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Is there a Help page specifically for WikiTree+ Help?

I'm creating project-specific search help documentation and I need to familiarize myself with how these screens work.

Also, Is there a project related to search feature development?

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What is it that you are trying to do? Which project(s) are you working with?

Most of our established projects have Project Leaders or Project Coordinators who are fairly knowledgeable about how to accomplish these kinds of things.

Why isn't there a link to WikiTree+ on the Search Help Page?

I am trying to create search documentation for finding enslaved persons and slave holders. To do this I want to search combined fields. An example would be:

Last Name AND Birth Location AND Birth Date Range AND Full Text contains.

I'm now looking at the WikiTree_Plus Help that another user just sent to me and am I correct in understanding that I don't use the "fields" such as "Name" that are listed in the left hand dropdown but I type the field names into the text search area? Example:

  • LastNameatBirth=Smith
  • BirthLocation=Albemarle County, Virginia
  • BirthDate=B1800s
  • Enslaved (random Text)

Also, Is there an advanced search that is part of WikiTree proper, as opposed to Aleš third-party offering?



There is no link on Search Help Page because:

is an independent service offered for free by Aleš Trtnik.

I do not know any advanced search functions in WikiTree proper. I only use WikiTree+ for searching, and sometiems Google, like: "enslaved" "smith" "Albemarle"

There is no Full bio search on WikiTree+. You can however search for some things in the bio, that I supported in the past. Things from the bio are Category, Template, template parameters and .ged name

As far as I understand, Emma is in the process of creating the sticker, that would contain the data you want to search for. That will be searchable via TemplateText=Enslaved or something similar.

I am working on the template design with Emma and she doesn't know how to search templates. Which is why I asked.

In WikiTree+ when you search TemplateText=Enslaved, for example, where do you enter that parameter? The Text search area.

As I've asked before, How do you formulate search syntax with boolean operators? 

How do you run this search, for example: 

LastNameatBirth=Daniel AND (FirstName=Joseph OR FirstName=Nathan) AND (BirthLocation=North Carolina OR BirthLocation=Virginia) AND Category=Slave Holder

I want to know the order of operations for WikiTree Search and WikiTree+. I want to understand the options available. I am not trying to run a specific search. I want to understand the search parameters over all. Isn't there some documentation, somewhere for this? Isn't there someone who formulates complex searches using boolean operators?

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Very helpful!

So what about boolean searches? What if I want to search:

LastNameatBirth=Daniel AND (FirstName=Joseph OR FirstName=Nathan)

Not sure, the Help only says

Space between words assumes the AND operator. You can also use OR and/or NOT operators. 

Looks like grouping (...) is not supported. Could be this query gives the correct answer:

LastNameatBirth=Daniel FirstName=Joseph OR LastNameatBirth=Daniel FirstName=Nathan

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