Quest for Great-Grandparents: Goodie Edition - Second Helping

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I listed 21 goodie makers for the first Goodie Makers challenge. Normally, I try to stick to 14 people per challenge, partly to keep a challenge from being so hard that it discourages people, partly to make comparisons between how complete each challenge is a little bit more fair, but mostly because, if I go past 14 people, I hit the size limit on G2G messages. (Apparently, tables use up a lot of characters!)

So, partly because of that imbalance, and partly because I have received suggestions for still more goodie makers, what I'm going to do is pull seven of the goodie makers from the first challenge, add seven new ones to bring the list up to fourteen people, and list them here in this challenge.

The rules are the same as for Quest for Great Grandparents: Goodie Edition - First Helping

Name Connected Great-grandparents
David L. Clark (Clark Bar) Yes 0
C József Dobos (Dobos Torte) No 0
George Ensor (Pal-o-Mine) Yes 0
Karl Fazer No 0
Eduard Haas (PEZ) No 0
John Mackintosh Yes! 2
John Fremont McCullough (soft serve ice cream) Yes 3
Robert McVitie No 0
William Neilson Yes 0
Hans Riegel (Haribo) No 0
Macpherson Robertson (MacRobertson's) Yes! 0
Russell Stover  Yes 8!
Theodore Tobler No 2
Karol Wedel Yes 0

in The Tree House by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (546k points)
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hehehe, second helping eh?  Sounds like somebody ate some goodies and came back for more.  cheekylaugh

Well, "part two" just seemed so boring...

Fixed the link to John Mackintosh.

Neither this second helping, nor the first edition appear to have Hoadley's chocolates - Polly Waffle, Violet Crumble, Arctic Mints, Bertie Beetle, White Knight, etc.

Yes, it was later taken over by Nestlé, but the company began as Hoadley's, and was the brainchild of its founder Abel Hoadley.  As I have just worked my finger off the last few days finding connections, and sources, in order to get Abel Connected before the Easter confectioner's-themed EPOW (and just missing out on the Polar Explorers theme for his Notable son), I just want to request that Abel be included in any third dipping for this challenge.  laugh

Oh, Melanie! Where were you three years ago when I started to put these lists together! I was trying so hard to find people from outside the UK and the US!

As it happens, I have started in on a third helping challenge, but I need more goodie makers. So please, people, send in WikiTree IDs for the inventors of your favourite goodies!

The good news is that somebody connected Macpherson Robertson, and somebody found two great-grandparents for John Mackintosh. The bad news is that this challenge is in last place, both in terms of percent complete, and in terms of great-grandparents still to find.

Well, both Abel and his son, Charles, were part of the company - as were Charles's brothers (after Abel died, I think).

I have an idea the Australia Project may have another name or two on the go -- working towards finding Connections for the upcoming EPOW.
I'll see if we have any other names that can be added.

As for where was I three years ago?   Falling over my own feet trying to make "good" profiles.  I guess not much has changed there.  cheeky
At least now I know how to make Connections, and I can hunt down more than one generation -- at least until the rabbits lead me astray.  

(All those choccies I named earlier were some of my favourites - outside the Tim Tam.  I still remember getting them in "show bags" at the local show.  (Now I'm REALLY showing my age. cheeky))

hey, are you talking candy makers or any sort of goodie here?  'cause if it's any sort of goodie I have one ready-made in my various profiles, would just have to dig up the data on the goodies. (cookies)

Well, the Dobos Torte is a cake, and Robert McVitie is all about bikkies (biscuits).

Well, here's one all done Ernest Harnois , my father would always buy a box of Harnois cookies when we went visiting Joliette.

Oh! Too bad I didn't know about him sooner! But thank you, Danielle. It's always good to have more complete lists. And if they ever decide to have an EPOW set of cookie makers, we'll have a head start on the list.

Melanie, if you ever get enough information to create profiles for Ian Norris and/or Alan Morrow (the creators of Tim Tams), please let me know so I can add them to the list.

3 Answers

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Russell Stover has 8 now.
by E. Logan G2G6 Mach 3 (37.7k points)

Thank you, E.! That moves this challenge up to 22nd place, both in terms of percent complete, at 12.5%, and in terms of great-grandparents still to find, at 98.

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I just discovered my Great Grandmothers brother found his death record and obit. This helped verify parents His father occupation which I was iffy about when found it. Found bit more of their stories through nice obit he had. Looks like family was in same area few Generations. This best New Years gift yet.


by Billie Keaffaber G2G6 Mach 3 (34.4k points)
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John Mackintosh now connected
by Frances Halliday G2G6 (9.7k points)

Oh, thank you, Frances! He's been driving me crazy for years! So many times I thought I had a connection, but it never worked out.

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