What do we do with unconnected, undated, unknown profiles?

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What's to be done with a profile like this?
WikiTree profile: Unknown Gray
in Genealogy Help by Christina Mckeithan G2G6 Mach 1 (12.4k points)

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It is a good candidate to be recycled. There is a category for that:

[[Category:Recycle Unknowns]]

This way the profile can be reused. I already added the category for this one.
by Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz G2G6 Pilot (645k points)
selected by Christina Mckeithan
Thank you! Learn something new everyday.
Except, in this case, the profile manager is active (as has been stated by two people already), and should be communicated with before anything so drastic as recycling is done.
While I agree the PM should take care of it, this one has over 800 neglected suggestions and dozens of undated unsourced profiles. I've left messages on a few of them and never gotten a response.
Not everyone knows about "suggestions", let alone how to deal with them.  Are the unsourced profiles part of a ged upload?  There are thousands of such still to be dealt with.

Perhaps this person is not getting notifications.  I don't always.

Perhaps, instead of recycling profiles that are meant to be someone, contacting a Mentor for assistance in this matter would be the better way to go.
I've never utilized the mentor system here, so pardon my ignorance...

What can they do to help?
Part of what a Mentor does is advise and help those who are finding it difficult to navigate the way Wikitree works regards duplicates and /or sourcing etc.
Should I contact them to get them involved?
During the Source-a-Thon I came across several profiles for women that were completely unknown & the only item listed was the maiden name. I wish I'd known at the time that this category existed. Thank you for sharing. I'll now know what to do about them.
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I normally look at the profile just before or after (that was most likely imported with the same gedcom) and see if they need a child added and repurpose the profile.

for example he is Gray-26080 so i look at Gray-26079 and Gray-26081, and in this case found more unknown Gray’s that are unsourced undated unconnected unlinked.

so need to expand the search some more to find some Gray’s in that branch (as these profiles have a PM) that need a few children.

if they were orphan profile and unlinked, no prior history to them, you add them to this 

Category: Recycle Unknowns

by S Stevenson G2G6 Pilot (140k points)
made an answer
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Since the profile manager is active, and the profile was only created this year, I would counsel leaving that profile alone and moving on to something else. There's a fair chance that the profile manager hasn't finished building out that family tree yet.

by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (512k points)
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In this case the creator is very active at the moment working on a Gray family from Scotland. I would ask them about this profile. It's probably an error but  if so, it could easily be repurposed for another family member.
by Helen Ford G2G6 Pilot (390k points)
In fact it's a possible duplicate,  there is another unknown Gray father of a known Gray created by the same member in a short time frame.A merge has now been proposed by another member.
He actually has 6 or 7 unknown unconnected unsourced Gray profiles made over the last several months
I think they are the result of adding a sibling to a Gray profile without parents - and then disconnecting the unwanted and unnamed profile (my OCD had me looking back in the contributions list of the PM).
Which will be why they are all disconnected. The unwanted and unnamed profile is the glue that holds siblings together and should not be disconnected.

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