Failed attempts at merging Elizabeth Ann (Dragoo) Kennedy [closed]

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Elizabeth Dragoo, who married first Jacob Straight and then William Kennedy has two profiles, however when a merge is proposed, it gets rejected.  

On 29 May 2018 Jeanne Howell wrote on Dragoo-276:

[[Straight-234]] and Dragoo-87 appear to represent the same person because: The STRAIGHT surname came from her first husband. Her last name at birth was DRAGOO. They both died same date and place. They both were buried in the same location. Only thing different besides the last name at birth was birth date and they are both estimates. The 1746 date appears to be to far back to be correct as last child listed was reportedly born about 1802 and if the 1746 date was correct she would have been approximately 56 years old at the time of his birth. The 1859 date would have made her only about 43 years old which would have been more likely, but further research needs to be completed to determine whether either of these dates would fall within the bracket of years that correspond to what ages were revealed in the available records.

Elizabeth (Dragoo) Straight-Kennedy's Find A Grave memorial is here:

WikiTree profile: Elizabeth Kennedy
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It looks like the other person is looking for more clarification to document that a woman born in 1741 and another woman born in 1759 are actually the same person.  It may be that the dates are just guesses, but that's enough of a discrepancy to need some investigation.

I was hoping to get some help from the MERGE experts.  The beginning of the problem, appears to me, to stem from the family of John Kennedy-17446, John Kennedy (1805-1890)(Imported data from GEDCOM upload #151884, on November 21, 2019.  

Both of his parents, named were subsequently merged into the current profiles.  I actually don't think he belongs to this family at all.  John Kennedy, who died April 12, 1890, in Providence, Rhode Island, was a still born whose father was William J. Kennedy, born in North Carolina and whose mother was Mary A. Kennedy, born in Providence.  He was buried in the "New Catholic Cemetery":

Those parents are on Find A Grave: and

Where the idea that he was born in 1805, in Scotland came from, I have no idea.  The only source on his page is Ancestry.  


I am continuing to work on this family have have proposed six additional merges of the duplicate children.

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There are at least 7 members that are involved in the Elizabeth Ann Dragoo/Kennedy Files. I have been in contact with one and I'm hoping for a reply.

Each profile should have a manager and they should be contacted about any problem with the Files.Normally mergers or changes to a File are done with the permission of the Profile Manager.
by Peter Callaghan G2G4 (4.7k points)

I hope that you are reviewing the comment sections, as well. For example, in reply to my suggestion regarding the Find A Grave memorial, the person who rejected the merge wrote, "Her father could not have been Jacob Straight as shown on Find A Grave as Jacob was born in 1741."

My reply to this comment is:  "
The Find A Grave memorial gives Jacob Straight, born in 1741, as her first husband and NOT her father."

I have not been sending private messages to individuals, but there has been "discussion" about the various children that require merging.  The duplicates are the result of previous merges and this is part of "cleanup after merges," in my opinion.

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I have added additional sources and proposed merges of Dragoo-275 and Dragoo-276 into Dragoo-36
by Janne Gorman G2G6 Mach 3 (35.4k points)
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I seriously think this is a case of 2 individuals with the same name. I don't have any proof, but if you look at the connections there is no matching information between the two profiles except the death date and name of spouse. The names of the children do not match nor does any of the children's data. Also if you look at the last attached child to Dragoo-275 which is Temperance Ann STRAIGHT (born: about 16 October 1786 in Monongalia County, Virginia) it is impossible that the same mother could have been the mother of Jacob Kennedy STRAIGHT (born: about 16 February 1787 in the same county) who is attached to Dragoo-36 as there is only 4 months between their births. Jacob STRAIGHT, Jr. died on 6 October 1786 in an Indian attack in Monongalia County, Virginia. There is no way that these two individuals could be the same person if they were both her children. Likewise there are similar names for other children on both profiles. This does not mean that the children are the same person. This was a common naming practice to name children after relatives or famous people.

Without further research we CANNOT and should not merge the two profiles there are just too many inconsistencies.

I do have to wonder if anyone has tried to contact the Dragoo Family Association to see if they had any data that could help clarify these two distinct individuals? I used to be a member, but my membership has lapsed and I know it is the same family line as they are researching or at least an offshoot of it.

Their website is here:
by Jeanne Howell G2G6 (9.7k points)
edited by Jeanne Howell
Not quite sure which profile you are referring to.  Actually, do you know how to close a G2G question?  Dragoo-276 has already been merged into

She is currently trying to merge Dragoo-275 and Dragoo-36 which are 2 separate people. Problem arises with the same spouse and death date. Everything else is different.
If Dragoo-275 is not married to Jacob Straight, his profile should be removed as spouse.  Jacob Straight is found here:

Jacob is the husband of Elizabeth Straight, 1759-1844, who married William Kennedy after his death.  IF Dragoo-275 is the same person, then her profile should be edited.  It currently has no sources and a mismatch of suppositions

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