Anyone know of a dentist in Germany surnamed Rohrer?

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Not sure if anyone can help here.  There's very little information and I know it's kind of a long shot.

I was visiting my paternal grandmother the other day and decided to take the opportunity to see if she could give me any genealogy info.  She couldn't remember a whole lot, but she did have an interesting story.  

She and my grandfather took a trip to Europe, and some time in Germany.  I didn't think to ask what year this was and not sure she would have recalled.  I should mention here that my grandmother's maiden name is Rohrer, and her grandfather or great grandfather Rohrer came to the USA from Germany.  


So so my grandparents are on this bus tour in Germany when they passed a business with a sign that read "(First name she couldn't remember) Rohrer, Dentist".  This struck her as interesting as she didn't know of too many people with that spelling.  Not sure if Rohrer is/was an uncommon spelling (FWIW, it is pronounced roar, like a lion's roar), but it just struck her as interesting.  Had they not been on a bus tour, she would have liked to go in and try to see if this dentist might be related to her.

So this is a long shot since I don't know when this trip was taken and she doesn't remember the first name of this dentist, but does anyone know of a dentist with the surname Rohrer in Germany, or any ideas of what I might Google?  If I had a first name here, and maybe what years he practiced, I might be able to figure out whether or not he fits in my family tree at all.
asked in Genealogy Help by Lauren Forbis G2G2 (2.2k points)
When I look it up on I get 19,944 hits. :)

You may need some additional information, such as what county and or town in Germany the dentist is from.

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Since you can't provide a valid timeline or a specific location, we'd be only guessing as to whether any contemporay dentist surnamed Rohrer is the one you want. However, even a remote possibility is better than none at all. Contrary to what might be expected, I found current listings for only three German-speaking medical professionals in Europe by the surname Rohrer. They are: Herr Dr. med. dent. Michael Rohrer in Reutlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany; Frau Dr. med. dent. Ursula Rohrer in Zweisimmen, Bern, Switzerland and Herr Dr. med. Christian Rohrer-Höffgen in Gersthofen, Bavaria, Germany. The male dentist in Germany seems the most likely choice, although even the female dentist in Switzerland might possiby be a relative. The third doctor is a dermatologist rather than a dentist and probably only a long shot. In any case, good luck with your search!
answered by Patrick Barnum G2G6 Mach 4 (46.2k points)
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Doing a Google search for a German dentist named Rohrer results in 395,000 hits. Unless you can narrow it down further with respect to location this is the proverbial needle in the haystack.
answered by Helmut Jungschaffer G2G6 Pilot (435k points)

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