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I finally have a working solution to display WikiTree profiles on the map. For now it is accessible from WikiTree+ reports. Location icons are present next to the wikitree ID for Nuclear family, Ancestors and for Descendants.


In the Manager column there is also the location pin, that will display all managed profiles by that user.


You can read more about it here

There is also a possibility to display all profiles in any category and all profiles using any template. That is done from within the Map application.

Update: WikiTree+ Maps links now appear on the "Family Tree & Tools" page of each profile.

in The Tree House by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (786k points)
edited by Chris Whitten
Updates to profile locations done before Sunday will reflect on the map on Tuesday.each week.

If you can't figure out the location problem, add here a link to the profile and I will have a look.
As of Oct 21, 2020 clicking on a name no longer takes me to their WikiTree profile.
I think it is due to enormous server load, after the Maps were featured in the newsletter. I will try to find a solution asap. Maybe tomorrow.
I think I need new glasses ... there was a dash in front of the county name.  Thanks for the offer, but I am sure it will fix now.
This is amazing! However, I have many ancestors from the US State of West Virginia, which was split off from the state of Virginia in 1863. This creates errors on the map - for example, if someone was born in Brooke County, Virginia, and died in the same place which was later named Brooke County, West Virginia, the map shows they migrated from a dot in eastern Virginia to West Virginia, which is incorrect. Am I labeling things incorrectly or does the map not account for changes like this?
West Virginia was on my todo list. Which profile are you talking about? It would be a good test case.
Allison-5699 is one example - to complicate matters further, the county name as well as the state name changed during his lifetime, but it's definitely the same location. (Note: it's a currently unsourced profile from a tree handed to me by a relative who's done decades of family history work but doesn't have his documentation online. Apologies if that makes this not the best test case. I'm working on sourcing these profiles but I haven't made it back this far). Thank you!

I did some changes. Is the geolocation better? Allison-5699 changed.

YES! Thank you! Now I can see 200 years of one line of ancestors clustered in the same tiny area. And another thank you - this map also highlights some profiles where I need to clean up and correct locations I've entered. I'm a huge map geek and this tool is something I'm going to be "playing" with a lot, I think!
Hi Loretta, I have done some "genealogy travel" in Europe. I found going to the local library and using their computers as a visitor was very helpful and I found out a lot. It was very thrilling and moving for me to walk where they walked.

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Ales, you are a LEGEND! LEGEND, I tell you! This is so cool.

Keep up the good work!
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (745k points)
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This is great, so much more than the Beta.  You must have had fun doing it.  I'm already working on improving the locations.  I had done that once for the Fan Chart, but now more people are showing up in the ocean and other random places that I need to fix.
by Cindy Cooper G2G6 Pilot (315k points)

The project page allows Bas-Canada to be used from 1791 to 1867.  It says Canada-Est was in use concurrently from 1841-1849 and then reverted to Bas-Canada.  Since Bas-Canada is allowed by the project for the whole 1791-1867 period, I've used it for that whole time too and I know others do too.

The page also describes Bas-Canada as concurrent with Haut/Upper Canada to include Ontario.  Perhaps your page will need to say Upper Canada, Haut Canada and Bas-Canada.  I'm not saying for sure, just that it seems possible.

The page does not say Province du Bas-Canada, so we would have a lot of adjustments to make in actual profiles and people's ongoing usage if that is required.

I added both locations.

New York 1674 1775 Province of New York yes 9785 0 Province of New York no US.NY
New York 1674 1775 New York Colony no 4089 0 Province of New York no US.NY

Ellen Smith, All of these will eventually get updated from the listing I provided above from the spreadsheet. This was compiled FROM wikipedia for names and dates.

Aleš in typical North American fashion, "New York Province" and "Colony of New York" are also acceptable names for the same time periods although "Province of New York is the preferred term. This time period is 1664-1776.

Thanks to Steven for supplying a link to his amazing list of place names and dates. (I can never remember where to look for it indecision).

For purposes of the map app that Ales has created, I think it is desirable to be permissive, rather than prescriptive. I do not like seeing place names like British Colonial America, but it does not upset me if people who put Briitish Colonial America on the profiles of their ancestors want to find those ancestors on a map.

The Data Doctor weekly challenge, the unsourced, the list of suggestions, the info tab with lots of great links, the different team spreadsheets, and the Canada and US historic names spreadsheets are all tabs on the exact same spreadsheet. If you bookmark at least one you can change tabs at the bottom of the sheet.

Speaking of permissive: Steven says the time period for Province of New York is 1664-1776. That would be the English perspective. The Dutch would say that the time period did not start until 1674, and American Revolutionary Patriots give 1775 as the boundary because that is the year that New York declared itself to be a state. Please set permissive boundaries: New Netherland extends to 1674, Province of New York covers 1664 to 1776, and New York, USA, starts in 1775. wink

USA is already set as no earlier than July 4, 1776. Thus New York, USA in 1775 would be wrong. And as far as Province of New York and New Netherland, there was an overlap between 1664 and 1674. During that time period either could be correct.

Move discussions to a separate answer by country. This comments are getting crowded.

Ellen, I added 

Massachusetts 1620 1692 Plymouth Colony yes 3049 0 Plymouth Colony no US.MA US.RI


Connecticut 1638 1664 New Haven Colony yes 353 0 no US.CT


Mississippi 1763 1821 West Florida yes 70 0 West Florida no US.MS US.AL
New Jersey 1664 1783 Province of New Jersey yes 2928 0 Province of New Jersey no US.NJ
New Jersey 1674 1702 Province of East Jersey yes 153 0 Province of East Jersey no US.NJ
New Jersey 1674 1702 Province of West Jersey yes 111 0 Province of West Jersey no US.NJ
Cindy, I added/updated old Canada names according to the project page.

Steven, I updated the table

Province of New York 1664 1776 Colony of New York yes 329 0 Province of New York no US.NY
Province of New York 1664 1776 New York Colony yes 4089 0 Province of New York no US.NY
Province of New York 1664 1776 New York Province yes 518 0 Province of New York no US.NY
Province of New York 1664 1776 Province of New York yes 9785 0 Province of New York no US.NY

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Aleš, here are a few that don't seem to be going to the right place.  After a while it wouldn't show me any more names on the right hand sidebar, but this might be enough to start with.

In the South Atlantic ocean


In the Indian Ocean:


way in north of Canada:  there are many here – perhaps this is where it puts some but not all of the Bas-Canada?


A different part of western Canada:


South America

by Cindy Cooper G2G6 Pilot (315k points)

First four have Quebec Province in the location ending. I have Province of Québec as correct place name.

What is defined in this table will certainly be recognized.

I can add Quebec province in the table and location will improve. Is that official spelling or at least acceptable by the project? Is time frame the came as Province of Quebec?

I have Bas-Canada only defined as Canada. Google told me that is is the same as Lower Canada, I can improve the location to the Province, if someone tells me which today-s provinces it represented. I can finetune the location like I did for Acadie. See the last column.

The last one is in French Guiana, which is in south America.

I see Quebec Province in the table already, yes?  It should be mapped to the same with the same timeframe as you have the others.  Or maybe looking at the Quebec project page we shouldn't be using Québec Province, but then there would be so many to change.

I think Bas-Canada is only Quebec, or at least Quebec.  Picking up where the province left off at 12/27/1791 to 1867.

I gave her this link and asked her to chime in as she would be the best to answer.
In almost all instances "(Blank) province" and "Province of (Blank)" are interchangeable. The Canadian sheet is updated but I haven't added the second language names in all the fields yet.

The project page allows Bas-Canada to be used from 1791 to 1867.  It says Canada-Est was in use concurrently from 1841-1849 and then reverted to Bas-Canada.  Since Bas-Canada is allowed by the project for the whole 1791-1867 period, I've used it for that whole time too and I know others do too.

The page also describes Bas-Canada as concurrent with Haut/Upper Canada to include Ontario.  Perhaps your page will need to say Upper Canada, Haut Canada and Bas-Canada.  I'm not saying for sure, just that it seems possible.

The page does not say Province du Bas-Canada, so we would have a lot of adjustments to make in actual profiles and people's ongoing usage if that is required.

If province of and xxx province are same, then both need to be in Ales's table.
Reposting here as this is a better place.
omit the ''Province'' when referring to Bas-Canada, isn't used anywhere that I have seen really.  

Bas-Canada consisted of what is now Québec province and also the Labrador coast, the Labrador got transferred to Newfoundland in 1809 from what Wikipedia says, didn't look further on the subject.

As far as the alternate Province of Québec vs Québec Province, the problem is one of disambiguation, Province of Québec was the official name of the territory from 1763 to 1791, there were various adjustments to what was covered during the time frame involved, for example Détroit got ceded to the new USA, etc etc etc.  Modern day location also gets written both ways, but preferable to omit the word Province after 1867.
I think the table is up to date.
I saw Québec Province in the table, but those were the first ones you told me you didn't allow.  Is it OK now?

Can you add Bas-Canada for 12/27/1791 to 6/30/1867.  As Danielle said this covers Quebec and Labrador.  (Found it in the table - already there)

Quebec, Canada starts 7/1/1867.

Thank you.

Edited to update that Bas-Canada is already in the table.  Dates could be added if desired.

Perhaps New Brunswick Colony/ Colony of New Brunswick needs to be added (dates are 8/17/1784-6/30/1867)
I didn't say I don't allow. I said I don't have them in the table. Now I do.

I set the exact date for Bas-Canada

I set the start date for modern Québec.

Added New Brunswick Colony
Thanks for adding those clarifications to the table.  When does the data get updated so I look for changes in the map?

Also Bas-Canada maps to Quebec?
Locations are/will be updated weekly. Probably 10 hours after the suggestions release. I am not sure about it. It takes 10 hours to update 3 million unique locations. I will try to optimize that to complete in 2 hours. We will see.

Until we will massively update the table, I will probably do some updates during the week. One is running now. That will change only locations that changed due to the table corrections. They are not updated from WikiTree. I will post when a bigger updates like today are completed.

I am slightly confused about this. I checked the and I still don't understand it completely.

Is Bas-Canada the same as Lower Canada? 

Lower Canada was on the area of today's Quebec (CA.10) and Newfoundland and Labrador (CA.05)

Upper Canada was on the area of today's Ontario (CA.08)

Upper Canada is also known as Haut-Canada

Canada is a bilingual country.

Bas-Canada is French and Lower Canada is English. Haut-Canada is French and Upper Canada is English. Same places, different languages.
Newfoundland was never part of Lower Canada / Bas-Canada.  Labrador was, until 1809, when it got transferred to be under Newfoundland.  Which is why the correct modern name for Newfoundland is ''Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada''.  Only since 1949 that though.
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I recalculated the locations, so changes done to Locations table should be visible. I deleted all cached data. For changes on profiles, you will have to wait until Monday.
by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (786k points)
Locations from new database dump are available.
I changed the behaviour of displaying by generations. They now work also for migration line.
I redesigned the reselection of displayed profiled in the top menu. They are all merged into one dialog.

I added a possibility on WikiTree+ search results to display the results on the map. Link is in heading like.

Found: 13 profiles for "Ljubljana Trtnik". Display results on WikiTree+ Map

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hi Ales,

this has nothing to do with maps, just wondering about the option to Removing spaces (TABulator to space, multi space to single) in the automatic corrections, why is this there?  Seems to reduce double space to single space between sentences, which is frankly an editing option preferred by many.  Standards vary as to the proper way of writing.

by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (634k points)
This should be a separated G2G thread about the extension.

Tabulators can't be written in the bio. They can come in only by pasting text or from gedcom import. And tab complicates parsing of the bio. double spaces are also not displayed in HTML by definition, so there is no need to write more than one.

If you want to discuss this further, start a new thread.
ok, will do
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Thanks for your clever work, Ales. This feature is getting better and better every week.

My current puzzlement is related to the handling of locations called New York. I have confirmed that when I give a person a birth/death location of New York, United States, they are placed in the geographic center of the state of New York (far more appropriate than some mapping apps that insist on precisely placing a person like that in the Empire State Building in New York City).

But I cannot find a mapped birth place for my ancestor Walter Carpenter, whose birth location is given as New York (and is marked uncertain). From what you have said, I think New York is supposedly being treated as identical to New York, United States, but his birth is not on the map. (I even checked an ancestor map for his daughter, who has no ancestors past her parents, so I am sure his red dot is not getting lost in a clump of other people.)

Is the location New York not being recognized, or is the uncertain indicator causing him not to appear?

by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
edited by Ellen Smith

Certain/Uncertain has no relevance to geolocation.

Walter was placed here

You can see his Nuclear family here

New York and New York, United States are both placed on the same point as you can see here.

Thank you for explaining that New York is supposed to map in the same place as New York, United States, and that the uncertain qualifier does not affect what is shown on the map.

For some reason, when I mapped ancestors before, only one ancestor was shown with a life event in the geographic center of New York. Today I am seeing an elongated dot on that location, and when I zoom in I find  many ancestors mapped there, including Walter Carpenter.  smiley

You can right-click on the image and select Open image in new tab. Then you will see the full sized image.
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Firstly, this is absolutely fantastic, and a thing I have wanted for so long, so thank you very much.

But I do not understand the Persons and Generations items on the left. There is a dot that I think can only represent my mother's birthplace, because that's the only northern English connection I have, but it appears when I add Generation 3, not 2 (or 1, which I suppose she would be in a map of my ancestors).

And what is the fraction-like number (eg 4/11) to the right of Persons?

by Deborah Pate G2G6 Mach 4 (48.5k points)
Generation 1 is actually only the starting profile (yours), Generation 2 are parents, 3 g-parents and so on.

Red dot represents a birth place and Blue on is for death place. If both locations are entered and different, then also a line between them is drawn.

On the left in Persons section you can control how the person is displayed. Birth/Death location represents the Red/Blue dot. Migration represents the line from Birth to death place and Generations control which generation you want to display. If you are starting from the living person usually 1st and 2nd generations don't have any profile due to the privacy settings. There is a special case when all generations are off, they act as they are all on. Otherwise you wouldn't see anything.

The fraction like number represents the number of options turned on against the number of all options.
Generations are applicable only if you are looking Ancestors or descendants. Otherwise they are ignored.

Thanks Aleš, but there is something odd about the generations. If I uncheck all the generations except Generation 1 and Generation 2, the dot for my mother's birthplace should presumably appear, but does not. However I then check any of the later Generations, Generation 8 for example, the dot for my mother's birthplace appears. 

Similarly if I check Generations 1, 2, and 3 only, I'd expect to see my grandparents' dots, but in fact I only see them if I check Generations 1,2,3 and at least one later Generation.

When I've added a later generation and got the dots to appear, unchecking the correct Generation removes them properly. 

I tried it and it works.

It is possible that due to extremely high server load today, some server results don't return quickly enough.

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I tried the link in the WT Family News email for profiles I manage and it worked as advertised, but the link Ancestors of Ebaugh-51 gave the error  No profiles found for A- id 25180834.

by Dave Ebaugh G2G6 Mach 2 (20.8k points)
That is because your parents are private and their relatives are not public. You can start ancestors display starting with your g-parents from the Maps application or set their tree to public and next week after tuesday the link will display our ancestors on map.
Aleš, can the program be written to distinguish between the creator/profile manager/trusted list member of a private profile and one who is not, so that private profiles can be displayed if you are the creator/profile manager/trusted list member of a private profile?
WikiTree+ is not running on WikiTree servers, so the only data I can use is public data, that can also be seen on WikiTree by anyone. There is no login to WikiTree+ so I can't know who the is watching the data.
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This is interesting. But I'm finding that many locations are showing up in the middle of the county in which they're located, even though a city, village, or town is specified.

(See, for instance, Morris-29249, who died in Gasport, Niagara County, New York, but her death pin is showing up in the middle of Niagara County (near Lockport).)

More seriously, every location I have in Orleans County is showing up in a different county entirely (namely Ontario, though nowhere near its center). See, for example, Watt-4993.
by Matthew Wilson G2G6 Mach 1 (17.3k points)
That's fair. I haven't looked at every one.  =)

I suppose I should say that the location suggestions that appear in the location fields of WikiTree rarely include the word "County".
It isn't a problem, I just wanted to publish some stats, that I can get from the data.
The county problem is now solved. You can recheck the locations.
I rechecked and my mother’s death is still being mapped to the town for the Parish she died in.

Also my parents are being mapped under generation 3. Who gets mapped under Generation 1 and Generation 2?

Yes, the changes make for much more accurate locations. However, there are two ancestors that don't seem to be positioned right. One is Stock-1019. His birth location is correct, but his death location is positioned at "Missouri" rather than St. Charles, Missouri. The other is Stock-1028, which I had mentioned a few replies back.

Tommy, Lake Charles, Calcasieu, Louisiana, United States was matched with

Calcasieu is actually a Parish, So I should do the same as I did for county also for parishes.

Paul, You can check which locations are mapped to certain place. In your case you shouldn't abbreviate. Zou should use Saint instead of St.

For Germany We still have to look into the locations table to improve the matches.
I appreciate all you are doing to make this work and I appreciate that you're calmly handling the grumbling of rolling out such a project with complicated place names into the public eye. Thank you.

I used Google street view to verify what towns and cities put up signs to mark their borders and they say "St. Charles" "St. Louis" and "Ste. Genevieve." My place names match what these cities call themselves.
I am using GeoNames database to get a location for a place. And they have the data as it is. I can probably program in the algorithm a few those abbreviations. We will see.
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I assume historical locations aren't doable?

For example, Wolsey-114 was born in the Town of China, Genesee County, New York. But that town is now called Arcade, and it's in now in Wyoming County. Since there is no present-day China in Genesee County, the marker defaults to the center of modern-day Genesee County instead of to Arcade.

It makes sense that this wouldn't work, but I just wanted to check to make sure it's known behavior.

by Matthew Wilson G2G6 Mach 1 (17.3k points)
There is a proposal to make that possible being discussed to resolve such problems. See
+6 votes
What a great tool!

It's really fantastic with birth/death locations off but migration paths on.

I have looked at Ancestors for several profiles, such as, and can see there are some profiles that have incorrect locations (none should be in Virginia). One I could find (the profile is wrong, we don't use New England) since the name was fairly unique. The other is a relatively common name.

When I use the app, the right frame says "No hits" which I think is why I don't see any profile-id. I thought I had seen this previously. I tried on both Firefox and Chrome (and have recently cleared all cache on Chrome).
by Kay Knight G2G6 Pilot (584k points)
There is a bug in my application. It worked but now with high volume of people watching, indexes get mixed up. I will try to resolve this in a day or two.
Thanks. Understand, all code has bugs. Some are harder to find. This one sounds tricky.
This should be now resolved.
+7 votes
Awesome new development Ales.  I'm not sure why but my Nova Scotian ancestors don't seem to be showing up
by Paula Dea G2G6 Mach 8 (88.0k points)
You must be more specific. Which profile and which location.
Maybe it is because your mother is private and her ancestors can't be connected to you in the public data that I use.
Thanks Ales, that will be it :)
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My mother is now showing up in Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish instead of Calcasieu the town which is correct.

However, I have four ancestors listed on the map in Calcasieu Parish (Jennings, Calcasieu Parish) which should be listed on the map in Jennings, Jefferson Davis Parish.

Jennings became part of the newly created parish, Jefferson Davis Parish, on January 1, 1913.

Are you able to redirect Jennings, Calcasieu Parish to Jennings, Jefferson Davis Parish on the map?
by Tommy Buch G2G Astronaut (1.8m points)
No. For now I only use historical names in geonames database. We should check if historical name is present there. If it is, it should match the location.

It is also possible to start entering historical parishes in my locations table. What is the number of parish name changes? It there are a few per state, that is ok, if there are hundreds, that is too much work for me and another solution should be found.
You have a lot of ancestors. Which four or at least one?

There is a book that I have, (can't find it at the moment) which shows all the county/parish names and when they were formed/created in the United States.  I don't remember the exact name of the book, but I think it had the words Genealogist Handbook in it. Maybe someone else here on the site knows which book I am referring to.

Tommy -

The Historical County Boundary Atlas includes the source/lineage for each of their maps (and a complete bibliography and sources), and probably would have what you are looking for. You need to go into the state to see these details. (This is a good example of cartographers citing their sources.)

Aleš, here are the four ancestors that died in Jennings, Calcasieu Parish before January 1, 1913.

• Samuel Houston Garver (Garver-492)
• Sarah Jane Garver (Magee) (Magee-2363)
• Elias Buch (Buch-363)
• Mary Jane Buch (Shough) (Shough-20)
+8 votes
Thank you for the map; it is great. Thank you also for adding a key to explain the red and blue dots. However, I think the red is for births and the blue is for deaths but the key I see from a map from a wikitree+ search (e.g. shows the reverse. The dots appear correctly on the map as red for births and blue for deaths, it is only the key that is appears incorrectly to me.
by W Robertson G2G6 Pilot (114k points)

That is today's addition. I was checking all sorts of details and missed the wrong color. I fixed it.

I also added coloring of the profiles by century.

Just turn it on on the left.

This is great! Thanks!
+9 votes

Hello Aleš,

nice map tool! Where does the tool get the information where a place should be? Is this a public database that I can edit myself / make smarter?

For example, if I look at the ancestors of [[Gitzl-8]]: In older profiles where I have not yet entered a correct place name according to the Wikitree standard, e.g. only "Taisten", it will find the correct place.

But for correctly entered places like "Taisten, Tirol, Kaisertum Österreich" it shows the place near Innsbruck, probably because this is registered as capital of Tirol somewhere (but interestingly not directly at Innsbruck, but a bit west of Innsbruck). And in the older entries "Taisten, Tirol, Heiliges Römisches Reich" it shows the place at the village of the same name "Tirol".

Is there a possibility for me to improve this location search (also for other places I meet)?

by Norbert Gitzl G2G6 Mach 2 (26.6k points)

I use geoNames database for place matching to a location.

I worked a lot on matching and on the ways to improve it.

Now I am generally satisfied with the match quality, but it can be improved.

First thing is to have a country in the location. That at least limits the search to a particular area. Almost each place have several places in the world, that are named the same and computers can't decide which one is correct.

Next thing is to improve the country table I prepared.

It has a lot of possibilities for improvement. I did review some countries, but many are still waiting. Help from local people is very appreciated.

Adding regions like Königreich Bayern is important to locate the locations entered as the place name used to be.

I will do this in the following weeks as suggestions from users come in.

Ah ok.

So if there was a "modern location name" entered correctly according to the standards into Wikitree, place matching should work fine I guess.

And for historical country names and regions you use your additional "country table" to match them to modern regions? E.g. you match "Colony of New York" to geoNames "US.NX"? But for border changes? Wouldn't it be better to allow it to match it to more regions, because you match e.g. "Austria-Hungary" only to "AT", if I see that correctly? Wouldn't it be better to match it to all the present-day countries where parts of it or all of it were once part of Austria-Hungary?
I added that possibility later. See England or Acadie in Canada.

Now only data needs to be updated.
Ah, perfekt, didn't see that. If you need help for the table just adk what exactly you would need. I would help for that Region.
+9 votes

Great - thank you for the work on this. I am already working on cleaning the data in my profiles. I gather from above that I won't see cleansing results until Tuesday or Wednesday.

I have a few places I don't know how to clean:

  • births and/or deaths at sea (during migration), currently coded as the ship name
  • Place names reported in German for places that are presently in western Poland, but were in Prussia at the time and have been recorded in German. example Gleinau, Kreis Wohlau, Schlesien, Prüßen in Keller-4535 which appears to be Gliniany, Lower Silesian Voivodeship now.
by Scott Davis G2G6 Mach 3 (36.2k points)

Also, ... Hindmarsh, South Australia, Australia is being incorrectly mapped as Hindmarsh Island, South Australia, Australia

+7 votes
Doesn't load for me.
by Judith Robinson G2G6 Mach 2 (20.6k points)
Does it work now?
+7 votes
I appreciate all the work that you do, and features like this.

However, I really wish that this was a part of WikiTree itself, and not outside of it. I would like to be able to have these features access profiles that are not Public / Open, but that I have access to.
by Eric Weddington G2G6 Pilot (507k points)
+7 votes
I'm sure this is a wonderful feature for most people, and it certainly seems to have been useful for finding and correcting location data errors. My problem (admittedly with probably only a small number or profiles) is that it only captures birth and death data. That means that if (as I was) someone was born in the big city hospital due to medical complications, but only stayed there for a week before going to the rural area where your parents lived, it doesn't capture that. Or in the case of my 2nd-great-grandmother, who was born in England, migrated with her family as an infant to Australia, but then in her late 60s migrated again to the USA, the map only has her moving from England to USA, and misses out the majority of her life in Australia. My ideal, I guess, would be to be able to capture some sort of timeline with locations, but I guess that would be too difficult to programme into the database.
by Wendy Scott G2G6 Mach 3 (30.6k points)
That would be possible with something like "events" that would be added to a profile. It could have type, timeframe and location. Then something like this would be possible.
+6 votes

WikiTree+’s Map Navigator is currently not working.  Everyone is in the ocean off Africa.  I hope it can be fixed.

Thanks and sincerely,

by Peter Roberts G2G6 Pilot (683k points)
Corrected. This didn't work since Monday.

When I click on that link it goes to a sign in page with a message in Slovenian.

You have to enter the map with a correct link. It is found on Family Tree & Tools page of the opened profiles in the middle of the page.

For instance for your father:

the entry link is

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