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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for guidance from the South African researchers for the profile of Rev James William Archbell  (1798-1866), which project should I add as profile manager ... voortrekkers or 1820 settlers? Have I done the project boxes right - I wouldn't call his profile complete?

Have I go it totally wrong and he belongs in another project altogether?

Thanks for any help

WikiTree profile: James William Archbell
in Genealogy Help by Pam Cormac Smith G2G6 Mach 6 (62.2k points)

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Because it is pre 1806 it goes to the Cape of Good Hope project.  You add this above biography {{Dutch Cape Colony}} .On Privacy tab you add  to the trusted list and then add them as a manager of the profile as well.
by Jaulanne van der Bank G2G6 (8.2k points)
selected by Pam Cormac Smith
Brilliant, Thank you so much!
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Well, it doesn't look like an 1820 settler. He arrived too early. So possibly Voortrekkers
by Shaun Wallace G2G4 (4.6k points)
Yeah, that was my thinking too
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Hi Pam

He was not a Voortrekker either, even though he was involved with the Voortrekkers. He was a missionary that left in 1823 many years before the Groot Trek began. The Voortrekkers left seeking independence of British rule.   

by Ronel Olivier G2G6 Mach 9 (92.3k points)
And that's true too. Sigh, alas I must conclude that he doesn't belong in either? I see somebody put English_Immigrants_to_South_Africa above his bio...this seems like a good fit!
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Although all of you have good ideas, he arrived after 1806 i.e. 1818 as such he falls outside the scope of the Cape of Good Hope project. He actually falls under which is still a sub-project in the making. It has a category

I believe I had a Voortrekkers sticker on him for his involvement with the Voortrekkers, but if the profile manager does not like it, it is OK to remove it.
by Louis Heyman G2G6 Mach 7 (76.9k points)

I absolutely love the sticker! Thank you Louis

And awesome, he is already in the category, I imagine I have you to thank for that too, Thanks Louissmiley

So now should I remove the Cape of Good Hope project from manager? And if so is there another project that I can add on for manager?

Hi Pam

I added the categories South African Stamouers and Missionary yesterday and removed COGH today. 

COGH only include "Stamouer" profiles that arrived before 1806. Your profile arrived in 1818 

You can add the SA Project sticker to his profile   {{South African Roots Sticker}} 

WikiTree rule regarding stickers

Rules on adding and removing

Profile Stickers can be placed on any profile on which they are appropriate by any contributor to the profile. In this context, "contributor" means anyone who is on the Trusted List and has been following changes or anyone who has been contributing to the profile.

They should not be placed by someone who does not actively follow the profile and who has not otherwise contributed to it, unless they communicate with the Profile Manager before or when the Sticker is placed.

Stickers can be removed by any contributor to the profile. They should not be added back without communicating with this contributor.

Stickers should not be included if any contributor does not want them there 

He falls under the South African Project but we do not add the project as manager to profiles unless the profiles  adhere to the  4 criterias explained on the home page of the project for PPP. 

1.1 One: They must fit within a project
1.2 Two: They must be 200 (years old) or notable
1.3 Three: They must have the lowest-numbered ID
1.4 Four: They must be controversial or duplicated 
Any questions, please do ask again :-P

Thank you Ronel, that was very informative. I've now added on the South African Roots sticker.

So clearly I need to remove the Cape Dutch Colony from manager because the profile doesn't fall within that project,

and he doesn't quite meet all the criteria for the South African Project to be added on as manager either:

1.1 One: They must fit within a project yes
1.2 Two: They must be 200 (years old) or notable yes
1.3 Three: They must have the lowest-numbered ID -7
1.4 Four: They must be controversial or duplicated not really duplicated
Hi Pam

Happy to have been of assistance :-)

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