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I noticed when I add a child to the father and the mother is checked by default, in the Family Activity Feed and Contributions, the message reads: "You added an unrelated person to" (the mother's profile).

When I check the links everything seems right between parents and the child. The biological button is not checked is that why it is recorded as unrelated?
in WikiTree Tech by Ron Moore G2G6 Mach 2 (21.5k points)
retagged by Jamie Nelson
Ron, I had the same thing happen to me, today. I wonder if you should tag this post bugs.
yes that is it. the same result adding a child off the mother's profile as well.
I'm getting the same. Nothing appears to be wrong, just a confusing entry in the contributions log.
I too have several instances of this from my work yesterday.
I assume this is a new feature to provide logging of relationship edits that previously were not logged. That is a bit of progress that many of us have been asking for, but now the change log needs to have a more meaningful message.
We made a bunch of bug fixes with EditFamily/EditPerson, but maybe some of the unfinished code that's being worked on for the history items was accidentally made live with the fixes.
same here, have a few of those in my reports.  Really weird reading that.
I'm getting the error just mentioned, and another error that seem to have started happening at about the same time. If someone edits a profile I manage, I see (eg): "Cindy (Bourque) Cooper added Cindy (Bourque) Cooper as manager for profile of Marie Madeleine Maillet (1790-bef.1819)."

But there is no change in who manages the profile. This happened on a whole series of edits that Cindy did on some stickers. It is highly surprising to see that someone is adding themselves as a manager to a bunch of profiles that you manage.
Leaders can add themselves as managers to older profiles, and it's usually done temporarily.

Edit: I contacted Cindy and she added herself temporarily to remove the Acadians Project as a manager, at least on the profile you gave as an example.
What Jamie did not explain: Addition or removal of a profile manager gets logged, but Trusted List changes do not get logged. Thus, when a Leader adds themselves temporarily to a profile, the addition as profile manager gets logged, but when they remove themselves from the Trusted List 2 minutes later, the removal is not logged.

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I'm getting exactly the same:

12:04: You edited the Biography and Status Indicators for Claus Isachsen (1763-).

11:59: You added as unrelated person to Johanne Pedersdatter (1734-1788).

11:59: You added Claus Isachsen (1763-) as child for Isach Clausen (abt.1717-1765).

11:59: You created Claus Isachsen (1763-).

Claus Isachsen was added as child of Isach Clausen. The "added as unrelated person to" part is obviously that Johanne Pedersdatter at the same time automatically was connected as Claus' mother.

This seems to be a bug introduced by the latest batch of code changes.

by Leif Biberg Kristensen G2G6 Pilot (168k points)
I am really hoping it is a bug. It's depressing language that goes against the mission of wikitree. :(
It most certainly is a bug. I've done a fair share of this kind of programming myself, and I can see that what's happened most likely is that two variables lack proper initializing.

The "added as unrelated person to" can be viewed as "added X as Y", where X in my case should be "Claus Isachsen", but defaults to an empty string. Y should be "child for", but lacking initialization, it seems to default to a zero value of "unrelated person to".

I suppose that Jamie will fix this in no time when she's at it.
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I saw this same thing in my family activity feed: A mysterious entry indicating that another member "added [himself] as unrelated person" to the profile of a person who was born in the 1700s. The change histories for the profile showed no changes to the profile at the time of this edit. The member did in fact connect a new child profile to the spouse of the person in question, which had the effect of adding the child to the second parent. Presumably this is the action that was logged as "added [self] as unrelated person," but that is not an informative description of the change that was made.

PS - I also note that the name of this other member appears on the profile as a blood relative who has taken a DNA test (he is, in fact, related), but I did not think that has anything to go with the edit that was logged. cheeky

by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)

Now I encountered a new bit of weirdness that I am sure is related to this weird entry we have been seeing in change logs. I added a member to a Trusted List by entering her email address on the privacy page, and after I hit Enter I found myself looking at the Add an Unrelated Person page, but with a URL that included strings identifying the profile page I had started from and the email address of the member I had just added to the Trusted List.

For the benefit of the tech team, I will add the URL below this comment as a hidden comment.

Is that the correct email? If the user's WikiTree account is registered under a different email, the system will send you to a page to create a new profile.

(Or, the + before the email in the link may mean there was a space before the email, and could have caused the system to not recognize it).

That is the registered email for the user, and the Add to Trusted List process worked. 

I copied that email address from a Trusted List request sent to a project account, and after I entered the email address on the Privacy page, the member appeared on the Trusted List.

Correction: The Add to Trusted List process did not work properly. It does appear that there was a space in front of the email address.

Mystery solved. smiley

I was about to suggest the space at the front because I had that happen to me a couple days ago for that same reason.
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I'm actually seeing as "added as unrelated person" - shouldn't it be added "AN" unrelated person? Of course, it's an awkward message anyway, since I'm adding a son to his mother, so obviously there is a relationship there. Just weird that when I add the son by using the father as the primary, and ensure the check box is checked to add the mother as well, it delivers this unusual message instead of the expected "added child to".

Even more interesting is the Change Log, that doesn't show at all who was added. Would make it difficult to back track if for some reason you wanted to understand what had changed.
by Scott Fulkerson G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
What it really is -- "added [null] as [unrelated person]" instead of "added [WikiTree-ID] as child".

After the fix is live we are going to run a script to update those so it says something like "added a child" so the change history makes some sense.
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This should be fixed now.
by Jamie Nelson G2G6 Pilot (498k points)
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There's another oddity happening on templates, if you look at , the two templates on there in the bio are showing her husband's name rather than hers.  Duh!  Not doing anything with it until this is seen, since editing the profile corrects it.
by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (514k points)
I see her name on the templates now, but if you see another oddity like that let me know.
it was very strange, I corrected the place of marriage for her, and this was the result, with her husband's templates not showing any name.  Then after a while they both showed up correctly.

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