is there a place to see recent email wikitree sent to me?

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is there a place to see recent email wikitree sent to me?  the solution i set up to see that email turns out to not let me either click on a link or copy the link to paste it into a web browser.  if there is no such place, then i will need to come up with another way to get the email.

if there is a place,, i hope it considers a few days or maybe even a week as "recent".  a month would cover vacation time, as well.
in WikiTree Tech by Phil Howard G2G5 (5.6k points)

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No, Phil, I'm sorry to say that WikiTree does not have a feature to display any email messages.  The only place for you to manage your email messages, either sent or received, is in your email program.  You can either use a local program (the modern term is "app") on your computer or other device or your email service should have a webmail feature that permits you to manage your email account using a browser.

It may be that, if you are using an online email service (webmail), the browser application is only showing you a plain text version, which may not show links.  If that is the case then you should be able to set a preference there to display HTML formatted messages, which would have links that you can click.
by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (978k points)
i have been using google's for my email.

i had things setup so the email sent to me with a + character in my email address would deliver the email to the correct folder.  it was also set up so that if the folder does not exist, it would discard the email.  that would leave my spam folder smaller so it would be practical to check it for expected email.

at first, the email was coming through.  but i think gmail thinks that i consider it to be spam.  the mail seems to be discarded as i cannot find it in any folder.

so, i switched to another email provider where i could automate downloading of the email.  it's not working right and it comes across with some strange encryption.  i can view it with their app on an Android phone, but it is hard to any more than that on the phone.  i'm trying to set up an Android emulator on my laptop, but their app will not run on what i have tried.

wikitree does not allow the + character in email addresses even though it is a valid character according to the "RFC" internet standards.  i use that in several other places and it has mostly worked.  i have come across a couple other places that reject attempts to use the + character in registered email addresses.

so i am currently looking around for yet another free email provider that lets me have direct access.  most don't because their advertising cannot show up that way.  i am also trying to figure out how to fake being such a provider, myself, which might be easy enough since it should receive email only from wikitree.

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