Royal ancestry of Edward Winslow?

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Wikitree currently shows the paternal grandmother of Mayflower passenger Edward Winslow to be Catherine Bucke, daughter of Kenelm and Ellen (Neville) Bucke with a lineage going back to royalty and Magna Carta barons.

John G. Hunt wrote a brief article, "The 'Mayflower' Winslows--Yeomen or Gentlemen?" which appeared in NEHGR (1967), 121:25-29.  In this article he demonstrates that Edward's father Edward was styled a gentleman, while grandfather Kenelm was a yeoman.  

In Part 2 of this article, in NEHGR (1968) 122:175-178, Hunt states the following:  "Since publication of the earlier paper on this subject it is needful to reconsider the alleged descent of Governor Edward Winslow from Elizabeth Morgan.  Moreover the theory set forth in 1965 that he descended from Kenelm Bucke (died 1550) and his Nevil wife, must be reexamined."  Hunt goes on to present the theory that Kenelm Winslow's wife (and the grandmother of Edward Winslow of the Mayflower) was "Elizabeth, daughter to John Foliott, Esq., baptized in 1540 at Pyrton, Worcestershire."

Per Hunt's note, the 1965 theory that Edward Winslow's grandmother was a daughter of Kenelm Bucke appeared in "Clues to the Ancestry of Winslow of Droitwich" in The American Genealogist, 41:168-75, July 1965.

Hunt's "The Mayflower Winslows -- Part III" appeared in NEHGR 182-83, with additional snippets buttressing the theory that Edward Winslow's grandmother was Elizabeth, daughter of John Foliott by his first wife Eleanor Moore.

In any case, there are two separate theories about Edward Winslow's grandmother, so I suppose they should both be mentioned in a paragraph in the bio.
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Again, great work, John.

The disputed maternal origins should be placed on the father's profile not the immigrants, yes?

If you wanted something on the immigrants's page, it could be something about disputed royal ancestry and point to his father's profile for more details.
Absolutely, the disputed origins paragraph should be put on the father's page.  I attached this discussion to Mayflower Edward to make sure that it reached the maximum number of people who might be interested in his ancestry.  I'll wait a couple of days and straighten things out, unless somebody speaks up with information that we haven't considered yet.
Makes sense.

And once again, I notice the mention the research of John Hunt that Anderson has cautioned us about.

Wondering if Hunt deserves his own profile or free space page where his work is discussed.  I'm guessing that not all of his work is wrong but perhaps worthy of distinguishing which work has been debunked and which is solid.

I'm inclined to think that Anderson wasn't claiming that any of Hunt's work has been debunked.  Rather (as in this case), Hunt's work points to conclusions that are plausible but not proven.  Hence the message to use with caution:  Hunt doesn't present his Winslow grandmother as a proven fact, but careless genealogists might turn his supposition into a conclusion. 

Hunt repeatedly published in recent decades in NEHGR, which strongly suggests that this top-notch journal considered theories to be carefully-researched, well-reasoned, and worth considering.  That is certainly my impression of his published research on the Winslow ancestry.

Here is a brief example of John G. Hunt's work (on a different family) that is accessible on-line:

Building Winslow tree on Ancestry... are there any updates to this research?

Has anyone done a DNA test thus far that may fill in any blanks?

Thank you. I am awaiting DNA test results and if am able to add anything, will do so. Thanks!
RE Profiles of published Author's with known debunked genealogy. Frankly, I think this is an excellent idea. A time long in coming. Use the profile(s) as an information portal. And I nominate the LaMance work on the Greene's of Rhode Island. :)

The ancestry currently shown in wikitree is still wrong.  The ancestry of Kenelm Winslow is unknown, and it is not even certain that he is the father of Edward Winslow.  The most recent scholarly work on the Winslows is:

This work supercedes and replaces the earlier work of Marshall and Hunt as published in TAG and NEHGR.  Brandon spent years tracking down all known evidence regarding the Winslows.  He published his work in book form so he could include all the primary documents and evidence.  If anyone has access to this work, it should be used to update and correct the Winslow line.


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It seems that not only Edward Winslow's grandmother's ancestry is a mess, but also his grandfather's ancestry -- for starters see

At this point it seems that there is no good evidence for the parents of Kenelm Winslow-86

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Yes, I am related to Edward as well as the Nevilles and the barons Hugh and Roger Bigod, connecting to the Tudors.
by Anonymous Wilson G2G Crew (710 points)

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