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It was my understanding that profiles without any dates were no longer allowed by the system to be created.  I did find this thread that offered at least one exception.

commented Jul 8 by Jamie Nelson

(The only exception to the no-dates thing is when you add a sibling and a place-holder parent gets created. That profile will have no dates).

My question is should it still be possible to create profile that is simply called anonymous surname with no birth or death date and no sources to connect to a parent born in 1740?

edit: this profile was not created from a gedcom

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Why would you want to create a profile that contains no information whatsoever?
by Jack Day G2G6 Pilot (389k points)
I personally would not want to, but apparently some people still are doing just that. Perhaps one might be trying to use it as a placeholder for DNA confirmation? That's just a guess.

Whatever the reason, I'm just questioning how it is able to be done when supposedly the system does not allow it to happen. Supposedly a profile can not be created without at least a birth date or a death date, or at least an estimate for either.
Jack, no people are doing that - the system won't permit it.  The system, however, flouts its own rules.  This happens when you add a sibling to a profile that does not have either a father or mother.  The system automatically creates a father, using Unknown for first name and the LNAB of the profile you are adding the sibling to.  The system adds no other information to this profile - not even the required Biography and Sources headings - and it doesn't tell you that it's doing this but you are now the profile manager of it.

I have, on several occasions, been accused by data doctors of having wrongly removed the headings and <references /> statement on such profiles when I didn't even know they existed.
Actually it appears that  the system did allow it.  These profiles were created this week.  They were not attached to a sibling, but attached to a set of parents who do have dates. This makes me wonder how it was allowed to save.
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It is probable that the profiles with no dates, other than placeholders, were created before the current restrictions on entry without a date came into effect. I have found many "family trees" with a long line of individuals named with no dates. These were mostly created back in the early years of WikiTree's existence. Many of the trees were added and then "dumped" by their creators who are no longer active on WikiTree. I try to add something when I come across them, but it is challenging.
by Shirley Dalton G2G6 Pilot (503k points)
The profiles I am looking at were created this week, thus my question as to why it is still permitted.  They were attached as children to parents who have dates. They were created as Anonymous (LNAB withheld here).

I did not give a link to these profiles in order not to be accused of breaking the G2G new rules on calling someone out.
Were they created by a person, or autogenerated due to a sibling relationship being attempted without an existing parent?
They were created by a person and attached to a parent.  I just went back to look at them.  The date fields for both birth and death were entered as all zero's. So does that mean one can use zero's as an end run to avoid having dates?

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