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I have hit a wall when it comes to proving the parents of my ancestor Repentance Lucas (Lucas-51). I also believe the listing in WikiTree is incorrect. Her parents are listed as Elisha Lucas (Lucas-3196) & Margaret Shaw (Shaw-6060). I believe her true parents are Benoni Lucas and Elisabeth Wilkenson.

This line is really important for me to prove as it leads back to some great ancestors. She is the only person in the line I am having difficulty with. Thanks in advance!

Addendum : I just corrected to what I think is right. Benoni Lucas is Lucas-10152
WikiTree profile: Repentance LeBaron
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What is your primary source documentation for the parents you believe to be correct?  The sourcing currently found on the profile documents nothing but the marriage so almost any new primary source documentation will help the profile.
Elisha & Margaret are too old to be the parents of Repentance Lucas. I have multiple sources that I just attached that said he had a son named Benoni. I believe this is her true father, but alas I can't prove it. I have a source with Benoni and her father-in-law's name together. Most of the public genealogical sites have Repentance Lucas listed as Benoni's daughter, but without proof. Lots of circumstantial evidence, but nothing definitive. That's why I posted to G2G. Maybe someone has a better source
Ellen, I would go ahead and add a == Research Notes == section to this profile where you can outline what you believe is probable along with the evidence or circumstantial evidence as you see it. That will certainly help others who are now assisting with this.  And, put your ID and the date with those notes so everyone can see who is outlining things.
If you re-tag your post to include surnames and locations, it will come to the attention of more members and increase your chance of breaking down that brick wall.
Thanks   added Lucas, MA & NY   Wouldn't let me add more
Thanks. I just did.

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Important part is what sources are you looking at.  There are no sources in Repentance profile, nor in her linked parents to prove or disprove the correct parents.  That is what is needed in Repentance profile is a source with her parents.

Family tree information is not useful unless there is a source attached that can be verified.

The marriage sources for Repentance and John Lebaron frequently include the Prefix of Mrs, which may or may not mean that she was previously married to someone named 'Lucas', instead of it being her maiden name.
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There doesn't seem to be many sources on the entire family.  Only James has a Grave source, no primary sources on anyone.  

Based on Repentance birthdate, it would seem that there is a generation missing, but there are other males in that line, as well as other Lucas, probably in the area, as well as the possibility that it wasn't her 1st marriage, so it could be a married name.
Thanks. I'm 100% about Repentance & John LeBaron as it is a proven DAR lineage & Society of Sons & Daughters of the Pilgrims lineage. I just added some sources about Benoni & Elisha being father & son. I might claim the orphan Benoni change at least my links.  I think Repentance is the daughter of Benoni. I just can't find ANY source to prove it.
There are other siblings of Benoni that could be the father, also.  I have proposed a merge for Benoni since there was already a Benoni with those parents.  The other profile has some sources in it.
Just realized you added the sources on the other profile.
You should get the DAR application that gives this lineage, and if available, the documentation file. You can order these from the DAR website.
It is actually my application for one of the DAR lineage (through her daughter Mary Polly). I was just recently accepted and they haven't updated with my lineage yet
If you have the documentation used for the DAR, then it should be added to the profiles.  You may have had to only prove to a later point, so the sources may still be needed for this area.
I added the DAR link to the ancestor. My lineage hasn't been updated yet. Just lists his daughter Mary ( my G..GM).
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I added a link to the will for Elisha Lucas.  It was written in 1753, no mention of a daughter Repentence, but it mentions his wife Margaret to it appears that she outlived him.  Since Margaret was born in 1701, having another child in 1755 is a bit of a stretch.  I don't think these are likely Repentence's parents.
by M Cole G2G6 Mach 5 (51.1k points)
Exactly. That is why I think Elisha's son Benoni is the true father of Repentance Lucas.

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