DNA and What are the names of Tecumseh siblings from mother’s 2nd life

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Does anyone know all the names of the 2nd group of kids the mother had ?

DNA I am sure that I am related to Tecumseh and I would take the DNA test if someone knows where to get that..

If its true Meth-As-Tah-Tee had 4 more kids... then the girl she had is my ggggggg grandma i think
in Genealogy Help by John Captain G2G Rookie (220 points)
Is there a profile for the mother?
The first step is to build your tree back to a time and place where the Shawnee were living and then look for a connection.  There were several groups of Shawnee in the early 1800’s and they removed to Indiana, Missouri, and Kansas, finally ending up in Oklahoma where there are now three bands.  DNA can’t connect you to an Indian tribe, you need documentation for that.
Yes agree we have all that.. and your right ... we only need this one issue did Tecumseh mom have more then the 7 or so children after she left them behind and moved with the Turtle clan...
One reason I have not tried to post that is we know all about who she is from our tribe... what came up was when we asked who she was on paper or in your geneology no one had a clue... and since she is not the focus for part one... it might not help.. we built her life without any details and thats why I’m here today....

The only thing we seek help on is did Methotaske have 4 kids after she was 41 years old ? If yes the girl she had might be the person and link to this tribe..  (sorry I’m not the best person for this task)

We built who we wanted her to be... not based upon facts... Ma-Ta-wa-sa. (And 10 spellings) she is the mother of Thomas A Captain)

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Her profile is Shawnee-32.  She has seven children attached.  I believe all had the same father.
by Kathie Forbes G2G6 Pilot (592k points)
I DO not want to make anyone triggered and this is a currently developing story so please note that, and I’m not a writer as i hope you can tell.. but I want to tell you all some details so maybe you can find more then us faster.

For the last several years I have been searching for the facts related to Thomas Captain’s mom and dad. Listed as


 and Ma-ta-wa-sa

with many many spellings.

Even with the names shown on all other online sites some things just never made sense.

For one,  why are his mom and dad not once listed as such on any census ?

Why does no one know who or where they are from after all Thomas Andrew Captain (B1850 - D1920)

had a long history as Chief of the ESTO  

and the mom



Ma-Paw-C-See (or seec)



had so many options around it lead me to google all of them and in all options.. the

search of Wau-A-Hagu-Ma

and shawnee found me a document (shooting star)

 claiming that she was the sister of Tecumseh.  

As the Easter Shawnee Tribe to this date still needs more details

 i offer this as not a fact but a clue into the life of Thomas A Captain or even maybe the logic as to why Thomas Captain photo is identical to that of Tecumseh.

Any help is welcome and i already know I didn’t do anything correctly but this is a item i do not want to let get lost...

After all if this is true it changes everything for our tribe
Have you talked with the tribe? I would not rely on any Internet trees or Google information.  Native Americans did not become U.S. Citizens until the 1920’s so most  are not on U.S. Censuses before then.  A special Indian census was taken in Indian Territory in 1900 prior to allotment and statehood.    Before that there are existing annuity rolls for the Eastern Shawnee  starting about 10 years after they came to Oklahoma (1841 or so); it’s possible that Thomas’ grandparents were still living and thus on one of those rolls. Some Shawnee records may be held at the Oklahoma Historical Society, but I  think most are just at the National Archives branch in Fort Worth.  

The Ohio Memory project has a lot of Shawnee information digitized.  

There are no images of Tecumseh made in his lifetime, some later images were supposedly based on sketches done during his lifetime, but no one really knows what he looked like.
Yes... i agree on that photo but its looks exactly like Thomas Captain .. I talk to the Chief 4 times a week for the Last 4 months but keep in mind our tribe had been literally wiped out by the time we got to Oklahoma .. i think 64 people left... so our focus had been survival.. we have not yet searched inside the safe and we need to.,..  the issue of the records is why i posted for this groups help..

i have 4 genealogists looking at the issue as of now.. and its based upon the idea said in our tribal newspaper back in 2004

claiming that maybe ... (the mother of Tecumseh)


 left her family at age 41 and had 4 More children.

3 boys 1 girl  (the girl is the one we think might be Thomas Captains mother)

Its unfair of me to ask until organized and I’m sorry..

i just wanted to see if your group might Asist in the facts so we can push the reports along much faster if this is true..

We are focusing only on the girl from her 2nd run of kids ?

It seems many things around this man Tecumseh hint of things like Shawnee connections and the paintings and his death, some might be found to be related to the Eastern Shawnee Tribe people.

As crazy as this sounds on ancestry and for the tribe we just keep saying who Thomas A Captain’s mom and dad are... and yet... not one fact is known

Tens of thousands of people all say his mom and dad are

Ma-ta-wa-sa and Nan-hom-ga-we and just about that many spellings are used... some add CAPTAIN to the name... but no one knows who these 2. People are....    

Some of the Tribal articles stated Wau-A-Ha-Ma is the father of Thomas

And he was 1/2 indian and some said his dad was white

And the mom Ma-Ta-Wa-Sa is 100% SHAWNEE



What no one seems to have is ....who are they ?

Sorry for the bad writing..

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