Do You Still Use Tags on WikiTree Profiles?

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Sorry. Newbie again. But I'm finding what seem to be hundreds of help pages and some seem to be saying different things. It's very confusing. From is a link to That help page starts with "We are using tags on WikiTree profiles."

But I don't see that system of tags in any other of the help pages, and I haven't seen a single profile that uses them among the gallery of examples,

So should we really be using the tags or is that help page no longer valid?

Thanks and apologies again for asking all these questions. The family member who helped get me signed up isn't available for me to bug.
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Since you're a newbie, I would avoid schema tags.
I wouldn't touch that code with a ten foot pole.
Well, I've bumped into as long ago as 2012, particularly in JSON containers. So I'm a newbie here, not a total newb. Since I see that microdata markup referenced on a help page but can't find an example of it in use on the Wikitree pages I've looked at, let me rephrase the question and leave my background out of it:

Is the markup to be used as shown on the help page or not?

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The answer to the question "Does WikiTree still use tags on profiles" is Yes, but the answer to "should we really be using the tags" is No. That is because it is something done in the background by the system, not something that users should be doing themselves.

If you view the page source for a profile, you will see things like "<time itemprop="birthDate" datetime="1868-00-00">1868</time>" The "itemprop="birthDate"" part is a tag, which allows other programs accessing the page, for example search engines, to know that particular item is a date of birth.

For people unfamiliar with tags, as I was until 30 minutes ago, Chris Whitten explains what they are and why WikiTree uses them in

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Perfect. Thanks. A little odd that system-generated markups is linked under Styles and Standards but I guess it has to go somewhere. Oh, and I just learned what the star beside answers is for.

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