Removing apparently old Notables Project stickers from profiles, and add Black Heritage project stickers?

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I came across two profiles (Walker-16039 and Overton-1970) when I was creating notables profiles for the US Black Heritage project that were open and adoptable. I adopted them, and after corrections/improvements they will be managed by that project. I just want to verify that I'm not stepping on any toes if I replace the Notables Project stickers with US Black Heritage Project stickers. The profiles don't appear to actually BE project protected currently, but thought best to check.

WikiTree profile: George Walker
in The Tree House by Dave Ebaugh G2G6 Mach 1 (19.4k points)

The stickers (not the Project box) should be below the Biography header -- and, perhaps, a better notables sticker would be {{Notables Sticker | African-American Notables}}

(Having just added a Notable Black Jazz musician, I am recently aware of some stickers and categories - and have asked for advice regards more/better.)

I peeked at Gene's profile and the stickers look exactly like the project likes!
Thanks for saying so.  I always feel out of my depth when working on American profiles, which is why many of my extended family's profiles are as they were when I adopted them.  One day, however, as the comfort level  goes up, I'll take another look at them.  (I did step out of my comfort zone when I created my cousin's stepmother's first husband - a US First Nations person, related also to First Nations Canada, so...……)

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When projects take on profiles, and they choose to manage the profile, the project is made co-manager of the profile and the project box is "added" to the profile. Any existing projects that are associated with the profile are never removed or replaced in the process. However, if a project box is on a profile, and the project is not listed as a manager, then that project box should be downgraded to a sticker.

Projects should never be removed from a profile unless they are no longer valid or the project is no longer in existence. As long as there is a Wikipedia entry for a profile, then that one should always have the Notables project box or sticker attached.
by Scott Fulkerson G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
That is the point. The Notables project was not managing the profile. Nobody was. We're trying to consolidate most Black notables into the US Black Heritage project. The projects have worked together to accomplish that. I believe that work is done. The two profiles I found were not part of this because they were not managed by Notables! They just had stickers saying that they were. I want to clear out the Notables Project stickers on a profile they do not manage, turn it over to the Black Heritage Project, add the correct project box and African-American notables sticker, and set about with some much needed corrections and upgrades. Corrections - DOB misleading, death date wrong, father is known ... Upgrades - The profile has 6 primary genealogical sources - my research turned up 17.

I'm really just looking for someone from the Notables project to say "yes, the two profiles that the project no longer manages should be placed in the project that fits."
Actually, now that I think about it, project boxes aren't allowed on orphaned profiles!
There are probably a few "legacy" such profiles, though, being found and corrected one at a time.
I think you're missing the point. Project boxes do indicate that a project manages the project, and you are correct that a project box should not be on a profile that a project does not manage.

However, a sticker that's project-related should always stay on a profile to indicate there is a relationship with that project, even if it is not one of management. Project stickers add key categories that projects use to keep track of and reviews lists of profiles, and Notables is only one of those. It is a courtesy to all projects concerned that everyone help to identify profiles that fit within various projects and maintain their associations both for project purposes as well as categorizations.

So stickers should never be removed, unless the project no longer exists or the sticker is proven to be invalid (i.e., the profile would "not" fit within the project). Removing stickers damages the integrity of the project being removed and causes issues.
I will add that if someone wanted to add the US Black Heritage Project as co-manager of those profiles (provided the project was agreed upon managing those profiles), then the US Black Heritage project sticker could be upgraded to a project box. Notables would not need to be involved then, and could remain as a project sticker on the profile.

Hope that helps.
Thank you. That's exactly what I wanted to do. Add Black Heritage Project as manager and add the appropriate project box. The notables sticker changed from {{Notables Sticker}} to {{Notables Sticker|African-American Notables}}.

Actually this whole thing started from a misunderstanding. There was no notables project box. I got confused by the project protection decoration and thought it was tied to the notables project, rather than being project agnostic.

It's weird that a project protected profile was not managed by a project. It is now though!

Hi Dave, Don't forget about the Notables help page I wrote about what stickers/project boxes to use. Also, if you ever find the Notables Project on the trusted list for a profile, but they aren't managing, please leave them there. Most of our notable profiles we are managing, the Notables Project will remain on the trusted list so both projects will be monitoring.

If another project isn't currently managing a profile, it's "up for grabs" so to speak.

Thanks for finding George!

Dave, I'll also be removing the project protection for this profile. It no longer qualifies under the current PPP rules. This was protected 5 years ago when all notable profiles were protected.
I got confused by the PPP with no project, and then asked about it in a clunky fashion. So my bad!

I'm going to close this question now since it's been answered.
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If a person is Notable, they should get a Notable sticker whether they are black, white or martian. Someone suggested somewhere on G2G that there be a Notable Sticker with Black Heritage Notable, or some such thing. Oh, It's above {Notables Sticker| African American Notable}.

However, how would one site a Notable of African heritage in England, or Australia, or Africa?
by Carol Baldwin G2G6 Pilot (752k points)
{{Notables Sticker|Australia, Notables}} or whatever country.
Hi Melanie,

You are, in some respects, highlighting my comment. You are listing the Notable as Australia Notable without listing race or color. My thinking is that if the person in the United States is a Notable, why list their race or color? Their Notability could be outlined beside their Notable sticker and include that they were the first, African American or Asian American or Native American or Hispanic American.
Hi Carol, I just saw this comment for the first time. We have talked about this very thing in the project to great length. We are straddling a line between honoring them for doing great things as an African-American (against all odds) and not separating them out by "color." For now, we are deciding as a project to go ahead and group them as African-American notables because we want to honor and highlight these people in a big way.

Eventually, I hope these kinds of labels and groupings will go away. All American notables should be grouped as one. But we're not there as a country yet and these people haven't been properly highlighted in this country yet. Thanks for bringing up the topic. Our project is very aware of it and will continue to be sensitive to the needs of the African-American community both in the country and at WikiTree.

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