Grandparents: Medical Edition,  and Can you help connect an explorer? Gotta keep those connections happening.

by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (513k points)
All that for one cartridge. It wouldn't surprise me if it took that for me, being so mechanically challenged. Glad you got it fixed, though.

Ding in the car, broken monitor. Gee, Greg, is there some conspiracy concerning you?

It's the paranoids, Pip. They've been after me for years.

Trouble comes in threes. I hope you are free for a while.
Oh, for all these real life problems. They all sound annoying but fixable. Good luck with that.

I'm not a plumbing whiz by any stretch, but for some reason, the manufacturer's instructional video on changing that cartridge failed to mention what to do if the cartridge comes apart in the fixture, leaving about half of it wedged in there.

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Thoughts are with everyone with difficult weather -- the double whammy hurricanes, the fires, other....

On the home front, with cooler weather my husband decided to replace the 3 rotten boards on our deck. After seeing the difference, he went to the hardware to get the other 14 boards for the rest of the deck, and has nearly finished.

The week went by quickly, since much was post Source-A-Thon recovery. It was great to see so many folks adding sources, and the camaraderie. Amazing how many folks actually worked straight through - imagine that many were caught in the web of an old GEDCOM like Pip. I had some great finds -- like the single 1880 census record that listed the husband, 16 children and 2 wives. Yes, it was in Utah. I did spend about 4 hours on one tangle of a family with hundreds of unsourced profiles from an old GEDCOM. I also saw someone from Italy living in Haverhill, but didn't note the id (sorry Chris).

I used my software to find candidates from the list of orphaned profiles born in 1875, and marked those Unsourced before the Thon. I found that those marked Unsourced with a location were often already fixed. Yah! So by early Sunday I had exhausted my list. I was a bit too aggressive making the next list (orphaned profiles born in 1873 and 3 generations of relatives) and ended up with close to 14,000 profiles to look at. I tackled a few during the Thon and am now going through the list adding the Unsourced tag (with location if possible). I try to source at least one of these a day. I'm also keeping a list of the GEDCOMs these were imported from -- most are from before 2014, and the list is over 100 GEDCOM already.

Other than that, I have been working on converting the software to an app. It now has a very very ugly user interface, and I'm working on the table of results. Based on input from my husband (who first had to ask what is a profile), there won't be a choice to report profiles with style issues or those already marked unsourced, they will always be included.
by Kay Knight G2G6 Pilot (477k points)

OMG, Kay! I thought I had a large batch, but 14,000?!? Holy cow! 

I’m going to keep working on that gedcom. Too many unsourced profiles. Thanks for heads up on that. yes

In a similar situation as your husband’s, we did some touch up paint on the side of our home... has to go back and paint the whole dang side. 

Pip, sounds like you ran into one of the nasty GEDCOM. So far I've identified over a hundred GEDCOM to look at from the 14,000. In alphabetical order, I've just finished Be. I'm not sourcing (other than one or two a day), but am adding the tag for others to find them.
Kay, I thikn I got all the way down to "H," and there's still a ton to do. I'll get back to them eventually.
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Hello from north Georgia! We've had week of glorious weather until today. It is overcast now with rain predicted today and over the weekend.

Home:  My husband had his three month check-up with his cardiologist this week. It's been almost a year since his heart attack. Right after the heart attack they were throwing so much at us that I have to admit I must not have taken it all in. Because when his cardiologist told us that it was now time to do something about my husband's "severe" aortic aneurysm, I was totally bowled over. Not one health professional (that I remember) has brought it up during this year. When I got home I got on the web-portal for his health records and, sure enough, there was a mention of the aneurysm in the report from the heart catherization a year ago. Anyway, my husband had a CT Scan on Wednesday to get more current pictures and will be seeing a surgeon (an excellent one from what I've read online) in a couple of weeks. My husband is really resistant to the idea of any surgery. I suppose the risk of surgery will have to be weighed against the risk of living with the aneurysm.

Genealogy:  I put on the steam and thought I had completed a Hildreth surname project I was working on, but immediately after, I found another branch of the family for whom I had not yet created profiles. There are probably more...

Hope all have a good weekend! Hope all in the path of Hurricane Delta will be spared!
by Nelda Spires G2G6 Pilot (458k points)
Glad your husband is doing okay. Get that aneurysm taken care of!!!! My cousin had emergency surgery for an aortic dissection just over a year ago. She survived okay, and is celebrating a birthday today.
Fingers crossed for you both.
Oh, Nelda, we’ll be praying for you and your husband at St. Pat’s.  Keep us posted!
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On this day:

1858: The physicist Mihajlo Pupin is born

1934: King Aleksandar I. of Yugoslavia is assassinated

1974: The Industrialist Oskar Schindler dies

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Well, Professor, I started on Alexander of Yugoslavia, moved on to Russia, then to the present pretender to the Russian throne, then in to Hesse, and my eyes started getting blurry. What a great read!!
When I read that comment of you for the first time, I really laughed out loud. I remember you wanted to read about Hesse anyway a few weeks ago when it had birthday ;). On the other hand, when I give you ideas what you could read and eventually learn about, the post completed its purpose.
Purpose achieved! My interest was so peaked that I went back an read more.
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Hi everyone! :) I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.

HOME: Everyone is doing good.

GENEALOGY: I have a few things going on and I will post about this in next week's weekend chat.

WIKITREE: I've got a few things I've been working on but I'll tell more of an update in next weeks weekend chat.

The reason I'm not saying what's going on is that I will have more to tell by next weekend so I will have more of an update.
by Greta Moody G2G6 Pilot (183k points)
Greta, looks like you e got us all waiting. Can’t wait to see what’s up!
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All good wishes from the South Coast. So happy, despite the miserable weather. Yesterday we had a call from the Hospital. Himself has been discharged from the oncology clinic; after five years he is a survivor. To anyone going through it all I can say is hang in there, there are so many chances for a good outcome these days.

I'd just found Wikitree when he was diagnosed and he was hospitalised for ages. All I did was visit him, come home and Wikitree and go to bed. It kept me sane. Thank you all.

I note there are lots of cancer categories, but I'd like one for cancer survivors, even if the profiles will be private for years.

Apart from that I've also discovered that one of the young ones is actually paying attention to what goes on here. There's a surprise. Have a great weekend.
by C. Mackinnon G2G6 Pilot (292k points)
Fabulous news! Very happy for you!
I’m so very glad for you, C! What great news.

That is wonderful news.  smiley

(I got my own 5-year all clear a few months ago.)

That is good news, indeed.
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Fall seems to be stuck behind the screen door.  We're still seeing mid 80's when it should be high 60's.  That's set to change in a few days.  Whew, 'bout time.  Also, another mark of seasonal change ... several ski areas high up in the mountains have started making snow.  They like to do this so that they can open up a bit sooner.  Every year it's kind of a competition about who opens first.  Most of the time it's A-Basin which is like 1000 feet higher in elevation than the others.

Got a note from another member about a middle name for one of my wife's aunts.  It's great all the help you get.  Discrepancy was on a S-Dakota county marriage source.  Anyway, got me working on near by relatives and added in a few more Mom's and Dad's back into the late 1700's in Scotland and Denmark.

Wild fires are still persisting.  The Mullen fire in Southern Wyoming has expanded quite a bit and is real close to joing up with the Cameron Peak fire in Northern Colorado.  That will make the whole thing like 300K acres or so.  We need some rain and/or snow!  Humidity here is about 10-15% which doesn't help out.
by Bob Jewett G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Finished with the Jewett book yet, Bob, or putting it aside for other stuff?
Dealing with other issues last week ... will continue working on those Jewett folks this week.
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Good evening from Germany,

the Corona-infections are skyrocketing here, in some big cities pubs and restaurants have to be closed at 11pm and between 11pm and 6am the sale of alcohol is forbidden. We'll see if the youth folks finally understands that parties are not a good idea...

Genealogy- and WikiTree-wise I did my part last weekend in the Canadian Unsourced list and kicked some profiles out of it. From Monday afternoon on I cleaned my Watchlist. Well, it only took 2 days. (No I don't do Bulk Changes of the Watchlist, I want to check every profile before I orphan it.) Today i created some profiles for the family of the Nobel Laureate Theodor Mommsen. He only had 16 children, of whom 12 survived. I didn't create profiles for all of them though.

On the personal front it was a quiet week. Mum still does her exercises on her machine chair. We'll see how much that will help. Mum doesn't know if her arm will function again.
by Jelena Eckstädt G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Hi Jelena, I keep hearing that people remove profiles from their watchlist and now you talk about orphaning them. Can you tell me more about this practice, because it seems such a different use of watchlist, they over there at Wikipedia.
Once your watchlist is bigger than 5000 profiles you will see a banner: "Your watchlist has 5000 (+x) profiles. This is very large. Our systems are designed to handle 5000. ... Despite the terminology, there is no shame in orphaning profiles." When you orphan profiles, they will appear with the line: "No profile manager".

So when you have more than 5000 profiles on your watchlist, you sooner or later have to orphan some profiles. The system doesn't crash when you create your 5001. profile, but at more than 7000 it once denied me to create more profiles.

When I source profiles from the unsourced lists and there is for example an unsourced couple I can clearly identify on a marriage certificate of a child, but the child, the new spouse and the in-laws don't have profiles, I source the parents and create profiles for the other four persons. The in-laws will get an {{Estimated Date}} template, because I don't have a birthdate for them in the marriage certificate, but at least there is a document that shows they are connected to their child. And the latest when I am done with my sourcing for the day, I will orphan these profiles as well.

As I am currently in my project not working in my own family (or only a very tiny part of less than 10 profiles that I keep), I really don't have a problem at all to let go of all the profiles. I still don't know how I will react when I approach the 5k profiles and nearly all of them are my own family...
Jelena, when I find that many kids in one family, I make sure to set aside some two to three hours for just getting the profiles up and sourced.
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Greetings fellow WikiTreers!

It's been awhile since visiting the chat, so I figured it was about time to return. Seems like everyone is doing fairly well, with the occasional monkey wrench thrown into the works (wish the monkeys wouldn't do that...).

So I just thought I'd share that you-know-who (that would be me) is going to be a Grandfather next month. I knew about it a bit earlier and didn't feel right sharing as it was not generally public news, but the cat's out of the bag now and I guess it's OK to share now. So when it was just a concept, it was sorta exciting, but now that it's getting close is it weird that I'm a little nervous? I mean, it's not my kid (well, it's my kid's kid, but so...), but it feels a little like he's one of mine. And yes, he's a boy, so we're already past that part. But a part of me wants to borrow and spoil, and hug him, and squeeze him, and call him George. And part of me is wondering if everything will be OK, will the baby be born with ten, two, and one of all the right things, healthy, and energetic? I'm sure it will work out alright, but it's funny how certain things hit you when you least expect it.

Anyway, been busy working several Notables - it's been a whirlwind between the composers, and the supreme court notables, and now the Mars related notables as well as the Doctor Who notables and a few movie stars in there as well. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever catch up, and then another one drops dead and off we go to the rabbit hole again. But I have forced myself to return to the Fulkerson-3000 goal that got lost in the midst of the pandemic, and after resuming the count, I suspect I could catch up... but I'm not confident we'll make it. The latest one is Fulkerson-2613, so I'm only 387 off the mark, or approximately 130 per month until the end of the year. At one time I was trying to hit 100 per month, so not impossible, but I'd definitely have to get deliberate or it's not going to happen.

Either way, I've got tons more family out there now than when I first started (mine is Fulkerson-232), so it's nice to see the tree grow. Hope everyone stays safe, happy, and healthy in these challenging times.
by Scott Fulkerson G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Welcome to the world of being a grandfather Scott. My youngest grandchild is 13 so that part is old hat to me but in the next month I will be a great grandfather myself for the first time and it is looking like a few months after that a second granddaughter will be bringing her first born into the world.

Keep plugging away and you will reach your goal eventually.
Congrats to you, Scott, on your upcoming granddaddyhood!!!
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Happy, relaxing and safe weekend Pip and all.

Thank you Pip for all you do to make this a pleasant space to "drop by" on a weekend. (and Wow - legend source-a-thoner as well).

I am taking myself and my camera outside to the beautiful dams we have here in in South East Queensland Australia in a few minutes, Wivenhoe today I think - time to photograph some wild life - have missed it this last 6 months or so.

I am enjoying expanding my WT experience, Tartan Trail and Orphan Trail to do justice to those I have in my tree to follow up in England and Scotland.

Loved the source-a-thon. Got stuck often giving some attention to whole families of orphaned profiles that had surnames or locations that caught my eye.  Really enjoyed the journey and "met" some amazing people from the past.

Thanks again to everyone who adds to this space - love seeing what everyone is up to.
by Rosalie Neve G2G6 Pilot (132k points)
Rosalie, if you get some photos, be sure to post them here. We'd love to see them! (Saw the "roo.")

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