Would you like to connect ancestors from Puerto Rico? Join the Puerto Rico Project!

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The Puerto Rico Project focuses on adding ancestors and cousins with Puerto Rican connections to our Global Family Tree. 

Many of us are able to connect right up to this tree when we join, so 80% of the profiles on WikiTree are connected to each other. Other communities are less represented on WikiTree - about three-quarters of the ancestors with Puerto Rican heritage are connected to their family members, but not to the larger tree.

The Puerto Rico project Connectors work on those unconnected families and profiles. We collaborate on the profiles of individuals and families directly associated with Puerto Rico, editing and improving those profiles, contributing proper source citations and providing help and support to WikiTree members who manage profiles that have some relation to Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rico Project is open to anyone who has an interest in the history or genealogy of Puerto Rico. 

If you like making connections and helping others with their Puerto Rican research, the Puerto Rico project is the place for you. Just answer this question below and we'll get you a badge and a welcome!


El proyecto Puerto Rico comparte el propósito del proyecto Latin America, con el cual está asociado, colaborando en publicar a WikiTree los perfiles de las personas y las familias directamente relacionados con Puerto Rico, al mismo tiempo editando y mejorando esos perfiles, citando las fuentes de datos apropiadas y proporcionando ayuda y apoyo a los miembros de WikiTree que manejan perfiles o árboles genealógicos que tienen alguna relación con Puerto Rico. El proyecto Puerto Rico está abierto a cualquier persona que tenga un interés en la historia o genealogía de Puerto Rico. A medida que vaya creciendo el número de los socios de WikiTree, y de los perfiles, las familias y la cantidad de información, es posible que de vez en cuando decidamos separar del proyecto a algunos municipios o regiones para formar de ellos algunos sub-proyectos adicionales.

Este proyecto existe para poder reunir a los miembros de WikiTree que están interesados ​​en agregar y mejorar los perfiles de las personas directamente vinculadas con Puerto Rico. Nuestros principales objetivos son crecer y mejorar los árboles de estos residentes de Puerto Rico y aprender más sobre sus vidas y sus familias.

Si te gusta hacer conexiones y ayudar a otros con sus antepasados de Puerto Rico, el proyecto de Puerto Rico es el lugar para tí. Sólo tienes que responder a esta pregunta y te daremos un distintivo y una bienvenida!

in Requests for Project Volunteers by Karen Lowe G2G6 Pilot (141k points)
I'm exciting to see the reposting of this, Karen. I was able to connect up a growing family of Puerto Ricans through my son-in-law. That's why I was asking those questions about Francisco Carcolse.

So many Puerto Ricans came to the US, to Florida, New York, and elsewhere, I'm hoping we can generate interest in those descendants. There are some really great records that have been digitized and indexed on Family Search, so working on these families is not difficult, except maybe the language barrier. (My wife has volunteered her services if we need assistance!)

Let's go for it! I hope we will garner some new members and reinvigorate the present members!

Hello! Yes, I would like to connect ancestors from Puerto Rico. I'm looking for / Buscando * Rios Figueroa * de San Sebastian y Utuado. I'm looking for / Buscando * Boneta Maldonado * de Espana e Isabela. I'm looking for / Buscando * Rodriguez Mendez * de San SebastianAdjuntas. Thanks in advance! Muchisimas Gracias!

Figueroa Family but from Salinas Puerto Rico
Thanks Karen for restarting this. I'm still interested in adding adding sources for the entries of my mom's ancestors, and if possible adding ancestors going back to the 18th Century. Please add me if I'm not already in.
You're in! I'll send you a note about the Google group for email discussions. Thanks!

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Hello,  yes, I would like to continue to build my tree, on my father's side...I think I'm still in the project. Thank you for posting this reminder!
by Rudy Esteves G2G Crew (850 points)
Rudy, I'm glad you're still here. Do you have any research goals this fall? I've been looking at some of the unsourced and unconnected ancestor profiles from Puerto Rico.
Karen, my goals for researching my Puerto Rican ancestors this fall are to search through the Caguas church records, online.  I don't yet know how work and other commitments will play out, so am trying to focus only on my grandfather's (Esteves-Zayas) side of the tree.  Thanks for keeping the broader efforts going!
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Hello, Yes. I have distant cousins in Puerto Rico, I would like to learn more about that connection. I would like to join.  What do I have to do?

Thank you
by De Anna Overcast G2G3 (4.0k points)
De Anna, I added the project badge and will send you a note. I hope we can get your cousins connected!
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Yes I would like to find my wife's ancester's .  She is from PR and I have some information already.

JD Vickery
by John Vickery G2G Crew (640 points)
+4 votes
Yes, I would like to continue to research my Puerto Rican ancestors so interested in joining the Puerto Rican project.
by Elsie Morales G2G Crew (320 points)
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Please add me to the Puerto Rico Project.  I was born in San Juan.  My family is mostly from Barceloneta (Martinez, MarreroMena, Viruet) and Manati (Valentin, Ruiz, Maldonado, Davila).  

My current project is to trace my Matrilineal Ancestor who first came to the island.  My haplogroup is J2a1a1.  I have traced out to my 8X GGM, Maria Verdugo Montalvo Segarra and am still in Puerto Rico.  

After that, I hope to trace my Valentin line.
by Maureen Martinez Valentin G2G Crew (940 points)
I have a tree on Ancestry with surnames Mena-Maldonado. It is open.
+4 votes
Hello, I'd love to join. I'm working on expanding my husband's family tree. His parents and further back are from Quebradillas and Camuy. Thank you!
by Kirsten Cordero G2G Crew (320 points)
Hello, I would love to join so that I can link my AncestryDNA and Ortiz tree information.  Thank you.
+2 votes

I'm interested in joining! Most of my family is from Coamo, Bayamon, Yauco, and Ponce.
by Gabrielle Rodriguez Rivera G2G1 (1.5k points)
Gabrielle, I see we awarded you the project badge back in 2018. Are you making any good discoveries this summer?
Discoveries, not much. But, I have gotten some missing ends to some of my brick walls.
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I am definitely interested in this project and am in need of some help personally with locating family of Ernesto A. Portalatin. I am not great at using wikitree but I am trying my best so bare with me lol. He was originally from the Arecibo, PR area but ended up in Rochester, NY. Married to a Felicita Portalatin at one time. He had several children that were placed up for adoption in various catholic orphanages and I am trying to locate a couple of them. Thank you.
by Victoria Lalwani G2G Rookie (260 points)
Thanks for your work on your branch of our global tree last fall and winter! I've added you to the project. I'll take a look at Ernesto - I wonder what it would take to connect you to our tree so that the links to our profiles of the week appear on your profile? Sometimes it's easier to connect through an in-law from another part of the world, and sometimes we can connect by just adding more and more cousins on the island.
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I would love to join this project; I have one great-grandparent from Naguabo who remains stubbornly unidentified beyond his mention on my grandmother's death certificate...
by Ambar Diaz G2G1 (1.8k points)
Thanks, Ambar! Is that a Sr. Miranda? I hope we can find him!
+2 votes

Saludos!. smiley Mi nombre es Yirah. Hace 2 años desarrollé el interés de aprender mas acerca de mis raíces. Ha sido fascinante descubrir tantos detalles interesantes de mi familia paternal (Armstrong) y  de la maternal (Vega). La mayoría originalmente de Ponce, Puerto Rico. 

Ya me he logrado comunicar con varios primos que hace tiempo no sabía de ellos y otros que ni los conocía. 

Ha sido muy bonito aprender de mi historia, conocer y compartir. 

Fuimos maravillosamente creados por nuestro Dios Jehová y estamos conectados uno al otro por esta maravilla llamada ADN!. heart

by Yirah Armstrong G2G Rookie (260 points)
Yirah, I love seeing all of the photos you've added. Thanks for joining our project!
+2 votes
I am very interested in participating in this project...first generation born stateside, and am attempting to document on all of my Puerto Rican ancestors and their descendants!
by Elisabeth Tissiere G2G Rookie (260 points)
Elisabeth, I love that you're working on other descendants and not just your direct ancestors. Thanks for joining our project!
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I have a lot of info on some of my PR/DR relatives from Family Search, but appreciate the additional vigor here.  Many of the Taino and African ancestors have missing records.
by Josh Frick G2G Rookie (260 points)
Thanks for all your work! It's great to see you've connected to our global tree through the Kester & Baker families, as it means each relative we add in PR/DR will add new connections to our tree.
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Hi, I have Puerto Rican Roots.  I can transalate  records. I have a Forrest on Ancestry as it is no longer a tree. Please add me to the project. Surnames Gimenez,Rivera,Vazquez,Ramos,Davila Just to name a few.
by Carol Dunkleberger G2G Crew (420 points)
That's great! The next step is to join WikiTree as a full member. There's never any cost!
+2 votes
I have ties to Puerto Rico roots as well as St. Thomas. I am new here. I have much info on  Puerto Rico Ancestors but my tree is on Ancestry. How do you join this project to get a tag for Puerto Rico? Gimenez, Rivera, Ramos, Melendez, Vazquez, Davila, just to name a few from Puerto Rico. Puedo leer y transcribir en Español tambien.
by Carol Dunkleberger G2G Crew (420 points)
Carol, we're such a small project that we're granting the "tag" to all who ask. And you asked!

It's great that you can read the records in Spanish. I'm not fluent, but I can read most of them too. And when in doubt we have some truly bilingual folks available to lend a hand. I'm always pleased with how knowledgeable and generous our members are!
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I'd like to join the Puerto Rican Project. I have Puerto Rican ancestry and Taino/Indigenous Puerto Rican ancestry. Sign me up!
by Mel Taveras G2G2 (3.0k points)

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