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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: Until next weekend..
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.5m points)
closed by Pip Sheppard
There a tartan for you, Carol. At least the Bruce tartan if not more!
Thanks for hosting Weekend chat, Pip! I love the Scottish proverbs! I'd bet, though, if I said to someone who wasn't familiar with Scottish dialect, "Lang may yer lum reek!" I'd probably have to run or risk getting clobbered.

What fun to read Pip!    I'll double down on Laurie Giffin's 

My yer lum reek for a lang, lang time.

Nelda, it does sound a little lewd, doesn’t it? laugh

Hi Pip, thanks for hosting. I love your fallen leaves approach!
Laurie, when the Scots claimed the area in 1629 until 1632 that's what they called it (naturally) and then yes it got onto maps.  Naming things on maps was also a land grab ploy to make it seem like an area belonged to a country just because it was so named.  That was prevalent during the contested years with both the French and English making maps favorable to their side.

It would be fun to make a list of sayings.  Maybe some members of the Acadian project would have suggestions.    My husband I always think we should make a list of sayings from our parents.  They aren't used much anymore, but fun to remember.
Cindy, my younger brother and I sometimes talk in “Grannyspeak.” At other times it’s “Grandpaspeak.” I’m going to have write these down as here sayings are about as far down the line as they’ll go. I sometimes wonder if I’m saying something my ancestors might have said in their own colloquial way but the connection has been lost.
Pip: "Awa' an bile yer heid. Yer bum's oot the windae!"
Haha! Good one, Rob!
I remember making a sign for my grandfather camper that said "The Smith's Wee Hoose."

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Today is....



National Boston Cream Pie Day serves up a delicious dessert on October 23rd each year. Pie lovers, move along. Cake lovers, pull up a chair. Let’s celebrate the cake with an identity crisis! Boston Cream Pie is a chocolate frosted, custard-filled cake that is loved by millions.

In 1856, at Boston’s Parker House Hotel, French chef Monsieur Augustine Francois Anezin created this pudding and cake combination.

The decadent cake comprises two layers of sponge cake filled with vanilla-flavored custard or creme patisserie. The cake is then topped with a chocolate glaze, such as a ganache or sometimes powdered sugar and a cherry.

In 1996, Massachusetts declared the Boston Cream Pie as their official dessert. 

HOW TO OBSERVE Boston Cream Pie Day:

Celebrate the dessert with a slice of homemade Boston Creme Pie made from one of the following recipes. Be sure to invite someone to share it with you and make it a real celebration. Don’t want to bake? Visit your favorite bakery and give them a shout out while you’re there. Take a selfie and share it on social media.

Boston Cream Pie
Outrageous Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes
Boston Cream Pie Minis
Boston Cream Poke Cake

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.6m points)
That looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing, Dorothy!
Boston Cream Pie and a nice hot cup of coffee. A great way to end a meal. Thanks, Dorothy!
Always wondered why it was a "pie" but it tastes great any way you call it.
My grandmother who grew up in Boston, used pie pans to bake her cakes, the way her ancestors did. She also made pies from leftover cake (and other desserts), creating layers of sugary goodness, like her ancestors did.  When she couldn't find chocolate to drizzle over top, strawberry jam was her go-to.  

Now I need another coffee.

Several years ago, my sister and I visited the Parker House and shared a piece of Boston Cream Pie.  It was lovely.  We also had to have a Parker House roll to complete the historic food tour!

Here is some additional history from their web site:

The Omni Parker House Hotel is one of the most historic in the city. The restaurant has been part of the culinary scene since the late 1800s and help launch the careers of Emeril Lagasse, Lydia Shire, and Jasper White. Ho Chi Minh served as a baker, and Malcolm X was a busboy. The restaurant is also the birthplace of the Boston Cream Pie and Parker House rolls.

Hi Dorothy of the Ruby Red Combat Boots!

How are you? I love Boston Cream Pie. I wish I had some right now! Hugs to you!
I'd eat Boston Cream anything - donuts, pie, cake, eclairs... one of my favorites.

laughLaurie, those concoctions of your granny sound totally delicious -- and frugal, as the Scots are reputed to be 

Scott, Totally and fully agree! The ONLY think better than an eclair, though, is a cream puff from the Wisconsin State Fair! Sadly, the building is being used for Covid overflow now. Probably won't have a cream puff until 2022...2021 if I'm lucky!
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Had an interesting week with a visit to an official archive. Heavily guarded, virusproof, weird silence... a bit unreal.

Also launched a poll to ask for feedback: what do you want to see added to the tools website. Already chewing on the new ideas smiley.

For the rest.. well, lockdown with an online ADE. They really try to make the best out of it. Weird. Hope this will be the only time ever!

by Michel Vorenhout G2G6 Pilot (267k points)
Michel, I hope your visit to the archives was fruitful. We're expecting a harder lockdown coming soon since we are entering the flu season. Not looking forward to that.
Archives are really great places. Someday I'll get into the US National Archives. My wife has and we now both have things that would be faster to do there in person. Hope you had good results.
Go ADE!!  I agree its not an actual substitute for live performances, but I wouldn't want to imagine the lockdown without all this digital technology. The more fun we can create out of this strangest of times, the better.
Only thing I can compare that to was the Library of Congress. Got my library card to it while we were there a few years back, and sort of wandered aimlessly through the stacks and gawked at the architecture. There were many sections that were "off limits" to us plebes who wanted just what amounted to a tourist pass into the main Library areas, but I suppose if I'd wanted to qualify as a professional researcher, I could have pursued that route. I'm thinking that would be much easier if I didn't live about 600 miles from DC, but oh well...
Hi Scott,

I've had a Library of Congress card for years and use it whenever I am in DC (which won't be any time soon now, sadly). I also renewed my British Library card in 2018 as I love spending a day or so going through the old records. People at both locations are just wonderful and really helpful!
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Hi everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe in these days and times.

HOME: My cousin's husband had Covid and was hospitalized 2 weeks ago. He has recovered from it but has a lot of bad health problems. He had them before getting Covid. He still isn't doing good and has to be fed and is confused now. My uncle had to go to the ER this week. He has CHF so he has to watch his weight daily and he had gained fluid. 

GENEALOGY: I created a genealogy blog called, "Genealogically". https://ancestorjunkie.blogspot.com I need blog posts ideas for it. Feel free to PM me your ideas or reply to my post about Genealogy Blog Posts in The Tree House. It's a new blog. I want to know how you decide which ancestor to write about on your blog.

WikiTree: I am more active on WikiTree. I have been joining projects. I became Project Coordinator of the Membership Team of US Southern Colonies 2 weeks ago. As of recently, I'm a Project Coordinator for the Germany Project. I love Wikitree! It's so much fun! I love finding cousins and ancestors on here. If we are related or share DNA, leave a comment on my profile or send me a PM. I would love to hear from you!

by Greta Moody G2G6 Pilot (185k points)
Hope your family recovers quickly.

As to blog topics, i could never decide so gave up trying to find topics. Too many ancestors competing for equal time.
Greta, I'm so sorry about your husband's and uncle's illnesses. I know that puts a stain on you.

You need to get the Bloggers Badge. As to picking an ancestor to write about, tack an ancestry chart up and throw a dart. Any one you write about will be great.
Hi Doug!  Thanks for sharing your experience.
Hi Pip! It's my cousin's husband not mine. Lol I have the Blogger badge. Thanks for the advice.
How to create a blog?

I'm technologically challenged and have thought for a long time about a family history blog, we have such a large family I hoped I could provide some interesting stories and answers to questions that have been asked:

Such as Why was our 3 X grt grandfather called Joseph ' Fogger' Ross?

I know why now.
Hi M! You should create a blog.
Oh Greta! I am so sorry to hear of your family member's health and struggle with Covid. I will send positive intention for you and your family. Hugs!
Greta, your relatives are getting thumped pretty heavily - we hope they both will improve
Thanks, Carol
Thanks, Susan
Greta, have matters with your relatives improved? I know the tension from worry about the outcome is always wearing, even if we are not all that close to someone ... whatever happens to them will affect our lives to some degree ...
No, it's the same.
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Two big things in the news here ... weather and fires.  It froze here again last night and will for the next five or so nights ... and, over the weekend we're talking hard freezes starting tonight it will be: 23, 17,  6, 9, and 24 ... brrr.  The plants here are done!  Maybe a bit of snow this weekend but not enough to put out the wild fires.

A new fire started up to the West of the Continential divide near Grand Lake.  It quickly increased to be the second largest fire in Colorado history: 170K acres.  We had smoke in the area from this fire and the Cameron Peak fire yesterday that blotted out the sun for several hours.  Yard lights came on like 2 o'clock in the afternoon ... it was just dark.

As always, still pluggin' along in my Jewett book  Have about 300 more people to go ... mostly children of folks I've already entered ... whew!
by Bob Jewett G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Bob, I saw on the news this morning that Colorado was having its biggest fire in history, and thought of you and Doug out there, hoping you were safe.

So, when you finish the Jewett book, what's next on your list?
The smoke was definitely bad yesterday. Parts of Estes Park were evacuated and now Granby is under evacuation orders.
East Troublesome Fire.  My Daughter in law's family cabin is right above Grand Lake.  Inci web shows that fire coming right to the area of homes and the town.  I hope they can save it the town.  So many large trees and an old wood cabin just ready to incinerate.
And everything is so dry!  My fingers are crossed that no one is injured before they get it under control.
Cindy, hope you daughter-in-law's family's cabin is OK. So far Grand Lodge is OK but everything depends on the wind.
BOB, sympathy for the air pollution problem and hope expressed you and yours are not in the path of the fire(s) ...
I just saw your fire on the weather network, be careful!

Last time I was in Colorado we drove through an area that looked freshly burnt, and then learnt it has happened 10+ years ago, nothing had regrown because there had been so little rain.
Thanks to all for the thoughts ... yep, we're in a drought right now for the whole state.  Had another several years back.  This isn't the wettest place in the world!  The other problem is that most forests here suffered through beetle kill so there are lots of dead trees just ready to burn.
Have been keeping an eye on the Cameron Peak and East Troublesome fires. I grew up in Walden and a cousin posted a picture on Facebook. Also talked with my parents and they have been talking with friends who still live there who say you can smell the smoke every where. There clothes smell like they have been sitting around a campfire. Hope they are able to get these under control soon. A nice heavy snow fall would do a lot to help in some of the areas.
Supposed to get some snow tonight into Sunday ... higher elevations up to a foot.  Just depends on how dry or wet that snow is ...
We've had smoke most of the time over the past 3 months but the past couple weeks have been the worst. I sure hope the snow materializes and the winds don't get any worse. I see that Walden is also getting smoke from at least four  large fires (it is surrounded). Must be really, really bad air quality there and I hope they don't get the fires into there.
Earlier the only road out of town was towards Steamboat Springs because everything else was closed. I just got done reading about the Cameron Peak fire, the article said it is now the largest fire ever recorded in Colorado history. It has now burned over 200,000 acres and only about 57% contained.
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I hope all are well and had a good week.

The weather is finally changing a bit. Cold and hopefully wet. The last of the cold sensitive garden is in and we are really hoping for wet weather.

Still stressing over the fires. More friends were evacuated yesterday when Estes Park residents were told to leave. Rocky Mountain National Park is now closed. We are in no danger from the fire but air quality is in the dangerous levels.

Genealogically, keeping busy. Mostly with various Wikitree tasks.
by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (477k points)
So, the gardening is done for the year, Doug?

With the poor air quality, I hope you are doing what you need to do to protect yourself.
Almost done. Still need to plant garlic which didn't get done yet. Still have time for that. Also need to finish digging carrots and rutabagas. We ae essentially done. Planning for next year's expansion has started. My wife is planning the beginning of the orchard.
Hmmm... what kind of orchard? I wife wants fruit trees, too.
A mix of things. A few varieties of apples. Esopus Spitzenburg is one variety. Haven't decided on others yet. Pie cherry and eating cherry and plums. Definitely elephant heart (our favorite). Once those are big enough, then add hazelnuts. Basically things we have been buying at the farmer's market or the orchards.
We spent several weeks indoors this summer due to smoke, so I'm feeling your wheeze. Stay safe.  

PS I love my cherry tree.
Doug, keep an eye out on the often erratic path of those fires and pre-load the evacuation vehicle just in case ...
Doug, are you going organic on pest sprays for the fruit and nut trees?
Susan, we are definitely keeping an eye on things. Too scary not to.

For the garden and orchard, yes, organic. If it decreases yields, so be it.  We're also going to provide more habitat and food plants for native critters. My wife is working on adapting "forest gardening" aka "food forests" to work here where trees don't grow naturally. The strongest chemical we use is horticultural strength vinegar and even that sparingly.
Good, and I thank you and your Sig O for being careful ...
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Happy Friday!  Work has been super-busy for the past few weeks, but I cleared a little space on my calendar this morning to spend with my WT friends.

Oct 24 was my dear mother’s birthday, and she kicked off my genealogy journey, so one thought leads to another.

In the days before online records, research was much more painful than it is today. One of the most painful parts for my mother was getting access to closely-held family treasures, like memoirs, diaries and family bibles. She wasn’t always successful, but I inherited photo albums containing the results of her painstaking work. They were filled with sheaves of paper neatly inserted into plastic sleeves, and file folders stapled nearly shut. One contained a precious photocopy of her great-grandfather’s memoir. There were also a few books, with aged book marks and newer blue post-it notes noting pages of interest. She would never deface a book by writing on the pages, so sometimes it took a while to discover which specific passage had drawn her eye.

My goal was to transfer the material to an online format, where it can be shared and accessible to any relative with an interest.  But now that the bulk of the material is on WT (just a few photos remaining) I find myself loathe to part with the paper. Strange huh, the way stuff attaches itself to our heartstrings?
by Laurie Giffin G2G6 Mach 9 (94.9k points)
I know the feeling, Laurie. I have lots (but not all) of my inherited stuff posted on WikiTree, but I just cannot give up the paper. Who else would want my grandfather's pay stubs from the 1940s?
Hi Laurie, hope you're well.

I also have been uploading the last of my mothers (and her sisters) beloved family photos.  I've been attaching them to each of the profiles (on WikiTree) that they represent.  It's an arduous job, but one that must be done to preserve these great memories of days gone by.

Stay safe, stay healthy Laurie.  BTW, who is the weather in your 'hood?  Are the fall colours just stunning about now??

Heya Brad!  You're right about the photos of course, and they are getting close to the top of my to-do list.

As for weather, I'm in the Cowichan Valley just a few hours west of you by ferry. This time of year I do miss the #nsleafwatch, but my geraniums and pansies are still looking cheerful and I have nothing to complain about, except maybe the pretty doe munching on my heather ...

LOVE the Cowichan Valley!!  Yes I planted all my spring bulbs earlier this week and am waiting for the Iris', Crocus', and Daffs to poke their shiny faces towards the sky.  (a "few" more weeks to go!)

I have now finished all of the uploads.  Whew, what a relief, but they are now preserved for all to see.
I'm finding that when I get access to some of the books that I either can't check out or have for a very limited time that using that wonderful Spy Camera to snapshot each page and come home and review my treasures proves to be very useful. Since I have no intention of reprinting the material or posting it online, I find it very effective in capturing what I need from precious books. And it has the added benefit of not marking up the book in the process.

I know your mother didn't have that ability (I'm sure cell phones were either non-existent or just emerging), but I'd bet she'd appreciate it if she could use them now.
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No news on the genealogy front, but that's okay! I've been working on my science fantasy book and I'm 16,704 words in. The summary of it would be: Mermaids, called Posidni, have a Queen, and she is sick and tired of humanity destroying the oceans - her home. Her daughter, the Princess and Heiress, sets out to land to find a way to convince her mother to not eradicate all of humanity as retribution for what they've done.

I'm really excited I've written this much.

by G. Borrero G2G6 Pilot (111k points)
Hi there, G! How much more do you think you have to go to get close to finishing your book? Sounds like you are on a roll!
Thanks! I'm aiming for 40,000 words, so I'm just over a quarter of the way there.
I can't wait to read the ending!
G, do you know for NaNoWriMo? That is every year in November, but I think you have to write 50k words for that in the 30 days to be eligible there for something. Don't ask me exactly, I only follow it by some of my twitter contacts who participate(d) there.
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Happy Weekend to All!

I have to begin with weather here in north central Texas. I awoke to thunderstorms this morning – something we have not had for quite a while. The rain is very welcome. The rain precedes our first real cold front – this afternoon the temps will be in the 40’s – will have to pull out a jacket. But then, just heard that we will be back in the 80's Sunday. "sigh"

On the home front it has been a busy couple of weeks. My husband got out of the “boot” for his cracked heel bone so I no longer have had to be the chauffeur. We both had our yearly check-ups and almost all is okay there. He has a couple of follow-up tests to do in the next couple of months. We have had a plumber out to check water pressure at the regulator at the street – did not have to spend the $500 to get anything done there. Our new oven finally came in so that was installed and then another crew had to come adjust the side of the opening a bit and they did a beautiful job. In time for holiday cooking I again have two ovens. Of course, we don’t know what the holidays will look like but at least I can more easily get everything done at one time if needed.

On the genealogy front: My suggestions list is down to two – whew!! On my five generation chart, all but two (females) are now confirmed with DNA. Now, will slowly tackle triangulations for another couple of generations but that is more difficult when matches have not uploaded to GedMatch or are not in a site that has a chromosome browser.

I have to mention that my office organization project is still underway and there has been some progress. Efforts are continuing. My husband, minus his foot boot, took the travel trailer and went to his hunting lease yesterday morning. So, I have about a week to make more progress without thinking about what to cook for dinner!

I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe and well weekend. In the USA don’t forget to change your clocks back on Saturday night!
by Virginia Fields G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
My office reorganization: at a standstill.

My doc visit: found a lump under my arm, doc sez an infection it cancer. Whew!

Ginny, looks like you’ve had a lot going on around your house. Our next house will also have two ovens. One just doesn’t cut it. However, my wife never gets the benefit of me being gone for a week. Poor thing, I’m just won’t leave the house!
Nice work on the suggestions, and on the kitchen. I'm trying to de-gadget my kitchen, but that doesn't include anything related to cooking capacity. Enjoy your twin ovens!
+18 votes

Where to start? At home after much discussion we bought a new car. We got a 2021 Kia Soul GT, Blue. We decided to keep my Rio as a backup. The deciding factors were we got a lower payment than we had on the leased car we had and this one is not a lease. It also has a 10 year 100 thousand mile bumper to bumper warranty so Other than regular maintenance I will not have to worry about fixing things. https://www.wikitree.com/photo/jpg/Photos_and_sources_for_Dale_Byers-32

One of our sons tested positive for COVID. He is the one that is in the National Guard and works in a prison so we were just waiting for this to happen. He is not feeling ill so I think it a mild case.

Nothing much done on WikiTree this week Just too much else going on.

by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
Congrats on the new car with a lower payment and good warranty deal, Dale. And, sorry to hear about your son. I guess it was only a matter of time. Hope it stays a mild case.
Thats a nice shade of blue!  I hope your son is one of the lucky ones.
Laurie, The color is the main reason she chose that one. There were others that would have been cheaper with the same features but she loved that color.
Pip, The son is complaining about being forced to take 2 weeks off from work, even with full pay. He complains about being bored and today he was working at cleaning his garage so I think he does have a very mild case. He was not feeling sick but his employer is the State of Ohio and they are now giving the COVID test to all employees on a weekly basis as a precaution.
I have a 2020 Kia Forte the same colour. Is the key fob huge? Mine is enormous and heavy!
M, Yes they are big with the remote built in and the one I have has a "gold", colored at least, "lock" attached with a cable that I have not figured out how to remove, other than cutting the cable which I do not want to do. At least the lock makes it easier to hang up on the hook where I hang my coat.
I keep the key for my Rio on a separate ring to help keep the weight down in my pocket.
A weekly test? That doesn’t surprise me, especially since he works at a prison.
Good deal on the car -- strangest car I ever inspected was a deLorean ... we toured over the years something like four automobile museums and two train museums -- and attended a few Hot August Nights auto displays in Reno ...
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On this day: 

1940: Edson Arantes do Nascimento, far better known as Pelé, is born

1956: The Hungarian Uprising enters the violent period

1991: In Paris, a Peace Accord is signed to end the Civil War in Cambodia

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
I’ll be busy with the Hungarian Uprising. Thanks, Professor!
+21 votes

Hails and horns, Wikipeeps!

Things certainly slowed down on the genealogy front after last week. That isn't to say I haven't found anything. I DID still make a blog about my "Uncle Al" for quite the character:


I think Pip'll love this one. Al gave me twenty-one one dollar bills for my 21st birthday. Thinking back, I am pretty sure Pip would do the same thing only because his troll level is just as good. =)

A user on Find A Grave found Wilfred Felker's grave: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/214329001/wilfred-w.-felker

I just need to find graves for 8 people on my first 30 ancestors now! Four of those would be in Italy. 

I also had a whirlwind tour of the Magna Carta project. I thought I had a connection to several surety barons. That wasn't the case. So, I became an affiliate member just in case. I might find one down the line. But, having looked through my dynamic tree I don't think I do. It's fine. It's "whatever".

On the non genealogy front, the garden is finally closed up for the year. We had stuffed peppers the other night and were sooo good. =D We have some hot peppers too we can make into pepper flakes. Though, I recommend gloves and masks when doing that. 

Hope everyone has a good weekend! 

by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (610k points)
Your late! Where you been?

Great story about Uncle Al. A really good read. And I love the caption under the last photo. Just perfect!

How are you going to find those graves in Italy?!?

I was helping my 'rents with stuff. =)

That photo was awesome. I was planning on using a more current pic of the Salami Club but nah. I'll show ya it on Discord. I figured people would like the caption and the photo. 

I showed the blog to my dad and he loved it and the pic. Carl was the one who got me that periscope. Plenty of stories about him. He made his own wine and it was REALLY strong.

As for the graves in Italy? Well, the San Pietro ones will be relatively easy. Just gotta ask my cousins nicely. Vincenzo Carrabs and Maria Capobianco would be tricky. 

Chris, how is the graveyard tradition in Italy? Do they keep graves over the centuries or are they levelled after a certain amount of time? That answer will influence your possibilty to find those graves.
You remind me of my "salsa" garden in days of yore.  Processing all those hot peppers took gloves, masks, goggles and beeswax, and I still had burns to heal.  But it was worth it.  Ymm

@ Jelena: They turn them over every 100 years after the passing of whoever is in there unless the family pays. I was lucky to find Antonio and Domenica's graves as cousins took pics of them.

Dunno if it'll be the case for the others.

@ Laurie: Salsa Gardens sound good!

I'm just glad we have the policy of keeping folks where they're planted, so to speak. I can't imagine digging folks up to make room for more. Of course, we have tons of space here in the US.
Hey Chris! Check out the Sprague family now!
@ Carol I've been watching! You've been doing great work. =) I should probably get around to put the Frothingham kids.

@ Pip: Yeah. Space is always going to be an issue. In US cities like New Orleans, they have graves above ground because...ya know....they're below sea level,
Hey Chris, I'm going to work on a couple of Baldwin's this weekend. Taking a tad of a break from Spragues and Greens. Have fun with the Frothinghams.
Blogmeister, you have a full active life. Your thinking is sometimes sideways or so some would say, but I do not think so ... creative is what it is ... keep up the good works
@ Carol: Sounds like a plan. Good luck with the Baldwins. =)

@ Susan: Thanks, Susan!
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Buenos dias a todos from the Old Pueblo. It's 8:45am in Tucson a 70F (21.1C). It been a busy zoom week with presentations from university, medicare advantage plans an a special treat yesterday with a nurse run NGO from London. Today is work day to review a paper and continue on my own papers. Still self isolated due to a pandemic and never enough time.

I worked on cleaning up family profiles this week and did a merge. Tomorrow is special because it is our DNA SIG day with our local genealogical society. I am very happy with these zoom calls. I learn so much! I have had a bone of contention for several years now over a 4x great grandmother of mine (surname Green) who has been co-opted by another family with the same surname. Finally, I gathered the evidence I had for her and posted a compare/contrast on the other (co-opted) profile as to why their Green isn't ours. I also sent a copy to the NEHGS register as this error was perpetuated by an article written in the Register 66 years ago (turns out with no source). I heard back within a couple of days and the man who manages the online Register left a note as to the error on the article but suggested I write a brief article about the error with the comparison to the NEHGS Register! I've never written anything like this, but will give it a go. So that's my next task.

I am concerned for my family in Wisconsin with the Covid surge. My brother, a retired sheriff, was working sercurity around the large building on the fair grounds that was to be used for Covid overflow about 7 months ago. There was no overflow and it became a joke. Well...it's no joking matter now. They admitted their first overflow Covid patients yesterday in that State Fair building in West Allis yesterday! I've had a niece and nephew with Covid. I emailed my other niece, a Junior II in Nursing School and she missed her first two classes this semester because she had Covid and now she's having trouble keeping up with two very difficult classes because of what she missed at the start of the semester. I send positive healing intention daily from local to global.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Please take care!
by Carol Baldwin G2G6 Pilot (755k points)
edited by Carol Baldwin
Hi Pipster,

Thanks again for hosting. Elyse is doing well in her other three classes and loves her clinicals. She is on a cardiovascular unit, but is getting all types of patients because of the Covid overflow on other floors. Her trouble is with Pharmacology and Adult Health II. She missed the first two classes of these and they are tough classes from the get go. I mentioned to her that every student across the nation is in a mess this year because of the pandemic. If she must make up these two classes it's not the worst thing in the world. She would graduate in spring instead of winter. I would rather not attend winter graduation in WI when it's 40F below zero when I can attend when it's 40F above zero. I think she will pull it off, though. She has a 3.8 (of 4) GPA in nursing. I just don't want her to stress and get sick again, though.

Pip, I will send my address and phone by email so that you and your bro know where to find me in Tucson. How is your EMT daughter doing?

Our little paramedic came home two days ago. He pic from the day she got out, she looked as if she had been sleepless for days, which was probably true. We got a FaceTime from her today, and she looks much better!

I’ll need that contact info because if I ever share here that I’ve been to Tuscon, and don’t give you a ring, I know I’ll never hear the end of it! laugh

Thanks for the morale boost, Laurie!
Hi Brad! Alwasy great to hear from a Bart Starr fan! Yes, Covid had been especially difficult for my family and Wisconsin is being hit harder than ever now. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

I'm isolating seriously before doing my Poll Worker activity on November 3rd. Then I will self-quarantine again for a couple of weeks. Plan to get profiles updated during that time!
Hi Jelena! How are you and your mom doing? Yes, we still use F in the states. I try to convert to C when I do my Weekend Chat. It is always good to hear from you! You and your mom stay safe and healthy, too! Hugs!
We're doing ok. Cutting down contacts as much as possible. Mum still has her machine that abducts and rotates the arm. She can abduct (move out) the arm more than she could before, but we both doubt though, that she will be able to drive again. We'll see how all the stuff develops.
Papers...mentioned that one group paper is being published in Chest, so that's off the plate. Working on a nurses's group paper on night shift and daytime sleep. The other is from my research on a sleep education program that I have put off to get these group papers done, but it's crunch time. I need to get it done before I'm dead. I need to find out how much work this NEHGS Register article will be even though brief. I am not at all familiar with the Chicago style (or whatever...ibid, op cit, etc) sourcing that the genealogy journals use. It's the evidence and sourcing that takes so much time!
Keep up the good works, and remember to stay in character as The Masked Lady ...we have hopes for your niece to recover ... you have an amazing opportunity there to write an article .... if you need editing hints or writing tips, think Pipl has had a lot of practice and so has the Blogmeister and so does Dale
Hi Susan, Thanks for the kind words and support!
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Hi all from a no longer so dry south east Queensland. 

We have had a could of showers and one night of good rain this past week. 

There is also a high possibility of more rain over the weekend. 

I got so excited I went to the local nursery yesterday and brought enough herbs and flower seedlings to keep me busy for the next couple of days. 

On the genealogy side of things - I met a 3rd cousin once removed on a family history facebook page I found and she is already on Wikitree, as is another member of my Vidler line. I found that very exciting.smiley

Every day I am learning more about Wikitree and how to get the most out of both the site and my own targeted research. A huge thank you to all of those who are helping me along the way. 

Stay safe and thank you to all who share a little about their week

by Rosalie Neve G2G6 Pilot (148k points)
Hiya, Rosalie! You finally got some rain. Wish we could have sent you ours from this year. We had day after day of rain for a long stretch there.

Good news on the cousin find! How neat. Hope they can assist you with he research they’ve done.
Spring is my favourite season, and I too celebrate with green things in my garden and window-box.  I'm glad you had a little rain to freshen things up.
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A big happy howdy from your friends in Canada!!

Yeah this week has been a whole lot of "same old, same old".  We are moving into the second wave of Covid-19 on the west coast here and I'm trying very hard to remain indoors as much as possible.  Which of course gives me much more time to hunt down some elusive ancestors.  The west coast has fared rather well, all things considered, but now if the time to double down and stay well.

I've found successes on a few "brick walls" that I couldn't crack in the past.  A brick wall today is one that can crumble tomorrow.  I've also found that if you're stumped, step away and come back to it later with a different perspective.

I've been spending a lot of time with my Orphans Trail trailers, assisting them to become more proficient WikiPeeps!  I love it when they take a biography and turn it into an interesting life story of the profile.  Big difference from one trailer to the next.  Some a flying through in a few weeks while others are taking months or dropping out entirely!  I hope it's not me. surprise

My grandkids are all back in school now and I'm happy for that.  They are very adamant about keeping me up to speed on wearing my mask and keeping the proper distance.  I love kids!  They keep me young with their enthusiasm and imagination.  They have, for the last couple of years, followed their Grandpa's love of the outdoors by jumping full speed into camping and fishing and hiking.  It makes my heart smile. heart

Well that's it for me.  I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.  We will come out of this thing together, much wiser than we went in!  Take care my Wiki family. cheeky

by Brad Cunningham G2G6 Pilot (146k points)
I've done exactly that, Brad, stepping away for while and coming back to a brickwall. It doesn't always work, but enough times for me to try that.

I'm glad to see you helping out with the Orphan Trail. That was one of the best experiences of my time on WikiTree. I remember it fondly as I had such great help, and boy oh boy did I learn a lot. It made me a better WikiTreer.
Yes Pip, I have sometimes walked away for up to a year to come back to revelation!

Thanks for the vote of confidence on the Trailblazers.  It truly is rewarding to see the growth & thrill in others.  

All the best to you & yours Pip.
You asked me about weather Brad, and I said "oh its lovely out there", but now I'm hearing we're nearly setting records for cold.  My geraniums are still happy, but the last time it was 9C (~50F) here was 1893.  Truly living in paradise.

I agree that stepping aside gives perspective. I have discovered it also gives time for records to be published online, for unknown relatives to take DNA tests, get their tree online, and plant other clues in the landscape.

I'm glad you get to enjoy those grandkids.
Thank you for the reminder that a brick wall may not always be the end.

Stay safe
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Hello everybody!

here in Germany the Corona-infections are still exploding, we are in an exponential rise, I'm just waiting for the big shutdown of non-essential shops like we had it in spring. The number of Covid-patients in ICUs is also rising, so the situation is less fun here in the meanwhile.

The neighbor in the house who had contracted Corona was tested negative in the meanwhile, but I heard just today that the cousin of my 2C1R who is collecting all conspiracy theories and mixing them together was tested positive and is currently in quarantine. "He has a light version, he only has muscle pain." Oh well... One of my twitter contacts in Britain had the asymptomatic version but now says he lacks energy. So even asymptomatic cases can have problems afterwards.

Genealogy-wise I looked a bit on the scanned documents of my ancestor's town and I created some more profiles for my project. There I had a really interesting case: A man who died on 10 Nov 1918 in the Grandduchy of Oldenburg. On 9 Nov the Weimar Republic was announced, but the Grandduke of Oldenburg only abdicated on 11 Nov. So I *assume* the historically correct version is "Grandduchy of Oldenburg, Weimar Republic". Oh man, couldn't you have died two days earlier? That would have spared me a lot of problems...

Personally, we have had this week our fights with one particular parcel deliverer. They should have brought us two parcels, but the driver obviously didn't enter our house at all. I only saw on their website that he brought the parcel to the pick-up-shop of them. Well, this pick-up-shop is in the industrial area of our town, it is accessible, but it is quite a walk and to bring home the big parcel by walk is tedious. Also, hey, it's his job to bring me the parcel home. And when I live in a larger house, he still has the job to bring me the parcel home... grrrrrrrrrr....

Wherever you are and whatever your challenges and dangers are, stay safe and healthy
by Jelena Eckstädt G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Oh Jelena, don't get me started.  Delivery agencies have been plaguing me with their habit of NOT reading the delivery instructions on how to get to my door for years now.  I've had many discussions with their company about their delivery practices, but no positive results have come from it.  I don't know why one even bothers to leave concise instructions if they are going to be ignored.  It is aggravating to say the least, but I truly don't think customer service is their priority!!  Stay healthy too.

OK rant over! LOL.
Jelena, I'm expecting a new lockdown any time now. We've had a spike here in North Carolina, and it's up to the governor to decide this. We're still under some restrictions.

I feel for you with the German locations. I think I've got it pretty easy here, just having to worry about a few county line changes. I can't imagine what I'd do with the situation you just described. I think those dates were such in flux that you would be safe to keep the Grand Duchy, German Empire, even if the Republic was declared the day before.
When I feel like someone is going to tell me I'm wrong with either solution, I pick the one that seems most reasonable to me and add a note for other researchers to consider.

We are "shattering records" for COVID here too, but Dr. Bonnie isn't talk of lockdown (yet) as there is still capacity in the medical system. Personally, I don't want to be one of those using the medical system, so we're keeping things quiet. Its going to be a long winter, but we'll get through it by supporting each other.  And Zoom family dinners.

Who is Dr. Bonnie? I know Dr. Birx (Thanks Randy Rainbow), but she is (afaik) a Deborah, so I have no clue who is Dr. Bonnie.

Our parcel deliverers now throw the packages over the yard gate. Behind it are our garbage cans. I had opened one of them to dry it after emptying. Of course a parcel fell right in there.
No, on Christmas this deliverer doesn't get cookies.
Dr. Bonnie Henry is our Chief Medical Officer for the province of BC.  She is somewhat (and rightly so) of a folk hero here.
Lothar, I'm with you!!  No cookies for you!
I have several ancestors from Oldenburg, once they leave the US I pretty much give up on going any further. I can't read or speak German so I basically just hope someone else will one day take up the challenge.
I would give cookies to the deliverers of the other companies, but the one of that particular company, no. he won't get any...
I would expect it to be Hermes? The best thing I've experienced so far:

"day 1: customer wasn't home;

day 2: address not found"

Florian, I had to think through that one! surprise

Florian you are right. Obviously you have already made your experiences with them.
 This supplier was previously with dpd and is now with Hermes. He is still unfriendly.
dpd are the ones that don't come into our house. Today when I came home with the latest package, a neighbor saw it and when I said they didn't come. "Oh, again not." They are obviously very known for this.
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It's my first time on a weekend chat. Lately my unemployment has left me extremely bored so taking a break from the endless job search I've found myself here on wikitree. I have been going page by page through an un-indexed Brunswick, ME vital record that has family groups and either adding new profiles or adding the source to the existing profiles.

When I started the Brunswick_Maine category (https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:Brunswick%2C_Maine) had around 40 profiles now it has more than tripled and I still have 300 pages to go through. This all started because I couldn't break a brick wall down. What was I thinking?
by Leilani Atkins G2G6 Mach 1 (15.1k points)
Hahaha! I know what you mean, Leilani! I start something thinking it will be easy, and then it turns into a monster! But, good for you for tackling this. It only makes WikiTree that much better.

Glad you joined us in the Chat and hope you see you more.
I have come across some names that I think need a revival, Nepthalius, Keziah, Eleazar, Ichabod, Narcissa and Cyprian.

Other names can stay dead like Dorcas, Mehitable and Winthrop.

Of course there are names that haven't ever gone out of style that should really think about retirement like, John, James, Robert, Thomas, William, David, Steven, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Jane, Ann. They have had a good run I think they should take a break.

Welcome to the chat Leilani!   

I don't have any ancestors from Brunswick Maine, but many of the names are familiar. No surprise that we have 32 ancestors in common.  

I've also focused on a couple of places where my roots are deep, and I can share an idea that helped me break the work into bite-sized pieces. I also used it to capture what I've learned about the place, that doesn't really fit into anyone's profile, or maybe fits into all of them.  Here's an example: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Liverpool%2C_Nova_Scotia

And I enjoy the name game too.  I agree with your choices.  Plus I have an ancestor who was Eliphalet, which I can't say aloud without adding an "n" near the end. 

The weekend chat is a very nice place to visit during these challenging times. Nice to meet you here. smiley

Yeah Eliphalet has made multiple appearances and it is probably another one that is best it stays dead.
Nice to meet you. Yeah, I also know them, those "I just want to quickly ..." projects that could take months in the end.

Kind regards from Black Forest
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This is the eastern half of my backyard. Many of the leaves have already fallen (thousands since I took it this morning), so there's not a whole lot left to look at. (The shed on the left is where I end up when I'm in trouble with you know who. laugh)

by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.5m points)
I have read something by him, but I can't remember the title. Sorry. Back then he was a writer like any other.

Readers, anyone who has read scifi has probably dipped into TERRY PRATCHETT ... he and Rex Stout (murder mysteries) and maybe a dozen other authors had an enormous output of books and short stories that they output 

But when younger in my early teens and through my 20's I read also an enormous amount of psychology, sociology, anthropology, ... and, some social anthropology also ... 

The only history I dip into is whatever surrounded genealogy, my effort to understand the context of this or that person's life 

Sadly, I have also compulsively read the ingredients on packages and other containers ... not that I understand the stuff but Curious Minds Want To Know ... one of the reasons why I totally LOVE google is that I can find out something at least about anything I do not understand 

(Sorry, Susan! Fat thumb hit the wrong link. sad)

I became an ingredient reader when my health changes required it. Makes for some long store visits.

Two other outstanding Sci-fi writers are Spider Robinson who makes me laugh, and Robert Sawyer(a Canadian writer) especially his Hominids, Humans, Hybrids trilogy, all set in Canada.

PIPPIN -- Eh, I know about loooonnnggggggg excursions through a store, indeed ... I have to be careful about oils and fats and sugars and have to avoid totally ginger lest I strangle on phlegm (instant allergic reaction) ... allergic to milk products, corn products ... the list is long .... 

LOL MY shopping is "Read it and weep." 

Have to point out I don't know nothing about no wrong link BUT WILL take your word for it that it ... wherever it is ... was a wrong'un 

Been a damn long year and isn't getting any shorter even if we are in the last quarter of it 

MRoss not sure I have read any of those authors ... I'm lousy with Names even with ordinary people

I read a lot of Piers Anthony -- have a lot of the Xanth books --

Can't recall who wrote the ones M.Y.T.H. which features among a few a demon Az, a sloppy dragon, a unicorn, a Mundane adolescent and

There the multiple trilogies of the ones that are about a feudal system and a foundling who became apprenticed to a magician and then was captured by alien invaders and who has also turned out to pretty close to immortal ... ah, Pug is his name ... there's Arutha and his bro and their half bro in those books ... a long and bloody struggle against the invaders

I also have a lot of Rex Stout's "Nero Wolfe" books ... P.D. James books, Agatha Christie, and so forth

DO YOU SUPPOSE that people who are really into reading, like Pip and his histories and biographies etc and the others in this thread that read a lot of scifi and other area ... do you suppose that's why they also are really into genealogy?  Not sure how that would relate but a lot of folks who "do" genealogy are also "heavy readers" or so it seems
Hey Susan; I read non-stop, but I have no tolerance for fantasy, no magicians, no dragons etc. I have read the Dune books but found some of them irritating.  SciFi is one thing SciFi fantasy is completely different

I did my thesis on reading mostly because I didn't understand how people could have trouble reading, now many years later I have some understanding of the difficulties that can happen.

Have you read Elizabeth George or Anne Perry, both great English authors, police stories, the first present day, the second 19th century, Anne Perry's William Monk mysteries are an exceptional description of life in mid 1800s London.

Yes, has been a long year. Sadly and stressfully longer.

The mistake I mentioned was hiding your post trying to respond to it. Tried to stop the process, but computers rule the world, just like in sci-fi.

devil crying Is okay, Pip, not to worry, I didn't know about it therefore it did not bother me until I found out ... ? Something like that 

MROSS, the intolerant one of some genre, DO tell us candidly how you fell feel ... laughlaughlaugh Is okay, I will be tolerant enough for all of us, since I am intolerant of many things at the personal level ... you may read what you will, I do not presume to attempt to dictate literary tastes and I prefer fantasy sci-fi. which has very neat plot lines and a happy ending. Love the Disc World series (Terry Pratchett) and I have most of those 

I do not recognize the names of the authors you mention, Monk, George, Perry .... 

Ah, Ellis Peters think that is the author = Edith Mary Pargeter -- Ellis Peters, pseudonym of Edith Mary Pargeter, (born Sept. 28, 1913, Horsehay, Shropshire, Eng. —died Oct. 14, 1995, Madelay, Shropshire), English novelist especially noted for two series of mysteries: one featuring medieval monastics in Britain and the other featuring a modern family.

BROTHER CADFAEL  was a monk, a detective, an ex soldier, paramedic, devoted to God, and has a logical rational mind -- lived in the times of the War of Roses -- character was well developed in the books I have most of them 

Also very much like the 1632 series started by Eric Flint, I have 20 some of those books -- learned a lot about the 30 yrs war ... and customs ... picked up on some German phrases ... 


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HOME LIFE -- we now have a roof (yes, yes, I keep mentioning that but it will live in my memory for awhile) and the front exterior wall board was replaced ... that was a strip something like 10 or 12 feet long and a foot high ... it's one thing to hear the crewman sawing across that length ... but when he RIIIPPPPPPSSSSSSSSS the darn thing off and it sounds like eldritch screaming ....... I do not ever want to hear a house scream like that never no not again ..... cats scattered and if I had more mobile I'd have scattered with them 

GENEALOGY -- filled in a trifle on the William Henry Harrison Breeden - WikiTree Profile family all of whom were orphaned ... excepting Phoebe who married a 1C2R of mine (Marion Franklin Pate) .... 

SUGGESTIONS went berserk this last week, .. I do not consider a mangled Little Bird to be an egregious error so I do not panic .. eh. The hard part is trying to locate the clipped wing thing that set off the alarms ... have to pump up the mag on the screen and then go nose to nose ....

Have six FaG date conflicts to struggle with ... seven other FaG are merely missing location which is not a problem for me , just a matter of copy and paste --  and then double check--  and double check it again -- to make sure I have not created another error ...  

I keep myself entertained by fixing the errors I do create while trying to fix the errors I already corrected ...  hey, gotta get your laughs where you can, eh? Yep.  Seems to be no end to the amount of entertainment I can find on my watch list 

2,883 (currently) profiles but that is subject to change, sometimes more and sometimes less ... sound like one of those square dance calls, take a step forward, take a step back, allemande all around, and back again, get set ... 

The ALLEMANDE is a figure in country dancing in which adjacent dancers link arms or join or touch hands and make a full or partial turn.

Gets very exciting when the music is fast and you are a klutz who tends to step on their own feet ... oh, well, it was fun while it lasted but the Leader thought that perhaps I might fill in only in emergencies ... eh ... story of my life ... but it was fun 

(MY opinion was that if they'd wanted Olympic grade athletes to do those dances that should have been written into the flyer from the start ... )

Of course I was a LOT younger in those days ...

Nostalgia running rampant, here ... 

PIP, I counted, I currently have 129 folks born in Georgia ... eh, but 1,660+ born in Texas ... 

WEATHER ... much as it has been -- arid .. the heat wave went away, that was a blessing  and we have not had any recent tornadoes in NorCal .... 

What I want is not Boston Cream Cake -- what I want is CHEESE CAKE, the real thing with REAL WHIPPED CREAM ... yes!!! Not going to get it unless it is served in Heaven, though 

Y'all stay masked up though the rest of the fall and winter and coming spring .... when we was little nippers and running around with our cap guns and faces covered with bandanas everyone thought it was cute ... how norms have changed over these 60 years and the norms are still in flux 

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (591k points)
edited by David Selman

Susan, we eight cousins, from a South Carolina family. I had to check since you said you have Georgia folks. Some of mine went he found about way, from SC to NC to Ga. wouldn’t it have been quicker just to go west. And then there the dozens who left for Washington for the logging industry. It’s not like they ran out of trees here.

Cheese cake with whipped cream AND blueberries.

Wish I had a video of you doing that dance. I’d save it for days I needed a pick-me-up. (You and I must have taken the same dancing lessons; no gymnast here.)

eh? did I read an "eh" in your post Susan Smith?  Yes, I see one right there between Georgia and Texas.  Whenever I eh, I am teased about being Canadian ... so I have to wonder, do we have a new recruit? Eh?

Laurie, beware the Jabberwhacky (jabber, blather)  (whacky, whacko, etc) ... "eh" 

"used to represent a sound made in speech in a variety of situations, in particular to ask for something to be repeated or explained or to elicit agreement." 

“Eh” is a sound. It is not a word, and it has no meaning. With a rise in tone, it can be understood to mean: Yes? Sort of like when the French will say "N'est pas" (= isn't that so?, is it not so? and expecting a "Yes" in response ) 

“Eh” is of the invariant variety because it doesn't change every time it is used. In the sentence, “Nice day, eh?”, it is used as a tag which changed the thought into a question. ... “Eh” is also called a confirmational, which means a word attached at the end of a sentence to confirm if something is true.Dec 20, 2017

It is also commonly used as an alternative to the question tag right?, i.e., method for inciting a reply, as in "It's nice here, eh?" (instead of "It's nice here, right?"

Your square dancing memories stirred up some of my own. When I was young and single (between marriages) I would go square dancing three times a week or more. Loved it! My current husband hates any kind of dancing. How did that happen that I, who loves to dance, fell in love with someone who doesn't?! (We won't discuss my lack of grace.)

I didn't realize how many profiles I had created without "Little Birds." I've been busy with them lately.

Pip, 8th cousins? Do I read that aright?  Yeah. That's on my father's side, via his granny  Delana Caroline (Wooten) Smith - WikiTree Profile


Nelda, story of my life, 3 spouse, I like to dance a bit, they did not  

"Opposites attract" is the usual explanation -- or excuse --  obviously we were attracted by some other facet of their personality, other than their dancing feet ... and who knows what that facet -- or three or five -- was? 

Oh, that reminds me, someone made bon mot -- they explained that one man's explanation is more likely to sound in the ears of the other man like an excuse 

Ah, and there's a really pointed article (well-written) on the two terms EXCUSE OR EXPLANATION? - Gratitude and Trust: Six Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

ago by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (359k points)
edited ago by David Selman

Giving an edit reason on one's own posts is pretty much optional, but editing someone else's posts should require a reason.  If for no other reason that that I am curious, but not a cat.  Meow.  cheeky

Melanie, Um. Do I know what the h*ll (p'don my french) this is about? No, I do not.  frown

I have never had the clout to enter into another person's post anywhere in WT and so could not edit it. Cannot be done by me.  Flat period not happened. Won't happen. I cannot overcome the Cyber Gnome. Nope. You stuck your thumb in the pie and missed pulling out any cherries, Melanie. no

Laurie, I have traveled across Canada, yes ... think it is in Maine or Vermont the "natives" are apt to say "eh" or "eh?" and it's in NYC and parts of CA the "natives" will say "Meh." And Meh is not the same as eh.  As I found out. laugh

Tsk. crying 75+ years of age and I'm still scrambling behind the faire to keep abreast of changes in common speech ... we all need a hobby ... mine is trying to understand my fellow  humans ... cheeky lot of failure there .. 


Ah, PIP, migration from SC to NC to GA is natural given the opening up of lands to be taken / claimed / bestowed -- SC formed Mar 1776, NC was Nov 1789, and GA was Jan 1788 -- and don't forget that among lands handed out the Brits handed out some in NC and at first it was "Tory" recipients which I found interesting but it turns out the infant US had its own hands in the bestowal of lands by one way or another -- and don't forget the land lotteries of GA ... and France bestowed lands etc .... every govt of the 17th and 18th had their fingers in those pies or others  

There's always a tie from 1630+ (arbitary date selected by me) through the establishment of the last of the 50 States and the availability of land and whatever resources that land contained be it grazing, farming, minerals, oil, ores, you name it -- 

In general the then current economic and financial opportunities and the means of income was often one of the major causes of chunks of family & inlaws packing up and heading out to new lands 

Lot of fuss is always made about freedom from religious persecution but if the LAND had not been available, if the ECONOMIC opportunity wasn't there in a particular location, they & theirs would have headed for some other place 

I'm talking solely about USA and eras in which the USA was conceived and given birth to .... and I have only the most basic info on it 

But when you talk about Europe and combine it with economic geography and limited resources availability and the geopolitical climate and voluntary and involuntary migration of people .... 

People go to locales where they think prosperity will welcome them 

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Hey, all you WikiTree wonders!

Genealogy this week, I have worked on some project profiles. I have started adding to my family tree again. The weather here is beautiful.

Edited to hide my sorry attempt to add a photo in G2G cheeky

by Laura DeSpain G2G6 Pilot (406k points)
Hahaha! I had to get very explicit instructions on how to upload a photo here. I’m not so good on figuring things out myself.

The weather here is just he same, Laura. We’re enjoying it while we can as clouds are forming over us right now. 75F with a light breeze. Perfect.

Edit: our paralegal is a lifeline for us. Always available to answer questions.
Yes, I think that I am going to have to find a photo tutor for G2G images.

It is 82 here so great weather. Ya'll (yea I just said it. haha) always have just a little cooler weather than we do.
Huh, 82. You mean 82 F? That's a little over 27°C. That's nice. We only had 14°C today, that's about 57 F. But to see the sun for a short time. Otherwise it was raining. The autumn is here, the winter is coming.
Took me a while to figure it out too.  

Enjoy the beautiful weather! I suspect this winter there will be more time for fiddling with computers.

Does this help?  To add an image to a g2g post, it firstly needs to already be online somewhere.

Then you click the little picture icon, as arrowed, below :

and add the url for the image to the first box arrowed, below.

If you need to resize it (as I did the one below), then you can change the size in the width, or height boxes (but not both, unless you want to distort the picture).


If you wish to add a link to the full-sized image, then you make sure the image in the post is selected, then add the url by clicking the little chain-link icon, two to the left of the image add icon.    (For the full size of the below image, click the picture.)

I did mean 82 F, I was not thinking about the difference in other places. Yes, it is nice better than 101 F.

57 F is a little cool. Enjoy it before winter sets in.
Sorry about that Laurie, we use F so I automatically think that way. I forget there are a lot of people here that use C.

Winter doesn't really set in here until January. Then by March/April it starts warming up again.
Thank you, Melanie! Your the best! The visual helps a lot. I have tried figuring it with no luck. Learned something new, yes!

I should have added .. if changing the size, it is far better to use the width than the height, because it matters far less how TALL an image is, than it does how wide.

(If I knew how to do a video of me adding an image to a post, I would.  But I don't, so screencaps have to suffice.)

Thank you, I copied and pasted your instructions for easy access until I know I have it right. I will add about that width too. I really appreciate you explaining it to me. smiley

I gave a Toastmasters speech about "Dolorem Ipsum, Google Translate and Conspiracy Theories."

It all started with a fabric feeding frenzy.  Out of the sales table I pulled a richly red, elegant piece that had Latin writing on it.  It used the "Lorem Ipsum" text as part of its graphic design.

It comes from Cicero's "De Finibus Bonorem et Malorem" ("On the Ends of Good and Evil"). In the 1914 Loeb Classical Library edition, page 34 ends with: "...neque porro quisquam est que do-" and page 35 begins with: "lorem ipsum, quia dolor sit amet consectetur..."  Translation: "Nor is there anyone who loves or pursues or desires to obtain pain of itself, because it is pain, but occasionally circumstances occur in which toil and pain can obtain for him some great pleasure."

Lorem Ipsum was available from Letraset for transfer to graphic designs (remember cutting out individual letters with X-Acto knives?)  Nowadays we can just copy and paste from the Internet.  And for those who find traditional lorem ipsum too boring, there are web pages that offer hip variations, like Bacon Ipsum, Batman Ipsum, Cheese Ipsum, Cupcake Ipsum, the Lorem of Zelda Ipsum, Pokemon Ipsum and Samuel L. Jackson Ipsum.

I tried using Google Translate on several variations of lorem ipsum. Anyone who's tried using Google Translate (I hear you, Greg Slade!) may find that meaning goes in and gibberish comes out, especially in a heavily inflected language like Latin.      

Some who tried translating "lorem ipsum" into English using Google Translate discovered a curious phenomenon that lasted until August 2016. This is where conspiracy theory enters in.

Just slight variations in position, capitalization and repetition resulted in: China, the internet, NATO, the Company, China's Internet, Internet Business and Home Business.

Brian Krebs, an expert on internet security, collected the data and asked other security experts what was going on.  He was about to present his findings at a conference when suddenly, as he expected it would, it all disappeared.  Back to standard Latin-to-English translation.

Krebs points out that these curious translations often result because not enough Latin text exists for Google Translate to draw upon.  But so many references specific to China, the Internet, business and so on suggests that some persons were using the program to game its ability to learn from crowd-sourced input.  

The comments posted to Krebs' blog ("Krebs on Security") are very interesting. One said: "Bored teenagers have been gaming Google Translate for years.  Once you figure out how to trick it into believing that two pages are translations of each other, it will very gladly incorporate any 'translation' you tell it about."  I liked this one the best: "This is obviously a mass conspiracy perpetrated by Latin teachers worldwide so that students can't cheat on their translation homework."
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Hi from southern Ontario;

It's summer again, 25 C in the sun, with blue sky, earlier it was so foggy I couldn't see the houses across the road. This afternoon I have to finish planting bulbs in my front garden and then scatter some cleome seeds for next years flowers. Next week will be below seasonal temps so no time to waste. Where we are there is often a nasty snow storm in mid-November last year November was colder than January and then it melts and we have a green Christmas. 

Atlantic salmon have been running in the Credit river for the past 3 weeks and now that they are starting their return trip to the ocean and are quite tired the gulls, turkey vultures and coyotes are having a fall feast on the ones that aren't going to make it. 

My oldest granddaughter was 18 yesterday and yes her mother my daughter was only 21 when the granddaughter was born. I'm not ancient quite yet. 

WikiTree progress: I have been working on my hugely expanded suggestion list, partly because of the 192 profiles I adopted 2 weeks ago but mostly because I added profile completeness. I'm actually closing in on 1000 contributions for October, which I find astounding. Two days of almost non stop rain helped. 

Then I'll go back to scanning pics and docs for a while. After that adding all the other ancestors that haven't made it onto WikiTree yet. About 1700 I think which is more than I have on my watchlist now. Maybe I am nuts! 

No one is quite sure what to expect for Halloween, it can't be cancelled and it is an outside activity and trick or treaters are usually wearing masks, I bought candy so we are prepared. Last year we had 86 kids. 

Other interesting things, at the property where my Hort society maintains the heritage gardens. An archeological dig is happening. The space being excavated looks about the right size for a very early basic log house, about 12 X 12 feet, with could have been an extended front door. It would predate the earliest official settler. Possibly a winter home for trappers or fishers, as the river still has salmon and there would have been lots of beaver.  

The property was first settled in 1832 by a United Empire Loyalist, had about 4 owners I think by the late 1800s and then was owned by the same family until 1994, when it was bought by the city and will stay undeveloped green space with 43 acres of land and very old apple trees.

by M Ross G2G6 Pilot (473k points)

We’ve got bulbs on the way, M. Double-blooming irises so we can enjoy them more than just in the spring. 

Oh, how I wish I had taken archaeological courses when I had the chance. I’d love to do a dig. I do know, however, that they let amateurs do digs under supervision. Maybe one day. I love that the area is going to remain “green.” So many cities have lost this. The beautiful rural area where I grew up is now covered with neighborhoods. sad

An archaelogical find on a heritage site? Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Or it was very good planning.

I remember visiting a heritage garden and a little pioneer museum near the Credit River on a meandering vacation around the Niagara Escarpment.  Its a beautiful area. Glad you're getting some balmy weather.

Did it look like this? 


I could live there!

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